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Artificial White Casablanca Lily Arrangement

Posted by Sharon Demmery on

Of any flower arrangements, this display of luxury artificial flowers is perhaps the most luxurious.  The faux flowers and artificial lilies make this one of the finest acquisitions anyone could make. This is not your ordinary artificial flower arrangement… this is something remarkable.

I love the fishbowl vase that creates the perfect setting for this impressive display. The black bowl is in total contrast to the artificial flower arrangement that sits above. Faux flowers and lifelike artificial lilies with hydrangeas and Monstera leaves look stunning. The whole arrangement looks lush and remarkably lifelike.

This Artificial White Casablanca Lily Arrangement in a black fishbowl vase started out with quality in mind at the outset.  Carefully chosen, high quality materials were laid out and imagination was let loose.  Keeping close to the blueprint nature herself provided, each plant and leaf was handcrafted. The artificial lilies and faux flowers came to life in the hands of master flower makers. Is it any wonder that this masterpiece is what it is?

It takes years of practice to produce an artificial flower arrangement like this. Hours of practice, working and reworking each piece to ensure it matches the real thing. The artificial lilies in this piece are far from fake; they fool everyone and do so so well. The flow of this outstanding arrangement turns these luxury artificial flowers into an investment piece.

One cannot not fall in love with this absolute gem of a flower arrangement. That is where things change. This is not just an artificial flower arrangement; it is a work of art, an investment piece. Hours of time have gone into making it. Imagination flowed like blood to create the powerful display of lilies so real they blow your mind.

Yes, this comes close to the top of my list of favourite displays. This Artificial White Casablanca Lily Arrangement fits in anywhere. The arrangement is a timeless classic, much like Bogart movie itself. As a display piece in an entrance hall or taking pride of place on a dining or boardroom table it works. It doesn’t just work, the faux flowers are vibrant and alive, designed to generate smiles.

The truth is that this display is not real, but who is to know?  Because artificial lilies and other plants are used, this arrangement will last a lifetime. Loving care and attention, with simple maintenance, will guarantee countless days of smiles and happiness are delivered.  This arrangement is a winner on many levels.


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