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Large Artificial Tropical Arrangement With Ashby Banksia

Posted by Sharon Demmery on

Ashby Banksia?  Who is she?

Corny I know, but many people ask or joke when they see this large artificial flower display. It is stunning and like all large silk flower arrangements, it is quite spectacular.

Ashby Banksia is the bottlebrush-like flower that is useful in many artificial flower displays.  The plant provides colour and an unusual look and feel to the arrangement.  Of course like all my silk artificial flowers it is handmade to perfection.

Every flower in this wonderful arrangement looks extremely lifelike. It is not unusual for anyone to have a sneaky sniff when no one is looking just to be sure of reality.  Made from high quality, hand chosen materials the flowers are intentionally luxurious from the outset. Each stem and petal of these silk artificial flowers is made to impress. Because of this, those who come and sniff are the sign of a job well done.

This large artificial flower display is one of my all-time favourites. It contains such a variety of flowers and as with all large silk flower arrangementsis very much an investment. True, this arrangement makes a great gift or welcome décor item but it is so much more than that. Made to the highest standard one of these artificial flower displays will last a lifetime. Years of pleasure will come from these flowers just by following some basic maintenance.  The long life of the product extends its value thus, the masterpiece pays a handsome reward.

The classic black planter that elevates the green and orange colours adds to the joy in this display. It can be so easy for any to put some silk artificial flowers together and be done. However, this display has been well thought out to maximise beauty and charm.  In a similar manner, large silk flower arrangements can soon go over the top. This stunning display just touches the edge of almost too large.

The entire arrangement makes an outstanding décor piece. It will work in large home or office space equally. The size of the arrangement speaks volumes and thus the investment value is given a boost.  The flowers and greenery look so lifelike that the arrangement simply breathes, and that is what people are looking for.  This large artificial flower display is winner for anyone who is looking for something to make a statement.  The question is… what statement does this display make?

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