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Purple Vanda Orchid in a Gold Flame Vase

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Purple Vanda Orchid in a Gold Flame Vase

When it comes to luxury, I am a sucker for anything Gold and for class my colour has to be purple. This perhaps explains why the purple artificial orchids in this stunning gold flame vase stand out for me. When it comes to purple artificial flowers, orchids always stand out when arranged in something as elegant as this display.

I like to think that this luxurious display is no ordinary artificial flower arrangement ; it does have something almost mystical about it that only purple can do. I think it was the Egyptians that had a thing for purple and when only the highest quality artificial flowers are used in a display the emotions and desires that come from a touch of purple last forever.

Everything about this arrangement oozes beauty and purple adds a level of depth that no other colour seems to be able to produce. The purple artificial flowers in this display are used to good effect, keeping this simple yet somehow complex. The effort put into the entire arrangement is felt rather than just seen and one can soon tell that this investment piece is made from nothing but high quality artificial flowers and accessories.

Each flower from the stem up to the petals looks remarkably real, the flowers are so real that one would think they need watering to keep them alive. But only on close inspection is the secret told, these are artificial flowers are not real and this means they need only limited maintenance for them to last more than a lifetime.

When people ask for something that looks beautiful but not in your face, something elegant but not quite romantic the Purple Vanda Orchid in a Flame Vase checks all the boxes. The whole display takes things to a point just on the edge of love, just over the edge of magical and spot on when it comes to creating an impression. The display fits in anywhere, it adds light and colour to places where they are needed and tones things down where things are a little too bright. Choosing quality artificial flowers makes a tremendous statement, one that for many people is a little unexpected. Above all, because these almost real flowers never fade, the memories they create never fade and new memories can be made from them each and every day.

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