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Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchids in Glass Vase

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From my teenage years I have always adored orchids and this artificial phalaenopsis is something that brings memories flooding back. When my teenage love life was all over the place I like to think about orchids and I would smile. Just like these, I found peace and calm.

There is some memory of other behind every arrangement of flowers that Demmerys produces. Whether that memory is mine, as with this artificial phalaenopsis or from one of my team, displays such as these artificial orchids come to life. “To bring life to anything there has to have been something that once lived” I remember the lady who taught me how to make flowers saying.

It is true, this artificial phalaenopsis did once live, it lived in my memory and the memory of many others. At Demmerys, we try and recreate memories through flowers that look real. These artificial orchids look more real than many of my memories and that often surprises me. But then again I know how these were created and to be honest it should come as no surprise at all.

This artificial phalaenopsis plant starts out like every other exceptional Demmerys creation. All my arrangements whether they are artificial orchids or daisies start out by choosing the best materials. The lady that taught me all I know about flowers taught me that only by using the best materials can the most lifelike flowers be made. This is no word of a lie as this impressive display demonstrates.

But what worth is having all the best materials if the expertise to make the artificial orchids is not there?  Demmerys has an exceptionally talented team flower makers with countless years of combined experience. Thanks to their devotion and flower making skill this artificial phalaenopsis looks anything but artificial.

All this, an arrangement that started out as a memory for me, creates a display of artificial orchids that will create memories for you. The exception quality of this piece and the fact that high quality materials have been used guarantee something that will last a lifetime. With minimal maintenance this artificial phalaenopsis will bring many years of enjoyment and happiness. With almost no fading the plant will look as if it is living and breathing for a lifetime. What more could you want from an exceptional arrangement of flowers?

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