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4 Best Artificial Flowers for Headstones and Grave

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
4 Best Artificial Flowers for Headstones and Grave

Saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the hardest things that anyone can ever face. Although there is absolutely nothing that can make this part of our life easy but to paying respects with flowers on their headstone or grave really helps.


There are numerous beautiful artificial flowers available in the UK that you can find but here are four of the best artificial flowers for headstones and graves.

1. Lily

One of the most loved artificial flowers UK arrangement is the artificial lilies. These beautiful white flowers signify purity, calmness, and peace. You can go for an artificial flower arrangement with lilies and some ferns around making it perfect for headstones.

2. Rose

With so many colours to it, each type of rose is a symbol of something. So, the colour of the rose you choose should depend on the relationship you had with the departed. You can either opt for a rose wreath or a custom shape arrangement.

3. Artificial Orchid Bunch

If you are looking for a simpler arrangement of flowers available in the UK, than using the traditional bunch of artificial orchids is highly recommended. Orchids symbolise beauty and happiness. It is a great flower to choose if you want to remember someone for the amazing life they had, instead of the fact that they are gone.

4. Artificial Peony Cross

For those of you who are looking for a more religious artificial flower for a headstone arrangement, we recommend artificial peonies in a cross-shaped setting.


Looking for artificial flowers for headstones and graves?


If you are looking for more design and artificial flower options, then contact Artificial Flowers UK today. You can directly place an order with us or contact us 0121 270 6597 for a bespoke order. If you are looking for artificial funeral flowers then please visit our funeral tributes pages.


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