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Tropical Flowers in Square planter 75cm

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I love this display of exotic artificial flowers.  It is one of my most impressive yet simple arrangements that while using tropical silk flowers are so very lifelike. To me this has one of the most comprehensive varieties of artificial tropical plants and it really works.

Any exotic artificial flowers send me into a dream world and there is a certain elegance about that quite tall display. The bright greens and the exotic and cheerful orange with just a hint of red make this display something special.   With an imaginative combination of Parrot’s Plantain, Anthurium, pin cushion protea and, my favourite, Birds of Paradise the arrangement is already impressive. Then placing these tropical silk flowers in among some palm foliage and moss with a cheeky inclusion of some real touch phalaenopsis orchids just lifts it.  Finally placing the entire arrangement of artificial tropical plants in an Tropical Flowers in square planter 75cmimpressive black gloss planter elevates everything majestically.

Every stem, leaf and petal within this display is painstakingly crafted from the highest quality materials. The materials are hand chosen to ensure the entire display becomes as lifelike as possible. Every flower and every plant follows the blueprint nature provided.  With a display of tropical silk flowers such as this elegant piece, nothing is left to chance.

The real beauty of this arrangement of artificial tropical plants is in the eye of the beholder. The perfection of each flower and the imagination that has gone into the design make this an investment piece. The flowers are near lifelike and the entire arrangement captivates those who even just glance at it. And then, just because these fake tropical flowers can they fool admirers into believing they are real. The last laugh is always with the flowers.

Because this arrangement of beautiful flowers and plants is artificial, it has an advantage over real flowers. Real flowers may hold their colour for a week or two but soon begin to wilt and fade away. These amazing flowers that look so real will last forever and maybe longer. A routine of basic maintenance and management will ensure these flowers bloom perfectly bright for a lifetime.

It is the fact that these flowers last forever that makes them more than just a display of flowers. This tropical masterpiece becomes and investment delivers a return in smiles and enjoyment every day it is on display.

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