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Artificial White Orchids In Glass Vase

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Some years ago my husband and I stayed in a rather quaint hotel on the South Coast of England. It was long before the days of Demmerys being what it is now but I still had an eye for good flowers. I recall walking into the bar at the hotel we were staying in to be welcomed by the most wonderful display of blooming orchids. When I asked about them, I was told they were five years old and what the owner called permanent flowers.

Permanent flowers was nearly the name I gave my company but even though I settled for Demmerys the name does still come to mind. There is nothing more permanent than artificial flowers and this blooming orchids is one that many think of when they think of long lasting flowers.  The hotel stay inspired this arrangement of blooming orchids all those years ago.

The fact the blooming orchids that were on display in that hotel touched me so much is part of the reason why I am so passionate about flowers.  It is amazing to think that my creations are permanent flowers; something that will last a lifetime is quite something. All over the UK and dotted around the world I know my flowers are bringing joy to someone.

However, when I first started out making what have become permanent flowers my blooming orchids nothing like the ones I saw that day on the coast. I need to learn how to make long lasting flowers that also looked lifelike and real. It took me a while to realise how it was done and the little while longer to achieve what I wanted.

Today, Demmerys produces blooming orchids and other flowers that look so lifelike even I have to pinch myself. The fresh looking permanent flowers we make are the result of years of practice and the tenacity to never give up.   This display of blooming orchids, inspired by a weekend in a not so expensive hotel is part of the result.

Only the best materials are used to produce my permanent flowers. Cheaper materials could be used but the permanency of the flowers would be short lived. The best materials not only last longer but also look better. Finally, the hands that make the flowers also help keep them permanent and this arrangement like every other is made with love, by the best and made to last.

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