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Flowers in the Rain

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Flowers in the Rain

Have you ever looked out of the window on a grey and gloomy rainy day and just felt a little miserable? We all love sunshine but we know we need the rain, but rain is often just that bit more gloomy than sunshine and we don’t all like it as much.

But what can you do about it? The puddles form, people feel a little sadder inside for some reason and people even get a little more hot tempered. Rainy days, we need them but we don’t like them. On a rainy day all the colour and happiness from the word seems to be switched off, it’s wet outside and we do our best to avoid it and we merely wish and pray for the rain to go and the sunshine to return.

There is a little something though that ca n bring back some colour to the day, something small, something simple and something anyone can have and many do have. There is a something that has a permanent sense and feeling of summer about it, full of colour and always happy. That little something may evoke a special memory or may just be the patch of colour you need of a gloomy, wet and even chilly rainy day.

What is that something? That something may well be sat right in front of you, sat on your desk, on your windowsill or on your kitchen counter. As you watch and count the raindrops trickle down the window and as you draw a smiley face in the condensation just to bring a smile to your face you look down and see a patch of sunshine, never ending sunshine full of colour and your face lights up.

Again I ask “what it that something?”

It is the arrangement of artificial or silk flowers, or that silk orchid that you were given or you bought. Silk and artificial flowers only ever know happiness and sunshine, in a simple arrangement the silk roses, geraniums, lilacs, daisies or daffodils capture and retain that moment when Spring and Summer collide. Even the smallest of arrangements, strategically placed bring a small smile to your face as the rain tap, tap, taps on the roof outside. Trapped in your room, your space, while the world is grey and sad you have a little piece of sunshine.

Artificial flowers are the all year round provider of sunshine and smiles. They never fade and they will always remind you of happy and fun things. Single silk flowers, pretending to grow in a pot remind you that you are alive and despite the rain you know how to smile and can smile. The artificial flowers in a basket bring a smile to your face “Mummy, look what I go you” you hear your child say and your face and your whole world now feels a happier, warmer and not so gloomy place.


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