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Artificial White Orchids in a Large Gold Vase

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When I was a girl, I recall going down the high street and walking past the jewellers shop. In the window was a large orchid arrangement in a giant gold bowl. I used to stop and stare at this work of art and was never sure if it was real or not. I think it make have been artificial as silk orchid arrangements do not fade. However, I prefer to think that it was real, just to appease the little girl that still lives in me.

This large orchid arrangement is one of the finer silk orchid arrangements that Demmerys makes. It is, as far as my memory serves, a pretty good replica of the impressive piece in the high street from years gone by.  The white orchids in the large gold pot really do bring back floods of memories. Every time one of these leaves the workshop, I want to head back down to the high street. Sadly, time has flown by and the old jewellery shop is no longer there, it is  now low cost housing. Thankfully, I still have my memory.

Memories are made of quality things. The large orchid arrangement from yesteryear was a thing of quality. Demmerys recreates the same types of memory through high quality silk orchid arrangements. I like to think that one of my arrangements ends up in a place where another little girl will stop and pause. It is nice to hope that someone somewhere is having a magical memory being made because of my flowers.

For memories to be created by a large orchid arrangement everything has to be perfect. To ensure perfection Demmerys makes silk orchid arrangements using only  the best materials. Only the best materials will produce the quality that Demmerys is renowned for. To start with, we only use materials from trusted suppliers, we have learned over the years to spend a little more to deliver perfection. The finest silk and even stronger, more flexible wires all make a huge difference to the final outcome.

A large orchid arrangement such as this needs a professional to make it look real. The team at Demmerys are the best flower makers I know and they produce silk orchid arrangements second to none. I know how much effort goes into making something like this and it is all thanks to that above all that helps make this become a future memory.

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