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Oriental Green Orchid with Red Hydrangea

Posted by Sharon Demmery on

When it comes to artificial flowers, there is nothing more special than silk orchids, and my Oriental Green Orchid with Red Hydrangea is one of the arrangements that is beyond special.  The combination of lime and dark greens finished off with a luxurious Red Hydrangea in a black container looks simply stunning, and this artificial orchid display doesn’t even need any special reason to be given to a loved one.

Silk Orchids always look so real and yet they have a certain magic that makes them look more than real. It is hard to explain, but even when one touches the petals of the flowers it takes more than a moment to realise that the plant is not real but artificial. Being fooled into believing something is real when it is not is part of the enjoyment.

But what makes our artificial orchid display so special?

Red artificial flowers and silk orchids can look fake but when only the very best materials are selected for use in their manufacture the results show and something real is found.  Sourcing the components that make up an artificial orchid arrangement from not one but many suppliers is the key to making the very best finished products.  Because I select the very best materials one of our artificial orchid displays or even just a single silk orchid becomes an investment, artificial flowers always last but ours last and with regular maintenance and cleaning they never lose their lustre.

The quality materials along with creative passion make for luxury yet affordable artificial flower displays and arrangements. It is not worth settling for second best when investing in something like artificial flowers, second best will look artificial and will age whereas paying just a little bit more gets you something that improves over years. Giving an artificial orchid arrangement to someone, especially a display with a luxurious touch from a red hydrangea becomes something precious that over time will become a talking point.

Just like Mother Nature casts her spell on real flowers, that sadly always fade away, so my silk flowers are made using the same blueprint to bring a smile to the face of anyone for many years to come. Who knows in time to come your artificial orchid arrangement may be passed down from generation to generation.

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