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White Calla Lilies in Glass Vase

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
White Calla Lilies in Glass Vase

Lilies are full of splendour and grace and when I make my artificial lilies, I slow down and treat them with respect.  An artificial calla Lily, made from high quality materials takes on a life of its own. When made, one almost feels the life flow from the stem as it takes shape.

One Lilly alone is sufficient for most people, but a handful of lilies in a glass vase look so magnificent. So magnificent that tears form when smiles beam. There is always a feeling of absolute joy and contentment in making artificial lilies surpassing simple yet elegant display of perfect White Calla Lilly flowers in a glass jar.

This gorgeous display of lilies in a glass vase makes a very welcome gift, one cherished as an investment unlike any other. So perfectly made, one can be easily forgiven for holding them close hoping for even the faintest glimmer of fragrance. However, the beauty of these artificial lilies soon wins over the holder.  Eventually, the mystery of something that looks so real but is not overpowers all emotions.

These delicate and peaceful flowers look so lifelike that one would assume they would wilt and die because they are real. However, these are artificial lillies, something even I struggle to accept, and with careful, basic maintenance, they will retain their glory for more than just one lifetime.  It seems impossible that even in a years’ time these flowers will look as fresh and live lilies plucked only yesterday.

With artificial flowers, it is about creating the illusion of reality and just having an artificial calla lily that looks real is not quite enough. To add to the illusion, making people want to smell the flowers, one needs to add a touch of creative magic. With these lilies, this has been done to perfection. Look carefully, you will see the vase holding the lilies has water in it. Look again, this time move closer. You will see this amazing display has fooled you once again. The flowers are not in cool, refreshing water but set in realistic resin. If you love lilies then this is the arrangement for you and it will be an investment you enjoy for many years to come.

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