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A Very Modern Flower

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
A Very Modern Flower

For centuries flowers have been given as gifts or just plucked and placed in a vase to give a room or space some colour. Over the decades hybrids of flowers have become ever more amazing producing flowers in colours that would once never be seen. Not just colours but varieties that are taller, shorter, bigger or small bloomed or even without thorns, all have been produced.

But what is the next step in gifting flowers? We are all looking for something different, something 21st century but with that retro Victorian or other look and feel. There has to be a modern version of flowers that suits a virtual generation but is not digital but actually tangible. What does the modern man buy for his modern girl that still captures the essence of romance and joy of life?

The answer is easy, the answer has been around for many years and over the years, just like real flowers that have been bred and nurtured, the answer has also improved and improved dramatically. The solution for the modern man giving to the modern girl must be silk or artificial flowers. All the charm of real flowers with just a hint of modern and new make artificial or silk flowers the perfect gift to give.

Ageless and timeless silk flowers have a charm all of their own, something special something that real flowers want to say but can’t. Silk flowers last and last, they say the message that needs to be said and the message stays forever. Silk and artificial flowers come with a smile and the attention to detail shows thought and caring has gone into the production and selection, this is all part of the modern message.

For the modern man looking to please his modern girl the choice of artificial or silk flowers Is tremendous. Unlike fresh flowers where the arrangements can be a little restricted because real flowers need water to retain their colour, artificial flowers have no limits. The silk petals and wire stems mean the flowers can be as tall or as short as you like, can be any variety you want that look so real you will have to pinch yourself they are not and the flowers can be arranged in any container you desire.

Silk flowers look amazing; a single silk orchid is the perfection of modern giving. A solitary flower that has so much beauty that a glimpse becomes a double take and the double take becomes a lucid, dreamy stare. The single flower alone says “I love you” or “I care about you” or “thank you” like nothing else. It is the true modern and easily the most meaningful modern gift for the modern girl a man can give.

Don’t be fooled into believing artificial flowers look fake, they look real, so real that only on smelling them do you realise you have been fooled. So, if you are a modern man looking for a modern gift consider artificial or silk flowers and you will be amazed at what an excellent gift it will be.




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