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Hellebore in Glass Vase

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My aunt had a thing for dark red hellebore, it is a less common flower and this arrangement of artificial hellebore looks amazing.  The arrangement is not cluttered, just like my aunt always liked things. This display of silk hellebore really has no clutter at all and the greens of leaves just work so well with the reds of the petals.

Adding a few twigs really Hellebores in glass vasedoes something, the twigs just add to the lifelike appearance of the entire arrangement. However, the entire arrangement of silk hellebore is uplifted further in the rectangular glass planter filled with pebbles. Then, just because, and to keep things even more real than real these artificial hellebore are set in artificial water. The water is a clear resin and it truly tops of this arrangement that I know my aunt would love.

People often tell me that this unusual arrangement is one of my best. I think, because of the link to my aunt that it is one of the best in the Demmerys collection. However, I like to think that every arrangement my team and I produce is the best. It doesn’t really matter if there is a family connection or not each flower I make, including these silk hellebore, is made the same way.

These artificial hellebore, like all Demmerys flowers begin by selecting the very best materials to construct the piece. In this case, I wanted to keep things clutter free so the perfect materials for twigs as well as flowers had to be chosen. Even the pebbles were not just random stones nor the elegant planter.

Once all the right materials have been selected, the piece has to be assembled. With this arrangement, my aunt was part of the inspiration and placing the elements together had to be just perfect. Every flower, every petal and every leaf had to be handmade to work together. Bringing the piece to life and ensuring it looked lifelike was all part of the process.

With many years experience  the flower makers as Demmerys turn these artificial hellebore into a living, breathing work of art. Because the arrangement becomes this amazing work of art it becomes and investment piece for any buyer. The investment is also a long-term investment that yields also instant dividends of smiles and happiness.

With simple maintenance and some gentle kindness this arrangement of silk hellebore will deliver many years of enjoyment. Like the memory of my aunt, the colours will not fade and this the enjoyment lasts a lifetime.

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