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Buttercups in a Vintage Glass Milk Bottle

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As a little girl I loved Buttercups and these artificial buttercups bring back so many happy memories.  Arranged in a vintage milk bottle these yellow artificial flowers somehow transport me back to a time gone by.Buttercups in a Vintage Glass Milk Bottle

Surely all flowers, artificial or real should evoke a memory or trigger something that makes us smile. These artificial buttercups, so lifelike and so real fill my mind with happy thoughts. They tell a story to me, from and remind me of how I used to pick the flowers and give them to my mother.  Just like these yellow artificial flowers the flowers then were clean, simple and so perfect. The feelings that well up inside are also so real, as if things happened only yesterday.

Every ounce of detail has been included with these artificial buttercups,  even the bottle looks like it has water in it. It is this detail that separates Demmerys from other flower makers and is part of our promise.  It really doesn’t take a lot to make something that is perfect each and every time but not to is easier for so many.

This arrangement of pretty yellow artificial flowers started out like any other, however the Demmerys promise kicked in. At Demmerys we only use the very, very best materials to make our flowers from. These artificial buttercups would look worse than fake if we did not follow this strict policy. Our customers demand quality, it is what I have become known for and that quality must remain at all times. This means we do not cut costs by using inferior materials, in fact we increase costs and use superior materials.

It is very hard to believe that these flowers are not real and that is testament to the manufacturing process.  From the very best materials these yellow artificial flowers are made by highly experienced flower makers.  The team at Demmerys know who to make artificial buttercups look real through experience.  Each stem, each petal and every part of this arrangement is made to perfection, if it is not perfect it will not leave the workshop. With passion, care and eye for detail the lifelike looks fill this and every arrangement I make.

This quality leads to every arrangement made by Demmerys becoming an investment piece. The high quality materials ensure the colours never fade. This means the joy of this these artificial buttercups lasts a lifetime.

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