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Fuchsia Orchid Pedestal & Vase Display

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This is what I like to call one of my Grand masterpieces. Flowers on their own command respect and when one places flowers on a Pedestal magic that respect is elevated. At Demmerys, we make the finest silk and artificial flowers and this arrangement is something special

These stunning artificial fuchsia pink orchids are the epitome of a floral pedestal displayCorporate Hire. Everything about it is quality and class, it really does have something regal about it. A lot of time effort and thought has gone into designing and making this piece and it shows. Something like this is an investment having purchased a labour of love. It is a masterpiece in floral arrangement that deserves to hold pride of place in a home or office.

It is really hard to believe that this display is not real and I know how many people have been convinced that it is. But it is not and that is testament to the quality craftsmanship that has gone into making this piece.  Every element from the impressive pedestal to the copper coloured urn up to the amazingly lifelike pink flowers and green leaves is quality.

It starts from the materials chosen. Nothing is left to chance and only the best materials are selected to make each leaf, petal and stem. Even the planter and display pedestal are selected from only the best suppliers. Once the best materials have been chosen the real passion begins to flow. Each flower, in this case pink orchids, is slowly and deliberately made by hand. Each vein, each tiny imperfection in a leaf or petal is handcrafted to mimic nature.

Only once each component of this very regal flower arrangement has passed quality control will it be allowed to be purchased.  At Demmerys there is no such thing as second best, it is not our style. We want every arrangement we make to be perfect. We know that by being perfect and using the best materials the joy you receive from it will be eternal.

Long life is the guarantee these flowers on a pedestal offer and with simple maintenance they will look  bright and fresh every day. As I repeat, this display, like every product I produce is more than just some flowers, it is an investment and one that pays in happiness and joy.

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