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Tall Black Planter with Yellow Bromeliad

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Yellow and black have always gone well together and this tall flower arrangement proves the point.   Yellow BromeliadTall Black Planter with Bromeliad are among the brightest yellow flowers on earth and these yellow artificial flowers are very bright. It is the brightness of the yellow and the high gloss of the square black planter than really makes me go wild for this arrangement.

The arrangement is not one that perhaps takes pride of place on a dining or boardroom table because it is tall. (well, I suppose everyone has their taste so maybe you want to) However, because this is a tall flower arrangement that has some wonderful sharp lines it has its uses. As a corner plant or as something that acts almost like a signpost in a passage makes this a handy plant to own.

The first thing that anyone will notice is that this amazing arrangement is very lifelike.  You will also notice the absolute quality and attention to detail contained in the entire piece. At Demmerys we like to think of the flower arrangements we produce as investments not just flowers and we don’t cut quality anywhere.

This impressive arrangement starts out very much like every other Demmerys product, with high quality materials. Every element of this display is hand chosen for its quality and of course the right colours. Yes, we do from time to time experiment with new materials or improved materials but from experience we know what works. Having selected the very best materials that can turn man made materials into lifelike flowers the real work begins.

Our talented flower makers get to work. They have an idea in mind, sometimes what comes out is not always what the first idea was, and begin to weave their craft. Taking the time to craft every flower, every petal and every tiny feature each yellow artificial flower takes shape. Following a blueprint from nature only when the flower looks perfect does it become part of the arrangmement.

The great thing about using the highest quality materials is that the life of each arrangement is extended further. In this case, the materials are UV protected to ensure they do not fade. It is this long life, increased further still through simple maintenance, that creates the investment value in the piece.  From experience, I know this amazing arrangement will bring many years of happiness and smiles are what I always call the reward.

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