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Artificial Orchids

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Artificial Orchids

I remember the day my husband and I visited some country house owned by some lord and lady something or other. It was a typical British summer’s day, raining, cold and wet.  The house was pretty cold too but one thing caught my eye and that was the faux flowers they used to try and add some colour. The flowers used were not even luxury fake flowers they were just dusty plastic things.

In all the grandeur of the palatial home, among gold and silver and portraits of people who I never knew the flowers look dreadful. Some luxury fake flowers such as these orchids in their silver shell would have made the world of difference. Even decent faux flowers, well looked after that looked real would have helped. The fake-ness of the flowers is the lasting memory of the grand country home of the lord and lady I cannot remember. It is a pretty poor memory I know as the lord and lady probably tried really hard to make things look nice.

The memory of that day taught me a lot about my faux flowers, it also taught me the difference between fake flowers and luxury fake flowers. The truth is there should be no difference, if one aims for top quality as we do at Demmerys, perfection should always be the result. The luxury comes not from the perfect of the flowers but how they are arranged.

At Demmerys, we use the very best materials to manufacture the very best faux flowers by hand. Luxury fake flowers start out the same as any other flower. At Demmerys we set our quality standards higher than most, the best is where we start and it is not a destination but the place the starting pistol fires. It is at this point where faux flowers become luxury fake flowers.

Crafting each petal and stem by hand to make orchids that look so lifelike is part of the challenge but something we have perfected at Demmerys. However, no matter how lifelike the flowers are they are not quite luxury fake flowers yet. To add the touch of luxury one needs to elevate the faux flowers and this is done with this masterpiece through the use of an elegant silver planter.

I really think if that country home I visited years ago had had flowers like these from Demmerys I would remember whose home it was!

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