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Veronica in Cream Tin Jug

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Veronica is one of favorite simple flowers and this very ordinary arrangement of purple silk flowers is one of my all-time favorites.  From the outset, when someone mentions silk flowers with an arrangement like this, people think of fake purple flowers.  There is very little fake in this arrangement at all and that is what makes it so appealing.

I love the unusual planter, in the case a cream tin jug, as this creates character from the artificial lavender flowersVeronica in Cream Tin Jug. The beauty of this arrangement, I believe, lays in the absolute simplicity of it. The arrangement of the fake purple flowers is so real that it looks as if the flowers were picked only a few moments ago. Placing them in the jug adds something to the charm as it could easily be that some child has picked the flowers for her mother.  Somewhere in this wonderful display of artificial lavender flowers, there is a story for everyone.

For everyone there is a story in every flower or every flower arrangement. The story that is behind it almost hides the story, in this case, of how the plum silk flowers were made.  Yes, there is a story about how these flowers were made and the story is what gives this and every Demmerys arrangement its realism.

Having spent many years manufacturing silk and artificial flowers for individuals and companies, I like to think we know flowers. It has taken time to learn the art and get things perfect every time to produce lifelike flowers such as artificial lavender.

Every flower starts off in the same way, no matter if it is a Rose or a Protea. From the beginning only the very best materials are selected, second best or anything close to mediocre will not do.  Once the very best materials have been selected, stems, leave, petals, foliage and even planters, work begins. With countless hours of experience that improves with practice the flowers that you see are handmade to mimic nature. It takes time to weave, bend and stick all the components together to create a flower that fools almost everyone.  Time, patience, creativity and the very best materials are what make my flowers stand out.

Because the very best materials are used, even in this simple display the lifespan of the flowers increases. For day after day, year after year the flowers look and feel fresh. In achieving this any display becomes an investment piece.

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