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Tropical Flowers in Moscow Ball Planter

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For tropical silk flower arrangements, one needs to be more than a little creative. This imaginative arrangement of tropical flowersTropical Flowers in Moscow Ball Planter is one that is very creative indeed.  I adore this fun arrangement because it is clean, tidy and has just enough tropical colours to make me feel good.

The use of a large Moscow ball as the planter resonates with me; it is not your normal vase or planter at all. From the planter to the mix of tropical flowers contained in it has something about it that I cannot quite put my finger on. The high quality tropical flowers that include Guz mania, Anthurium, parrots plantain and pincushion proteas among others just make it so appealing.

The arrangement oozes charm and quality and breathes a gentle tropic breeze towards anyone who comes close. Like every Demmerys creation the end effect of this arrangement is sheer enjoyment.  Every petal looks so real and the whole display looks freshly watered.  It comes as no surprise that when anyone places this arrangement anywhere many people come and test it if is real or not.

The arrangement is so lifelike and it is no accident that this is so. Each element of this arrangement of tropical flowers is intentional. It has been handmade to look real and even, dare I say, fool people. Trust me, this arrangement will fool you, it is so lifelike.

The absolute real as life look comes from the very fact that every part of this arrangement is quality. From the outset, this arrangement had quality ingrained. The materials used in its production are of the very highest quality, second best or good enough won’t do. The materials chosen reflect the end result and to produce lifelike flowers like these cheap materials would end up looking cheap.

Using the finest flower making materials each flower, each plant and each tiny bit of detail is handcrafted to perfection. Once made, the flowers and plants are arranged and the finished product becomes a work of art. At Demmerys we don’t make flowers we make masterpieces.

This wonderful display of Tropical Flowers in Moscow Ball Planter is just one of the masterpieces produced. Made with love, this piece will last for a lifetime and with careful maintenance wll barely fade at all. Because of this, this arrangement becomes an investment that pays off with years and years of happiness.

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