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Silver Bamburgh Shell Vase with Grass

Posted by Sharon Demmery on


I have a classy side to my life, I love glitzy stuff, shiny stuff and I love the smell of my lawns being mowed.  I don’t live in a palace, I may be married to my prince charming but we don’t live in a palace. However this amazing artificial grass plant in its silver Bamburgh shell vase does make me dream of my palace.

It is funny how fake grass in pots can either work or not. This particular piece took all my creativity to get just right. I experimented with various types of artificial grass plants and eventually settled on vanilla grass.Silver Bamburgh Shell Vase with Grass

However, vanilla grass would only really work with a certain type of vase. You see, fake grass is pots is a perhaps the most challenging thing possible to make. There needs to be an element of class and sophistication in both the artificial grass plant and the choice of planter. This very elegant combination works and turns something that could be boring into something that has real charm.

The green of the artificial grass plant, the deep green of the vanilla grass looks so regal with silver aluminium vase.  Even the vase had to be something amazing, it was a tough choice between a few but this one stuck. To be honest,  it was not the easiest decision to make and I think this really works. As far as artificial grass in pots goes this is a winner.

The one thing with this arrangement is that it is classy, it could equally be at home in a semi-detached house, an office boardroom or even in Buckingham Palace. Like everything we produce at Demmerys, including fake grass in pots, this arrangement looks real and is of the highest quality.

To produce the perfect artificial grass plant Demmerys have mastered the process.   It starts by using only the best materials supplied by top-notch manufacturers.  These materials include all the products for the grass as well as the pots. From here, each blade of grass is handmade and with plenty of patience the entire arrangement takes shape.

The end result is something quite unbelievable and not anything like what you would associate with fake grass in pots. This arrangement is a high quality product and something you will cherish for years to come. This simple artificial grass plant will become an investment and one that will make you happy.

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