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How to Make Silk Flower Arrangements in a Vase

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
How to Make Silk Flower Arrangements in a Vase

Artificial silk flower arrangements


Stunning and easy to maintain, silk flower arrangements are quite popular all around the world. In case you are new to the concept, silk flowers are technically artificial flowers which you can use instead of the real ones to make your flower arrangements look fresher and brighter for a long time.

Buying a professionally designed artificial flower arrangement might be the easy way out, but if you are looking for some DIY activity, we definitely suggest arranging silk flowers in a vase yourself.

Whether you are accustomed to flower arrangements, or completely new to it, our step-by-step guide will help you create a breathtaking silk flower arrangement in a vase, all by yourself:

1. Choose the vase
With so many different types of vases available these days, it’s easy to get confused. Go for an opaque tall and lean vase instead of a wide-mouthed glass one. That is because the wide-mouthed vases look terrible when you have fewer flowers in them.

At the same time, pick a neutral colour which won’t clash with the colour of the flowers you choose like black, white, or jewel.

2. Silk flowers
Before choosing the artificial flowers, pick the colour scheme you want. You could go classic pink or yellow, or you could go the darker route by picking blue and violet. Start by putting together flowers of the same colour but different shades. We recommend making the silk flower arrangement first in your hands and then placing it in the vase.

3. Adjusting flower length
Once you have the artificial flowers ready in your hand, the next step is to adjust their stem length to fit the vase. Of course, it will completely depend on the height and depth of your vase.

4. Styrofoam base
By using a styrofoam base at the end of your vase, your artificial flowers will be placed securely, and won’t fidget.

Looking for silk flower arrangements?
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