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Luxury Artificial Flowers for Interior Design Projects

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Luxury Artificial Flowers for Interior Design Projects

Choosing artificial flowers for interior design projects has become massively popular in the last number of years.

Interior designers and decorators have long used flowers to add the perfect finishing touch to a design project before the big unveil but that initial impact can lose its appeal once fresh flowers begin to wilt.

This is why fresh flowers are now being swapped out for silk floral arrangements.

Artificial flowers have such a realistic appearance, are easy to maintain and, most importantly, they can last for many years.

Clever interior designers are getting really creative with how they are incorporating silk flowers and plants into their projects to enhance the overall design and ensure lasting impact:

Faux Living Walls

Faux living walls are becoming incredibly popular and are set to be a key design trend of 2017.

Interior designers all over the world are creating stunning “green walls” using silk flowers and plants.

Faux living plant walls don’t need to be plugged into an irrigation system to be consistently watered; they just need to be admired!

A faux living wall creates a key talking point in any residential property.

Dining Room High Ceilings

Interior designers have been effectively using pendant lighting to occupy the space where a high ceiling sits above a dining table.

That said; hanging artificial flower arrangements and plants can work just as effectively to occupy this space.

Think artificial hanging vines, upside down potted artificial plants and artificial crawlers.

Entrance Hallways

In a bid to establish a grand entrance area, interior designers like to add a tall vase with a luxurious flower arrangement to an entrance hallway.

However, consistently replenishing more luxurious fresh flowers like lilies and roses can prove expensive to maintain.

Using luxury artificial flowers in place of fresh flowers ensures that an entrance hallway can still look impressive without a homeowner having to splash out every week on more flowers.

Living Areas

Orchids have proven the perfect complement to the minimalistic design of modern living and lounge areas.

Just like roses and lilies, fresh orchids involves a lot of maintenance and upkeep, not to mention the cost of regular replenishment.

Orchids deserve their place in modern living areas – designers just need to incorporate the silk alternative of these stunning floral arrangements instead.

Artificial orchids completely look the part, but require far less maintenance.

Bathrooms & Ensuites

Residential bathrooms and ensuites are undergoing significant luxurious upgrades to make them a place of true relaxation.

There is a prevalent demand among owners to be able to enjoy a spa like experience in their own home – heated bathroom floors, wet room showers, double vanity units and free-standing baths are all popular features.

And because fresh flowers cannot contend with the heat and steam of bathroom areas, artificial flowers are the only option when it comes to choosing a floral arrangement for bathrooms.

Plants and flowers will forever remain a key decorative element in every home and, as the demand for interior designers to create luxurious yet low maintenance environments continues to rise, you can expect to see a lot more silk flower arrangements in homes everywhere.

Looking for more info on the best artificial flowers for interior design projects?

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