Artificial Green Wall

Why artificial flowers are perfect for your next interior design project

Why artificial flowers are perfect for your next interior design project Designing the interiors for a house or commercial property can be fun, but taxing. After all, a lot of pressure can lie on you, the interior designer, to get things right—not just from a design point of view, but from a practical level too. […]

Artificial flower arrangements for superyachts

Decorating your superyacht with a Demmery’s floral arrangement 

Why a Demmery’s arrangement is the perfect finishing touch for your superyacht When it comes to decorating your superyacht, every minor design detail counts. After all, what’s the use in making such a prestigious investment when the décor doesn’t perfectly match your style and taste? Whether you think ‘bigger is better’ or prefer a ‘less […]

DEMMERYS: Trying To Be Environmentally Friendly

Buying fresh flowers once a week comes at a cost, and not just financially. Pesticides are often used in production and energy-guzzling chilled warehouses are used for storage before international cargo planes transport them around the globe. And a week later, they’re tossed in the rubbish bin and moved along to landfi…

Interior designs using floral decor

Floral décor: 3 looks to create with a Demmerys The perfect interior space is all about the finishing touches. Floral décor in particular is great for bringing a space to completion, with its colours and textures easily working together to neatly complement and harmonise a wide range of schemes. Timelessly on-trend, faux flowers are a […]

5 things you never knew about Demmerys

Demmerys is fast becoming the go to name for silk flowers in the UK. Becoming famous for its exceptional flowers and floral décor solutions that are well above what people image the company is growing fast. As with every company there are some fun facts that not everyone knows and we have 5 facts about Demmerys you never knew just for you

5 things about floral décor your boss needs to know

Flowers in offices and other places of work have always been an important thing. The flowers have become part of any business, however many managers and company owners are doing away with flowers as they are seen as wasteful expenditure in tough financial times. Demmerys, the UK’s leading producer of silk and manmade flowers has 5 things your boss needs to know about the use of their floral décor in the workplace.

5 things I learned by having the floral art in my workspace

For many years, companies and places of work have added a touch of colour by having flowers as part of the décor. Over the years, the ideas of how and even where flowers are used in the workplace have changed and Demmerys is keeping up with the trends. At Demmerys, we know our floral works of art make the perfect “pick me up” in any office, but what have we learned about having floral art in the workplace?

5 Reasons to choose silk flowers for your wedding

Flowers are as much a part of a wedding as the bride, the groom and the wedding dress.  The oohs and aahs ring out at weddings and on your special day, the flowers must do the same. Not so long ago the only flowers to have at a wedding were the real thing but today it is not so. Silk flowers are becoming increasingly popular and here are 5 reasons why you should choose silk flowers for your wedding.

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