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Artificial funeral flowers and tributes

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Artificial funeral flowers and tributes

Artificial Funeral Flowers

Flowers offer a beautiful way to pay tribute and convey sympathy and respect to the family of a lost loved one. However, unlike fresh flowers, artificial funeral flowers create lasting memories and can remain at the graveside of the deceased for several months.

Made from high quality silk materials, artificial flowers for funeral services look incredibly like fresh flowers – in fact, you’ll find it hard to tell the difference between the two. The key difference isn’t in their appearance; it’s that artificial flowers are designed to withstand the elements – be it sun, rain or snow – while maintaining a fresh, beautiful glow and colour.

Paying tribute with artificial funeral flowers

Custom artificial funeral flower arrangements can be designed to suit your specific requests as we can literally work to create any kind of creation.

At the moment, for example, we’re working on creating a special floral arrangement in the shape of a bin wagon for a county council to pay tribute to a former bin man who passed away but spent many years working with the council.

Artificial flowers can serve as a stunning, longer-lasting direct substitute for fresh flowers in an array of funeral and graveside floral arrangements 

  • Vase bouquets
  • Grave site pillows
  • Memorial wreaths
  • Graveside crosses
  • Floral bushes
  • Teddy bear memorials
  • “Name” arrangements e.g. Mum, Dad, Nan, John, Barbara

Why choose artificial funeral flowers over fresh flowers?

The rise in the number of people choosing artificial funeral wreaths and artificial flowers for funeral services over fresh flowers has been huge. More and more people are choosing custom artificial funeral flower arrangements as there are a number of clear benefits to doing so:

  1. Durability

The most obvious reason behind the increasing popularity of artificial funeral flowers is their durability and longevity. The durable silk materials can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and still maintain their beautiful appearance.

The family and friends of the deceased don’t have to worry about removing our artificial flower arrangements from the graveside after a couple of days as artificial funeral flowers can last for many months – even years if maintained correctly. We use a special weather retardant spray to ensure our funeral flower wreaths stay looking great for as long as possible.

  1. Value

Funeral flowers can be expensive, especially if you want to honour the deceased with a custom wreath or arrangement. Artificial funeral wreaths and flower arrangements offer much greater value for money.

Your choice of flowers is still extensive but even the rarest artificial flowers will usually cost a lot less than the fresh flower alternative. Your floral tribute to the deceased will extend long after the funeral has ended and it will continue to offer sympathy and support to the family for a cheaper price.

  1. Long Distance Travelling

For those who need to travel to the graveyard carrying their floral arrangement or even travel abroad with their floral tribute, artificial funeral flowers are the most suitable option.

They won’t wilt, break off or shred during your travels and they will look just as beautiful when laid at the graveside.

Bespoke artificial funeral flower arrangements

Let your heart be your guide – create a funeral flower arrangement that is the perfect tribute to the memories you have of a deceased loved one. Artificial Flowers offer a truly personalised service. We can work with you to design the most fitting floral tribute, with a free printed sash to add a fitting final touch.

We ensure fast delivery of all our funeral flower arrangements. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke requirements.


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