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Terracotta Jug with Lavender

Posted by Sharon Demmery on

On my travels, I have often seen terracotta pots used with real flowers. There is something very Mediterranean about them and this pot with its silk lavender arrangement brings back memories.

This pot may hold artificial lavender but it all looks so real.  The pot looks amazing on its own and the silk lavender just looks natural. This display makes me think of sunshine, walks through south European countryside, and makes me happy.  The arrangement is rustic and very charming, simple yet striking. It is something I know would look perfect in my home.

I have to admit this is display of artificial lavender looks so real that I would try to pick some lavender from it. The authenticity of the terracotta pot adds to the realism of if the flowers making it seem so lifelike.  Everything about this arrangement plays with the senses and one feels almost certain they can smell lavender. I sometimes fool people and drip the tiniest bit of lavender oil on the pot to tease people with the fragrance. In fact it has confused my husband many times.

Like all the silk lavender arrangements in the Demmerys collection, this is no ordinary artificial lavender plant. The finished product is made from the very best materials as nothing less than perfect will be accepted. Every stem and leaf has to be top quality, it is the materials used that create the lifelike looks of this and every arrangement I make.

Once the best materials have been laid out and the most suitable planter found the work to produce perfection begins. At Demmerys the flower making team aims to produce nature identical plants and flowers and whether it is a rose or silk lavender that is being made it does not matter.

Once the artificial lavender plants are made they are then arranged appropriately to look natural. Choosing the terracotta pot just makes this  a little easier. With a little time and effort along with some trial and errors the end product eventually takes shape. One has to agree that this is a truly superior silk lavender arrangement and the final product is a masterpiece.

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