Artificial Flowers In Vases I

Artificial Flowers In Vases


Our beautiful, lifelike artificial flowers in vases will brighten up your home or workspace all year round. Demmerys exquisite artificial flower arrangements come in a beautiful array of vases to suit any interior. When we design and pot our artificial white orchid flower arrangements in vases, they come in a selection of shades and materials, perfectly complimenting the artificial flower arrangement they hold.  


Add a touch of class to your home or business with our vibrant, lifelike array of beautiful artificial flowers, handcrafted into a signature Demmerys arrangement. 


Demmerys artificial flowers in vases aim to infuse your space with their lifelike appearance and feel. These stunning arrangements aim to showcase the best that nature has to offer in an extremely lifelike artificial flower arrangement. 


All Demmerys artificial flower arrangements come in a selection of vases which are handpicked to attenuate the natural beauty and colours of the flowers.  and pots or on single stems, the pretty petals and lush colours of our realistic blooms are perfect for an instant blossoming display or creating your own arrangements.

Demmerys has a wide selection of vases each selected not only for their quality and aesthetics but to compliment the artificial flower arrangement itself.


Selections include silver metal champaign vases which compliment the white orchid collection to the clear glass vases with a realistic water effect at the bottom complimenting our colorful tropical artificial flower arrangements.

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