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Artificial Flowers – Keeping Our Eyes on the Delivery Method of the Future

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Artificial Flowers – Keeping Our Eyes on the Delivery Method of the Future

For decades, popular media has given viewers visual glimpses of what our future world could potentially look like. Yes, through silver and small screens the world over, individuals have been treated to scenes jam-packed with images of what could be:

    • In 1997’s cult classic The 5th Element, Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich glided by skyscrapers in revolutionary flying cars;
    • Controversial human cloning was the status quo in award-winning TV hit Orphan Black; and most notably,
    • In Back to the Future, when Marty McFly’s time travelling DeLorean docked in 2015 the skies above were filled with drones soaring and touring.

But TV and movie producers of the past few years didn’t really hit the nail on the head.

Present day Earth isn’t exactly how they thought it would be: flying cars are by no means common, so you won’t be commuting to the office in one anytime soon; you also won’t be running into your genetic double as it’s highly illegal to clone humans; and drones don’t quite fill the skies – not just yet anyway!

Although, if Amazon’s Prime Air service is anything to go by, the days of drone delivery services are coming sooner than we think.

The UK’s premier online shopping giant is making huge leaps into the future and aim to have your delivery to your door in just thirty minutes.

And, here at Demmerys, we are hoping to jump on that innovative bandwagon.  

Should we stick to snail mail?

Right now we’re doing the things the old-fashioned way – snail mail as they call it! Currently, when you decide on the kind of artificial floral arrangement you would love, you can drop me a line and I’ll get to work creating it.

We then dispatch it and have it to your home or business within three working days. But is this the best we can do?

Right now, yes! But we feel like three days could be improved upon, especially if drone delivery becomes mainstream. What if you could have your order in just thirty minutes? Well, if Amazon can do it, we can surely do it too!

Luxury delivered through the air by drones is exactly the kind of future we want to be a part of: innovative designs by Artificial Flowers, radical and rapid delivery services and, as a nod to the past, a good old-fashioned satisfied customer.

Artificial Flowers: You Decide, We Provide

We carefully design bespoke artificial floral arrangements for you. Whether you’re tying the knot, bidding a fond farewell to your loved one, or you just fancy treating yourself to something beautiful, we have just what you need.

Here at Artificial Flowers, our designs may not be ‘real’ but our commitment to your satisfaction definitely is.

Need a hanging basket? Hang on and we’ll rustle something gorgeous up.

Fancy giving the gift of long lasting flowers this festive season? Ho-ho-hold on and we’ll design the perfect gift.

Need advice about kitting out your new home with some artificial arrangements? My extensive background in interior design and floristry makes me the perfect candidate to advise you.

Tell me the colour palette you’re working with, and any other interior info, and I’ll use my expertise to weave some tones and hues to suit you.

For updates check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you need to talk about an order drop me a line on or call 0121 270 6597; or if you’re around the West Midlands, drop in to us in Walsall, where we are keeping our eyes firmly fixed on the future!


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