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Floor Standing Orchid Display

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I remember walking into a factory where my uncle once worked and noted that the place was brightened up by many artificial flowers and plants.  Now as one of the leading suppliers of artificial flowers in the UK, I use that memory to help me provide artificial flowers and plants to places such as factories.

As a supplier of Artificial Flowers in the UK I almost feel duty bound to cheer up some of the dreariest work places in the country. Some factories and many basement offices can become almost like prisons with their lack of colour and these artificial flowers and plants are a must. This Floor Standing Orchid Display is just one example.

Places of work, especially more industrial places need artificial flowers and plants that are easy to manage and maintain. However, unlike the flowers I recall from my uncle’s factory that this need not mean poor quality flowers. Demmerys has become known for superior quality artificial flowers in the UK. Our range of commercial artificial flowers and plants all match the same standards of quality as our luxury collections.

When it comes to artificial flowers and plants for the workplace, Demmerys insists on quality. The flowers we provide must be robust but they must still retain their elegance. This particular arrangement is one of the best examples of commercial artificial flowers in the UK that we provide. My Uncle’s factory would have loved something like this floor standing orchid display.

Only the very best materials are used in the production of all the artificial flowers and plants from Demmerys. Our commercial plants get the same treatment as any other. We choose the best silks and the strongest, most flexible wires from the best suppliers to make our plants.  We also consider the use of our artificial flowers across the UK and our commercial plants need added thought. In this case the plant needs to be tall, strong and noticeable.

The tall white planter selected for this stunning example has been chosen specifically for commercial use. It seems pointless to not make extra effort for commercial artificial flowers and plants and thus Demmerys make more effort.  If I was to walk into an office or even a factory reception I would sense the quality of this amazing display. I would know it is far better than the plastic flowers I saw years ago and would know instantly that it had been made by one of the best producers of artificial flowers in the UK.

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