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White Orchids in Black Round Planter

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I am a sucker for beautiful things and this arrangement of silk orchids is right up there on my list of these things.  The crazy thing is that I know these are plastic orchids but it still does not stop me loving them less.

This is it with a Demmerys production such as this display of white silk orchids. They look so lifelike, so real and I cannot get enough of it. So what if I know they are plastic orchidsWhite Orchids in Black Round planter, this display is still stunning and beautiful. If I walked into your home or office and saw this, I would fall in love with it all over again.

Orchids, even plastic orchids are way up there on my like list, if this was on Facebook not even the “love” icon would say how much I adore orchids.  This arrangement is one of those I cannot define and if I feel this way so will you.

This entire arrangement of silk orchids starts out like any other Demmerys arrangement and it is because of this that I love it so much. Every soft white petal, every fresh green stem and every deep green leaf is made from the best flower making materials.  Only the very best will do to ensure this orchid does not look like a display of plastic orchids and that is the Demmerys promise.

Some of the best flower makers I know craft these top quality materials into lifelike flowers. These geniuses know how to make plastic orchids look like the real thing. With many years’ experience in working with artificial flowers every member of the team finds something g very special in silk orchids. Every part of the flower arrangement is carefully produced to look not just good but beautiful.

Once crafted this stunning display of silk flowers will retain its fresh and bright looks for years to come. This is the beauty of these really being nothing more than plastic orchids. The fact that this plant is not real guarantees it a long and joyful life. Throughout its life it will become an investment and over the days, months and years its beauty will make many people very happy. I for one will always think it is beautiful and if I do, I know you will too.

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