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Not Just Silk Flowers

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Not Just Silk Flowers

Ferns are among the oldest living plants on earth. Fossils show them dating back millions of years and they have changed very little, if at all over time. There is something very earthy, very natural and very unique about ferns and they make the most amazing of artificial flower arrangements.

Silk ferns may not seem very exciting. Available in a choice of colours, green and, err… Green, one would imaging they are not particularly great plants, not even flowers, to use for décor or display. But the simple truth is that they are amazing. You see, with ferns it is not just their olive green leaves with just a hint of yellow that makes them suitable for a silk flower arrangement but the pattern, style and nature’s own design that makes them what they are.

In nature ferns grow in many parts of the world, there are deadly poisonous ferns, ferns that can survive extreme heat or drought and even floods and there are even ferns that glow in the dark. A truly amazing species of plant, and when you have a silk flower arrangement of ferns you can certainly make believe that the ferns you have are any one of these.

Artificial ferns can either be used with other flowers to create some added greenery or more commonly used with twigs and moss to create a very earthy arrangement. Without bright colours ferns, one would assume look pretty drab but in fact they do not. The very natural feeling green colour gives them a life all of their own.

Ferns are not big attention grabbers and this is perhaps why artificial arrangements are often created and positioned to hide things that are not wanted to be seen. Especially in public buildings, artificial ferns have a variety of camouflage uses to hide unsightly mess, hidden storage cupboards and even just make a reception desk in a communal office look less branded than it would be through the use of a coloured flower. Silk ferns can be made into arrangements of many sizes from small to large to fit any area, to attract attention or divert.

In their own, Jurassic kind of way Silk ferns add their own touch of beauty to any space, they bring a touch of simple nature to a place where otherwise things may look a little to industrial or even unfriendly. The arrangements serve a purpose and yet for some they find an inherent beauty that cannot be found in other plants.
Silk ferns last lifetime, they require minimal maintenance and drop no leaves and leave no mess. The make a perfect plant for many uses, a plant that has been around for millions of years and one that may well outlast mankind in the end.

If you have space that needs some life but needs to be extremely subtle, a silk fern arrangement may be your answer. Consider this option and you will be happy.

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