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Flowers In Your Workplace

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Flowers In Your Workplace

Does your office need some colour? Are you spending a fortune on real flowers? Do you want to save money without sacrificing the beauty of real flowers?
Every office needs a little colour, from an open plan office where each desk becomes a home from home to the executive boardroom and of course the reception area.

Many companies spend a fortune on fresh flowers that over the course of the week drop their leaves, begin to wilt and lose their brilliance making Friday a little less cheerful than it ought to be.

Artificial flowers provide the solution to adding that spot of colour in the work place. Whether it is just to brighten up your own desk and workspace or to cheer up reception or add some class to the boardroom for that all important deal clenching meeting, flowers do the trick and silk flowers do it better.

Silk flowers have come on in leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, no longer do the flowers look nothing like any flower that has ever grown or ever will grow but instead they look real or even better than real. The flowers look so real in fact that people will often sniff them and then blush when they realise they are fake, that is a sign that people will like them. From small and ornamental arrangements to arrangements that make a statement and add to the décor of the office, silk flowers of all sizes, shapes and colours really bring some magic to the workplace.

Silk flowers, although it sounds strange, are more environmentally friendly than many fresh cut flowers and for a company the carbon footprint is something that is take seriously. Growing flowers all year round to give you roses in December and January requires either growing the flowers in energy consuming greenhouses that drink water and eat electricity or gas to heat the area or require freighting from the other side of the world on a cargo jet that burns fuel to get the flowers to you fresh whilst the flowers travel through climate controlled storage. Real flowers may seem to be green but in fact they are not as green as you might imagine.

Silk flowers on the other had are made from materials that are often produced in green factories using renewable materials and require no massive power plants to heat or cool to get a small amount produced. Silk flowers can play a part in lowering the carbon footprint of a company.

As well as the environmental impact of the flowers silk flowers require little, if any maintenance. Topping the vases up with fresh water, picking of the dead leaves

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and separating the living flowers for the dead takes time each and every day. With silk flowers there is none of this, you can even place silk flowers wherever you desire as there is no need for them to be placed in sunshine or in shade.

With real flowers the cost of the flowers varies by season and heaven forbid if you want roses in the first two weeks of January, you either can’t have or you just pay top dollar and more to get the flowers you want. Silk flowers have no season, no matter what flower you want at any time of year you can have it in abundance. You can have varying sizes of bloom, if you need something delicate with small blooms you can have, if need something larger than average to make a statement in a forgotten corner you can have it. You can, although you probably wouldn’t want it, have almost any colour you want if you want yellow lavender by all means ask.

Silk flowers offer flexibility but their low cost of maintenance also makes them an attractive proposition for a business where time is money. Professionally made silk flower arrangements will add class to an office or work space. The flowers can be made to order to work with a room or even for an occasion and with silk flowers you can have some fun and use unusual items as containers.

The real benefit of silk flowers is that they last, with real flowers they need to be replaced each week with silk they don’t. The cost saving is tremendous and instead of having new flowers each week it may well be that a company chooses to have new flowers once a month or just for the change of season.

Artificial flowers in the work place have another, almost forgotten benefit. Allergy sufferers, it is amazing how many people are allergic to flower pollen and as much as they love flowers they cannot go near them. Silk flowers do not have this problem and they look just as real, some say even better than real.

As a new year approaches and budgets have to be set has your company looked at its use of flowers? In the more challenging economic times budgets have become tight and of course one now needs to consider the environmental impact of each business decision. So is it now not time to consider replacing your weekly arrangements of fresh flowers with an equally stunning and cheerful arrangement of silk and artificial blooms. You will be amazed at the quality of the flowers and the cost saving will be considerable. Your offices and work spaces will still look bright and cheerful and of course you will be able to have a secret snigger anyone tries to sniff to see if the flowers are real.


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