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White Lilies in Tall Glass Vase

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At my best friend’s wedding, she insisted she have lilies. I was a little shocked as lilies I always associated with funerals. When I saw the simple displays, I soon saw why she wanted lilies and I saw the real beauty. This is very much the inspiration behind this display of faux lilies.

These artificial white lilies in a simple glass vase resemble the handful of displays at the wedding some years back. They epitomise love and symbolise everything about life itself.  In their own way, these stunning faux lilies are alive and I suppose it is this that makes me see them do differently.White Lilies in Tall Glass Vase

These flowers, just like any of the arrangements in the Demmerys collection would be perfect for a wedding. With the inspiration behind these being a wedding, I fully believe that artificial white lilies like these really could look amazing at a wedding. Their class and elegance is just spectacular.

Placed in what looks like a vase containing water, the realism in these faux lilies fools many people. This lifelike look and feel is what Demmerys strives for and there is no secret to how it is achieved. Each component of any arrangement my team and I make is made from only best materials. Even the vase has been carefully selected for quality. Each petal, each leaf and each stem are made from the finest silk to produce artificial lilies that look more lifelike than the real thing.

It is also how the faux lilies are made that makes these so special. Something like this cannot be made in a hurry and thus my team of flower makers take time to create an arrangement like this. Making sure every flower looks more lifelike than the real thing and then arranging them perfectly. Nothing is overlooked, as even artificial white lilies have to look more than perfect as they do in real life.

It is the elegance, grace and the knowing how much time and effort that has gone into these faux lilies that makes them special. The sheer quality of the artificial lilies makes them an investment piece that oozes delight. And this delight they give has the added value of lasting forever.

With simple maintenance these flowers can and will last a lifetime. Because of this I often wonder if my friend ever considered faux lilies for her wedding to keep the memory alive for longer.

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