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Welcome to Demmerys

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
Welcome to Demmerys


Say “goodbye” to wilted wisterias and drooping daffodils and say “hello” to our new silk flowers, as well as our brand new website

Things have been happening over here at Demmerys. Good things. Excellent things in fact. Over the last couple of years we have expanded and new faces have joined – adding a new range of diversity and skills to the company.

So we thought it was about time we had a revamp, an upgrade as we felt that our expanding team and most importantly, our clients and partners, deserved it.


So What’s New?

Well, apart from the very obvious fact that we have a completely new website, which is absolutely beautiful (if I do say so myself) there is also a whole set of new features that will make your experience with us that much better.

We have a range of exciting new options for our customers, from artificial flower arrangements, artificial orchids to trees, shrubs and pretty much everything in between. Our skilled silk artists truly love what they do, and you can certainly see this in the beautiful craftsmanship that flows from our flowers. Each one is unique and tailored to your needs.

Payment options have grown and we now accept PayPal along with MasterCard and VISA, Worldpay if you prefer and we deliver for absolutely free within the UK.

Deliveries can take between three and five working days on most orders, but we make a special effort when it comes to funeral arrangements. We know that clients going through a time like this are grieving and we try to ease the burden somewhat by ensuring next day dispatch, so that the flowers reach their destination well on time.

One of our newest features is the “view in a room” option. This handy addition allows you to upload a picture of your living room, kitchen, lounge, venue space or anywhere else that you intend on placing your artificial flowers.

You can then place your flowers wherever you want them and see exactly what they are going to look like. This allows you to find the best spot to show off your incredible silky flowers in your home or venue.

Once you use this feature, you will know exactly where they should go, without having to spend a penny.

Why artificial flowers?

Flowers play a huge role in our lives. Weddings, funerals and birthdays are all celebrated with beautiful floral decorations. We give our family, friends and partners flowers to make them feel loved, cheer them up when they are sick, to celebrate or simply to let them know that they are on our minds.

There’s no doubt that flowers are absolutely essential. However, when you choose fresh flowers, a few days will pass and they’ll start to wilt, die and more often than not, they’ll start to smell.

Our silk artificial flowers are not just incredibly beautiful, but they are entirely lifelike and they require almost no upkeep. They will keep your room bright and happy, and they will only require a slight dusting every now and then.

There is none of the challenging tasks involved that would come with trying to keep fresh flowers alive for as long as possible. And the best thing? You have something to keep forever to remind you of the loved one who thought you needed them. A great reminder of those that are nearest and dearest to you.

From artificial flower arrangements, artificial orchids, artificial hanging baskets, artificial wedding flowers or artificial funeral tributes – we have something for every occasion and we can 100% guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Feel free to browse our extensive online catalogue and call when you are ready. Our skilled and passionate artists are on hand and would absolutely love to give you advice and ideas to help you get the perfect arrangement.

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