10 Tips for Faking it with Artificial Flowers


While nothing can quite compare to the scent of real flowers, artificial flowers win over the real variation when it comes to elements like appearance, maintenance, longevity and value for money.

They require little or no care, they’re not going to lose their bloom after a few days, and they’re always in season. What’s more is many artificial flowers look so realistic that it’s hard to tell them apart from the natural ones.

However, if you want to create artificial flower displays that are going to fool even the harshest critic, there are some rules to follow.

Listen up as we’re about to reveal our top 10 tips for faking it with artificial flowers that will keep people guessing whether they’re real or not.

  1. Do your research

Before you invest money in artificial flowers, you need to do a little research so that you know exactly what the real version looks like.

Go a step further if necessary and learn how the flowers grow, whether they’re normally displayed with their leaves and how florists arrange a particular flower.

If you can’t get to a florist, research online.

Once you’ve got the knowledge you need, you’ll be able to tell how close your chosen artificial flower arrangement is to the real variety.

  1. Always invest in the best quality artificial flowers you can afford

The best artificial flowers don’t come cheap, but it you’re trying to arrange a realistic display you’ll need to buy good quality flowers that look like the real thing.

Our arrangements are made using the best possible materials and workmanship so you don’t have to worry about quality when you shop with us.

  1. Choose realistic colours for your artificial flowers

Ok, we admit it, you do see neon blue flowers in supermarkets, but if you’re trying to fake it with artificial flowers you need to keep your displays as natural looking as possible.

If you want to add interest and intrigue, by all means try using black roses or some equally off-the-wall colourway.

After all, it’s all down to personal taste and we encourage our customers to tell us exactly what they want and let us use our interior design expertise to craft the most realistic looking arrangement.

  1. Hide any extra thick stems

Most artificial blooms are individually wired with each wire being enclosed within plastic to create one large, thick stem. While this does mean that you get lots of blooms together, it’s not how they grow in nature.

Make sure to hide the stem in an opaque vase or container to keep the display looking natural.

  1. Divide up your bunches

You don’t have to display your flowers in a bunch. Use wire cutters to snip the stems apart and use them in separate displays.

  1. Limit your colours or create a monochromatic display

One way to create natural looking floral displays is to choose a colour scheme made up of no more than three colours.

If you prefer, a monochromatic display of artificial flowers also works well and can look very striking with flowers of one colour and/or type arranged in a glass vase.

It’s a simple but very effective way to display your artificial blooms.

  1. Avoid using flowers with added details

Fake water droplets and the addition of baby’s breath on the stems can give the game away.

Get bad quality flowers with these added details and it will scream that your arrangement is fake!

  1. Don’t forget to dust

Artificial Red Hydrangea in Black VaseA layer of dust will quickly tell everyone that your arrangement is fake.

Keep your blooms dust-free and looking like new.

  1. Add some water

Adding water to a clear vase will really have people guessing whether your arrangement is real or not.

  1. Bolster up real flower arrangements with artificial flowers

Adding artificial flowers to a real flower display is a great way to replace flowers that are out of season or prohibitively expensive, especially if you’re creating a display for a special event.

Follow our top 10 tips for faking it with artificial flowers and you’ll have a display that really will fool everyone!

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