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Artificial White Orchids

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Artificial white orchids never age and I often wonder what would come of the flowers I knew and loved from my childhood.  When I was about 5 my grandmother had an orchid in an old pot, I loved it and even from my father’s arms I admired it. Her flowers were not fake white orchids but real ones, and even though I specialise is producing fake orchid displays this still reminds me of the real thing.

Wanting to reach out and grab the real orchids in the pot that my Grandmother had is an emotion I can still feel. I feel it with this arrangement of fake white orchids. The pot used in this, one of my favourite fake orchid displays, resembles the one my grandmother had.  This pot though has aged while the flowers have not. To me this is wonderful and evocative blend of memories and what ifs that make me smile.

Good orchids never seem to age and these fake white orchids certainly will not. Like all the fake orchid displays from Demmerys, this arrangement is top quality. For my memories to come alive and for me to ensure I deliver fake white orchids that look real I need to make sure everything is top quality. This all starts from the beginning and flows through the point of final delivery.

My fake orchid displays, like every Demmerys creation, are made from the best materials.  My team and I have scoured the earth to find the best suppliers of flower making materials. Second best will not do, we need to know how the materials were made and what makes them better than the rest. We try our best to work with ethical suppliers and again this makes our fake white orchids that bit better.

From the finest silks to the best planters and vases, Demmerys use only the best. These materials are then placed in the hands of the best flower makers to deliver something that makes other fake white orchids look fake. In the hands of the best flower makers the fake orchid displays from Demmerys really do stand out to ensure they deliver on the Demmerys promise.

At Demmerys, we promise to produce the best artificial flowers, including artificial white orchids, to ensure every customer is 100% happy. We don’t cut corners and we aim for something better than the best  to ensure we deliver more than you expect.

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