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Artificial orchids, a fresh alternative

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Artificial orchids, a fresh alternative

Artificial Orchids

Orchids have long been associated as a symbol of both love and beauty. They’re oh so elegant, delicately colourful and make for a truly beautiful addition to any home. They’re the perfect way to show someone your love and appreciation and will take pride of place in the recipient’s home.

The downside to fresh orchids is the maintenance involved in ensuring their longevity – watering and feeding, potting and re-potting, pruning and care as well as ensuring proper ventilation.

Luckily there’s a virtually maintenance free alternative – artificial orchids!

Enjoy beautifully blossoming orchids all year round

Artificial silk orchids from Artificial Flowers look incredibly like their fresh alternative – in fact, to look at, you would find it hard to tell them apart.

However the silk version requires little maintenance and enables you to enjoy a stunning blossoming orchid all year round. Made from high quality materials, featuring an intricate level of detail and with high-quality trunks, foliage, and crystal-clear acrylic water, ensures that our orchid plants are incredibly lifelike.

Decorating the home with artificial orchid arrangements

There are ever so many ways that artificial orchids can add a touch of beauty and elegance to any space in your home:

Table centrepieces

Perhaps the most popular application of artificial orchids is to make them the focal centrepiece of a dining or living room table.

Arrangements like the Large Display Artificial Orange Phalaenopsis and the Artificial Real Touch Green Cymbidium Orchid Arrangement offer the perfect blend of colour and class as a dining table centrepiece.

Arrangements like the Artificial Pink Orchids with Plum Calla Lilies Arrangement are the perfect living room table centrepiece, helping to set the tone and mood of the room.

Window display

Show off an artificial orchid arrangement with pride of place in your front of house window sills. For contemporary homes and offices, an Artificial Hot Pink Orchid Arrangement in a Silver Geo Vase is the perfect window display for complementing the design theme of the property.

For more traditional builds, an arrangement like the classic Artificial White Phalaenopsis, potted in an Ivory Planter, makes for an exquisite display.

Standing focal pieces

Such is their beauty that orchids simply demand attention, especially in a standing vase. Standing artificial orchid arrangements can serve as the focal point of any room.

They are extraordinarily popular as wedding and new home gifts too as they are stunning decorative pieces that will last for many years.

Bedroom blossoms

If you’re keen to add some decorative floral arrangements to a bedroom, an artificial orchid arrangement really is the only way to go.

Orchids offer a soft, subtle, beautiful touch to a bedroom or guest room and as the artificial silk flowers require such little maintenance, they will provide a decorative touch for many years.

Make an entry

You’ll frequently see artificial orchid arrangements taking pride of place in entrance hallways.

Immediately impress visiting guests and family by placing eye-catching artificial orchids just like the Artificial Floor Standing Orchid Arrangement from Artificial Flowers in your foyer or entrance hallway.

Create a bespoke orchid arrangement

Brighten up your home with an artificial arrangement of your favourite orchids – Phalaenopsis orchids, Vanda orchids, Oncidium orchids – the choice is yours.

Artificial Flowers can bespoke design and create artificial orchid arrangements to suit your specific preferences.

If you’re considering someone a beautiful arrangement of orchids or would like to add a stunning orchid arrangement to your home, it’s certainly worth considering the silk alternative.

Less maintenance, long-lasting, amazingly lifelike and just as beautiful as the fresh alternative, it’s no wonder that artificial orchids are so incredibly popular.


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