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White Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl

Posted by Sharon Demmery on
White Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl

White artificial orchids are one of my favourite flowers because they are so versatile and so distinctive. There is no such thing as fake orchids as even artificial orchids have something almost mystical about them, they ooze quality and they flow with life, perhaps more than any other white artificial flowers.


The beauty about working with artificial flowers is that one can be so much more creative in how they are displayed there is nothing more spectacular than a display of artificial orchids in pots. Any artificial orchids in pots look fantastic but with some creative thinking, it is not difficult to create something that turns fake orchids into to something that breathes life into any space.

This White Artificial Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl arrangement combines orchids with lotus pods, dianthus, tea tree and moss and presents the beautiful white artificial flowers in a stunning copper bowl making a amazing luxury artificial orchid display.

At first glance, it is very easy to be fooled by this stunning arrangement and only once up very close can one tell that the flowers are not real. However, the fact that white artificial flowers are used does  not leave anyone disappointed if anything it is a pleasant surprise.  By personally selecting the perfect materials to make the most exquisite white artificial orchids and other components of the arrangement, the end result is a masterpiece in flower arrangement.

Naturally growing orchids have a certain quality about them and when planted and tended well they become an investment in any garden not so much adding value but quality.  A luxury artificial orchid display such as this, using artificial orchids in pots, becomes an equal investment, one that will last and one that will never fade requiring little maintenance.

The quality of materials used and the passion and patience that goes into making each petal, each leaf and each totally natural looking stem is where the value and subsequently the investment lies.  Even the pots used to display the artificial orchids and other flowers are carefully chosen from the best manufacturers as these are an important part of the end products.

Even when it comes to artificial flowers, it is easy to joke about faking it and producing something that confuses anyone who catches a glimpse of these fake orchids, but that would not be quite true. There is no faking it when it comes to producing first class, creative and truly spectacular artificial flower arrangements.

White artificial orchids, when made with the best materials in the right hands, will never look fake, and when given as a gift or purchased to brighten up your home or office fake is never a word you will use. In fact, and I will tell you a secret, many people will never actually believe you when you tell them these White Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl are not real and they will automatically go and sniff and see only to blush when the truth is known.

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