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Grass in Moscow Black Ball Planter

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This rather simple yet almost sophisticated of all silk plants is something I like. It is not like the stereotypical artificial plants that look like plastic plants. This Moscow Ball full of grass is so real you feel as if you need to water it and trim it.

Grass to me, even grass as silk plants, evokes a certain peace and calm. The natural, fresh green colouring is gentle and wafting. Grass to me is about spring and summer with the smells of blossom and somehow even with my plastic plantsGrass in Moscow Black Ball Planter and some wish call them, all this flows.

It is perhaps the most simple of all silk plants, but grass in its own way is complex. This amazing arrangement is more than just grass in a pot. It is in its own wonderful way a work of art. Yes, I know many people will use the Grass as something just to fill a space. The arrangement could so easily become arbitrary and yet it demands so much more because it is so much more.

Alone this plant speaks volumes, it cries out for attention because of its charm. However, put some more than one of these silk plants in a home or office and they strike up their own conversations. Yes these amazing plastic plants breathe life into wherever they may be used.

You may wonder how the life these plants breathe is achieved. The answer is simple. This humble turf of grass is treated with the same amount of love, care and pride as Demmerys would a rose or an orchid. This is no ordinary plastic plant; this is a work of art and an object of pleasure.  Even this grass in a Moscow Black Ball Planter is an investment piece, not just an indoor plant.

This simply adorable, some would say boring, plant is made from the highest quality materials. Because of this it has life and this, like all Demmerys silk plants is far from boring. It’s freshness and soothing green blades will never fade and it will last more than a lifetime.  This is may be one of the most simple products in my range but it is so much more than just a bowl of plastic plants.

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