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Real men buy fake!

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Real men buy fake!

Are you a real man?

Yes, then when you buy something for the one you love you really must buy fake.

No, don’t look at me with that puzzled look. I am not talking Rolex or Cartier watches and certainly not talking about Louis Vuitton handbags, no your better half or one you love will see right through that. Some things just can’t be bought fake but others can.

Ok, fake is a harsh word to use but at least I have your attention now. What I am talking about is flowers. Yes, flowers. Artificial flowers to be precise.

Artificial flowers are perhaps the only fake thing you can buy that is real. Artificial silk flowers are something any girl or loved one will adore. Silk flowers look so real and in an arrangement so pretty and unique that when you give this fake gift you will be loved.

Silk flowers today are a superb gift, not only do they look great but they also last forever. On top of this did you know that artificial flowers are often a great deal more environmentally friendly than real flowers? In the modern market where real flowers of all varieties are made available every single day of the year, farming, production and shipping take their toll on the environment. Flowers grown in heated glasshouses and watered intensely with some extras in the water are energy munching flowers. Once grown they need to remain fresh to be delivered and so they go through an entire cold chain that again grows the carbon footprint. Then the flowers are shipped, often by air and then by trucks to be delivered by another truck and that stretches the carbon footprint even further..

Real flowers are not that green really. Silk flowers have a far smaller carbon footprint, by explaining this to your loved one your softer side will show. Suddenly the masculine, butch man is green and environmentally aware, for the modern woman this is very sexy. By buying and giving artificial flowers you show your caring side and at the same time give flowers.

With artificial flowers the choice of arrangement is vast. You can choose from a simple silk orchid in a pot to a simple bunch of flowers or even get creative and give an arrangement of beautiful flowers in a basket that looks better than real.

Artificial flowers send a lasting and special message because the flowers last so long. Unlike real flowers that eventually lose their leaves and petals turn brown, artificial flowers remain vibrant for years and each time your loved one looks at them she will think of you.

So for once in your life give the one you love something fake, Artificial Flowers make a superb and unique Christmas present and will put a smile on the face of your loved one when you give them. Tell them how special the flowers are and that meaning will translate into her heart this Christmas.
Artificial flowers are the only fake thing you can ever give that is truly and honestly real.


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