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Lavender Plants in Aged Pots

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I adore this wonderfully rustic set of artificial lavender in pots.  There is something about lavender, even artificial lavender flowers, that puts a smile on my face.  I suppose it is the dreamer in me, and that old rhyme that sticks with me.

Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, lavender’s green,

When I am king, dilly dilly, you shall be queen:

Who told you so, dilly dilly, who told you so?

‘Twas mine own heart, dilly dilly, that told me so.

Lavender Plants in Aged PotsThese words ring true and I even hear my team singing them as they make these amazing creations. Every artificial lavender plant they make is made with love. This love begins in selecting the materials required to make each lifelike stem and all that makes the rustic arrangement. Only the very best materials are used, second best is not a phrase we understand.

Once the pieces of each display have been selected the careful work of matching the perfect designs from  nature begins. It is here that creativity, imagination and enjoyment overflow, and the very best artificial lavender flowers begin to grow. Every stem soon becomes a work of art and then crazily placed in these rustic pots a masterpiece emerges.

The quality and realism of this display of artificial lavender in pots is such that it still fools me.  It really is amazing how many people will sneak up close and get a good look at these plants. Everyone who sees them needs that reassurance of touch and smell. And, every time someone is fooled they blush and feel a little foolish.

There is a cheeky charm about every lifelike artificial lavender plant we make, and in that lays the hidden value. These simple plants in old rustic, moss covered pots release a smile with every glance on every passer-by.  This effect is magical and because each simple arrangement is so well made it will last forever.

To keep these artificial lavender flowers looking radiant only minimal maintenance is required. A simple wipe and dust will keep them looking fresh for many years to come. For those people who understand appreciate these almost real flowers it the long term joy that makes the return as customers. The love the joy the flowers bring and laugh aloud and to themselves when their friends, colleagues or loved ones are fooled by the enigma of looking real but not.

Part 2

If there is a song in your head when you see this amazing display of artificial lavender in pots then I can relate. These are one of my favourite arrangements of artificial lavender flowers in my collection. I cannot help but smile and imagine the smell of lavender and the comfort it brings.

I am often fooled into what I am looking at is not an artificial lavender plant. The entire, highly creative yet gently simple design captivates me. I make the plants and I admit my own handiwork quite often fools me and there is a reason for this. Every set of artificial lavender in pots is made with quality and perfection in mind from the moment the design is conceived. Inspired by nature the purple and green floral display starts off  by selecting the very best materials. If the material does not meet our higher than average standards it will not be used.  Even the rustic pots are carefully chosen to become part of an illusion of reality.

Once the materials and have been selected the real work begins. Every stem and leaf is moulded and shaped by hand and many years of experience ensures each flower is made perfectly. We like to tell our customers that our quality control manager is Mother Nature. This is partly true, if our artificial lavender flowers do not look lifelike they go no further. We are fussy in our manufacturing process because we care about our customers.

Our entire process from start to finish is aimed at delivering artificial lavender in pots that surpasses nature.  It is easy for us go better than nature, it is easy because our flowers have something nature struggles to attain. Unlike real flowers our flowers last a lifetime, never fading and never wilting. And then we go one better, our amazing artificial lavender flowers need only basic maintenance to keep them fresh and looking alive. There is no need to water them for the elegant purple and green to fill any space with life.

All this combined, high quality materials and master craftsmanship turns a humble purple flower into something more than just a flower. The long life that delivers smile after smile makes this sweet and very pretty arrangement an investment. And the return on this investment? Happiness of course, many years of happiness.

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