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Pink Dog-tail Grass in Metal Tin

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There is always something fascinating about grass as an indoor plant. This Pink Dogtail GrassPink Dogtail Grass in Metal Tin is part of my collection of silk indoor plants and is even more fascinating for me. In its aged metal tin, it reminds me of something from my childhood that has been captured for eternity.

I suppose that is what it is with artificial indoor plants, they capture something from a dream or real life and preserve it forever.  This arrangement does have some memory for me but for the life of me I don’t where from. All I do know is what the memory it triggers is happy and I suppose if silk indoor plants can make people then it’s a good thing.

I know that this plant holds memories for me, it also holds something special as I know how it was made. Like all my artificial indoor plants, my grasses all start out the same, the same as my roses and orchids and that is my secret.  This Pink Dogtail Grass started out by choosing the very best materials to make it from.

You may well say that it is just grass so what does the quality of the material mean?  The truth is that is makes a huge difference. There is a subtle but very noticeable difference between my silk indoor plants and those made by others. My plants look extremely lifelike, so lifelike even I have to pinch myself. That lifelike look comes from only using the very best materials.

It is not just the best materials that sets these artificial indoor plants apart. The time, effort and expertise that has gone into physically making them also plays a part. Many years experience have taught my team how to make the most lifelike silk indoor plants. Every single arrangement is made with the same passion.

Because of this, because these flowers are so well made they reward those who purchase them with years of happiness. This reward makes the plants, even this humble grass, an amazing investment that is difficult to describe.  Because these silk indoor plants are timeless and ageless you will never regret buying them and of course they will make you smile.  You will smile for some deep and sometimes unknown reason, just like me

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