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Everlasting Love

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Everlasting Love

Flowers are commonly associated with love. Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, even a funeral flowers are given out of love and as a sign of respect. But flowers have a problem, whilst they are beautiful and they have meaning they do eventually wilt and die leaving nothing but a memory.

Silk flowers, artificial flowers, fake flowers, faux flowers call them what you like do not have the problem that all cut flowers suffer from. Artificial flowers never die, they may fade a little after a few years and they may gather a little dust, but wilt they will not and die they will not.

Modern artificial flowers look more than real, the latest manufacturing techniques, improved materials and a general greater understanding of how to make fake look real have all played their role. So how c an you take advantage of this?

The secret lies in everlasting love and being a little creative with what you say and exactly what you give. Artificial flowers look so real that it is difficult if not impossible to tell them apart from the real thing and this is perhaps your chance to win the heart of someone special.

Mixing real flowers with faux flowers is possible. A dozen red roses with 11 being real and 1 being a better than real artificial flower, looks like any normal romantic bouquet of flowers. There is one difference though, one flower will last a great deal longer than 11 others and herein lies the secret everlasting love.

To win the heart of a loved one the single artificial flower is the key to everlasting love and this combined with the message sent makes the chance of everlasting love pretty much 100%. You cannot say “I will love you until the flowers die”, the cut flowers are already dead or at least are dying. The artificial flower has never been alive and thus is and will remain dead. So don’t mentions the word “die” in your message as so many do. Instead use the language of flowers and cleverly say “I will love you until the last petal falls”. Because the one flower is artificial the petals on it will never fall and thus your message will be real and last forever.

Artificial flowers really do look real, many people will only realise a silk rose is silk when they take a very close look and realise there is no scent. From not even a very far distance an artificial flower looks very, very real and to win eternal love you can use this fact.

Is it cheating? Who knows, you never mentioned an artificial flower, and by inserting just one flower that will never drop its petals you have proven you will do anything to make love last forever. So no you haven’t cheated, you have just done your best to win the heart of the one you love.

Artificial flowers are very much the new real flowers – so give them and make someone happy.


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