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Artificial Orchids Railway Sleeper Wine Cooler

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While overseas not long ago I saw how many people used wooden buckets as planters for flowers. This was partly the inspiration behind this somewhat different artificial orchid display.  I wanted something special and certain did not want a fake artificial orchid display. This was the result of much creative play.

Creative play is what turns a fake artificial orchid display into something special. My husband can tell when I am in the “play” space as things tend to walk around the house. One of the things that went for a walk was a wooden wine cooler as I wanted to see if it would work for an artificial orchid display. It seems like it did.

I tried other flowers too with the wine cooler but it worked best orchids. Orchids are naturally elegant here they make a superb artificial orchid display. One would think the elegant orchids would turn this into a fake artificial orchid display but they don’t. The realism and the quality of the flowers really does work. Granted, the arrangement is a little unusual but being different is often part of being special.

This first class fake artificial orchid display started out by playing around the but the flowers are far from play. At Demmerys, we work towards perfect and that means we only use the very best materials. There is no space or time for anything but the best and with this artificial orchid display the best was the starting point not the place we were heading.

The finest silks and the best materials make perfect flowers that, in a good way, contradict the rustic look of the wine cooler. This contradiction makes this artificial orchid display really work and adds a spark of fun to it. The girls who make the flowers and Demmerys actually said it would not work. They assured me this would become a fake artificial orchid display, but they had to eat their words.

It is amazing how playing can end up with such impressive flower arrangements.  If it wasn’t for my curiosity and inner child this artificial orchid display would never have come about. My curiosity has led to the creation of a rather nice investment that will reward its owner with many years of happiness. That of course is all part of the Demmerys promise to you.


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