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Pink Rose Mix Metal Jug

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Roses will always be one of my favourite flowers, even fake roses. I don’t mind what colour my roses are they could be fake white roses, fake red roses I just love them.  I think there is something quintessentially romantic about roses. The artificial pink rosesPink Rose Mix Metal Jug that form part of the this simple display sum it up.

One could be forgiven for believing these fake roses are real. I admit that have to get up close and find out the truth. I can sense the smell of roses but cannot smell it, these flowers trigger my senses. However, when up close I get to feel the story of these really beautiful artificial pink roses.  I know how they have been carefully made by highly experienced flower makers. I appreciate the time taken to choose only the highest quality materials. This is something that, to me, fills my heart with joy.

But it is more than that. I know there are fake white roses in the setting, and I do not care. The mix flowers sat in the ornate metal  jug is truly wonderful. The entire arrangement is a masterpiece that feels as if it is so real. I cannot describe how much I love this piece.

It goes beyond that. Because this display contains fake roses, I know that unlike real roses it will survive. I know that this display can be placed anywhere and it will bring a hint of the garden into wherever it is placed. Such is the adorable beauty in this piece. Whoever ends up owning it will find so much love and joy in it. That is the whole thing, this display, like all my arrangements is designed to make people happy.

Happiness is the reward from any flower or flower arrangement given with love. Because the happiness flows, this display becomes something to cherish, an investment.  Through simple, basic and regular maintenance, little more than a wipe, this investment will last a lifetime.  The bunch of flowers becomes more than just a bunch of flowers stuffed into a jug. Over time, this wonderful work of art will provide more memories than anything else you own … trust me I know.

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