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Orange Daisy Mix In Black Jar

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I love fresh, bright and colourful flowers. I don’t think there are many brighter, more cheerful displays in my collection than the artificial daisies. These fake daisies look so real but it is the mix of colours I love so much.

But, what lies underneath these amazing fake daisy flower? I like to believe that every arrangement of flowers has a story or a purpose and these silk daisiesOrange Daisy Mix in Black Vase are no different. Like every arrangement I put my heart into, happiness is the overall goal. This display achieves that in so many ways and everyone who has purchased one of these has told me so. Just the images of this arrangement on the web page alone make many happy, but the real thing is better.

Every one of the countless number of orange and cream artificial daisies and beautiful larkspur starts out the same.  They all begin with the absolute best quality materials. The artificial flower industry has grown in the last few years and the quality of materials has improved.  Today my team and I have a wider choice of materials than ever before. We also have a choice of better and better quality materials. We only choose the best and our added manufacturing costs always pay off.

Once we have chosen the best materials, our silk daisies come to life. Thanks to many years of experience and a dedicated team of flower makers, we know how to make fake daises look real. It is not just in the making of the flowers but also in the arranging.  Piecing fake daisy flowers together and arranging them in the perfect planter takes a special eye of detail. In this case we have chosen a round delta black glass vase that sets of the orange and cream bouquet.

The outcome is a work of art, a masterpiece that becomes as investment item. A hint of lavender in the display keeps the illusion of reality alive. A simple touch that pays off with smile upon smile every time someone sees these flowers.   It is the smiles that make this arrangement what it is and this will last a lifetime.

The flowers in this and all my arrangements will last a lifetime. Limited maintenance not only makes them a pleasure to own but also ensures an extended life.  With an extended life the flowers continue to look fresh each and every day and the happiness continues to flow.

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