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Myth-busting Silk Flowers

flowers for licensed premises

Myth-busting Silk Flowers Man-made floral decorations have had a lot of pretty negative things said about them over the years. People have many preconceived ideas about flowers that are not real and some of these can be exposed as totally false. Here are a handful of things that people say about silk flowers that we […]

Flowers Flowers everywhere… which ones shall I choose?

510×600 – 1 (129)

Flowers Flowers everywhere… which ones shall I choose? At Demmerys we have the widest selection of silk flowers and it is, unsurprisingly difficult to choose the right ones. Because our flowers are very permanent customers also need to choose carefully as what they are buying will last a long time. To help our customers choose […]

Sharon Demmery’s Tips for taking care of silk flowers

how to clean artificial flowers

Sharon Demmery’s Tips for taking care of silk flowers The floral décor solutions from Demmerys are easily the most realist flowers available online in the UK. Produced from the highest quality materials and designed to last a long time they can look as fresh as daisies (excuse the pun) for many years to come if […]

Tropical Artificial Flowers in a Tall Black Vase

Tropical Artificial Flowers in Black Vase

My husband and kids know two things about me when it comes to my flowers. One I love luxury artificial flower arrangements, that is a no-brainer. Two I am a sucker for luxury artificial flowers. When it comes to my two likes in life, about what I do and what Demmerys does best this is […]

Red Hydrangea Arrangements

Artificial Hydrangea

Hydrangeas bring back many happy memories for me and my silk hydrangea arrangements evoke many. Whether I see real or artificial hydrangea I cannot help think of my teenage years. I recall heading out on summer’s evenings and walking down a lane. At the end of the lane was a house with a superb garden […]

Floor Standing Orchid Display

Floor standing orchid display

I remember walking into a factory where my uncle once worked and noted that the place was brightened up by many artificial flowers and plants.  Now as one of the leading suppliers of artificial flowers in the UK, I use that memory to help me provide artificial flowers and plants to places such as factories. […]

Artificial White Orchids

Artificial Pink & White Orchids in Silver Shell

I remember the day my husband and I visited some country house owned by some lord and lady something or other. It was a typical British summer’s day, raining, cold and wet.  The house was pretty cold too but one thing caught my eye and that was the faux flowers they used to try and […]

Veronica in Cream Tin Jug

Veronica in Cream Tin Jug

Veronica is one of favorite simple flowers and this very ordinary arrangement of purple silk flowers is one of my all-time favorites.  From the outset, when someone mentions silk flowers with an arrangement like this, people think of fake purple flowers.  There is very little fake in this arrangement at all and that is what […]

Tropical Flowers in Square planter 75cm

Tropical Flowers in square planter 75cm

I love this display of exotic artificial flowers.  It is one of my most impressive yet simple arrangements that while using tropical silk flowers are so very lifelike. To me this has one of the most comprehensive varieties of artificial tropical plants and it really works. Any exotic artificial flowers send me into a dream world […]

Tropical Flowers in Moscow Ball Planter

Tropical Flowers in Moscow Ball Planter

For tropical silk flower arrangements, one needs to be more than a little creative. This imaginative arrangement of tropical flowers is one that is very creative indeed.  I adore this fun arrangement because it is clean, tidy and has just enough tropical colours to make me feel good. The use of a large Moscow ball […]

Tall Black Planter with Yellow Bromeliad

Tall Artificial Flower Arrangement

Yellow and black have always gone well together and this tall flower arrangement proves the point.   Yellow Bromeliad are among the brightest yellow flowers on earth and these yellow artificial flowers are very bright. It is the brightness of the yellow and the high gloss of the square black planter than really makes me go […]

Pink Rose Mix Metal Jug

Pink Rose Mix Metal Jug

Roses will always be one of my favourite flowers, even fake roses. I don’t mind what colour my roses are they could be fake white roses, fake red roses I just love them.  I think there is something quintessentially romantic about roses. The artificial pink roses that form part of the this simple display sum […]

Pink Hydrangeas in Black Glass Fishbowl Vase

Pink Hydrangeas in Black Glass Fishbowl Vase

I have always loved Hydrangeas, ever since my childhood when my neighbor grew them in his garden. I was fascinated by the bushes and the wonderful flowers, was it a shrub of was it a flower I never really knew. In my mind, it was a flower, and this explains why this display of artificial […]

Pink Dog-tail Grass in Metal Tin

Pink Dogtail Grass in Metal Tin

There is always something fascinating about grass as an indoor plant. This Pink Dogtail Grass is part of my collection of silk indoor plants and is even more fascinating for me. In its aged metal tin, it reminds me of something from my childhood that has been captured for eternity. I suppose that is what […]

Orange Daisy Mix In Black Jar

Orange Daisy Mix in Black Vase

I love fresh, bright and colourful flowers. I don’t think there are many brighter, more cheerful displays in my collection than the artificial daisies. These fake daisies look so real but it is the mix of colours I love so much. But, what lies underneath these amazing fake daisy flower? I like to believe that […]

Mint Plants in Copper Pots

Mint Plants in Copper Pots

No matter where you choose to display this very creative display of artificial greenery the net effect will always be the same.  These mint plants are the ideal artificial garden plants to create focus or distract the eye. Superbly designed these Mint plants in copper pots have an elegance all of their own that can […]

Lavender Plants in Aged Pots

Lavender Plants in Aged Pots

  I adore this wonderfully rustic set of artificial lavender in pots.  There is something about lavender, even artificial lavender flowers, that puts a smile on my face.  I suppose it is the dreamer in me, and that old rhyme that sticks with me. Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, lavender’s green, When I am king, dilly […]

Hellebore in Glass Vase

Hellebores in glass vase

My aunt had a thing for dark red hellebore, it is a less common flower and this arrangement of artificial hellebore looks amazing.  The arrangement is not cluttered, just like my aunt always liked things. This display of silk hellebore really has no clutter at all and the greens of leaves just work so well […]

Grass in Moscow Black Ball Planter

Grass in Moscow Black Ball Planter

This rather simple yet almost sophisticated of all silk plants is something I like. It is not like the stereotypical artificial plants that look like plastic plants. This Moscow Ball full of grass is so real you feel as if you need to water it and trim it. Grass to me, even grass as silk […]

Fuchsia Orchid Pedestal & Vase Display

Corporate Hire

This is what I like to call one of my Grand masterpieces. Flowers on their own command respect and when one places flowers on a Pedestal magic that respect is elevated. At Demmerys, we make the finest silk and artificial flowers and this arrangement is something special These stunning artificial fuchsia pink orchids are the […]

White Orchids in Black Round Planter

White Orchids in Black Round planter

I am a sucker for beautiful things and this arrangement of silk orchids is right up there on my list of these things.  The crazy thing is that I know these are plastic orchids but it still does not stop me loving them less. This is it with a Demmerys production such as this display […]

Buttercups in a Vintage Glass Milk Bottle

Buttercups in a Vintage Glass Milk Bottle

  As a little girl I loved Buttercups and these artificial buttercups bring back so many happy memories.  Arranged in a vintage milk bottle these yellow artificial flowers somehow transport me back to a time gone by. Surely all flowers, artificial or real should evoke a memory or trigger something that makes us smile. These […]

White Lilies in Tall Glass Vase

White Lilies in Tall Glass Vase

  At my best friend’s wedding, she insisted she have lilies. I was a little shocked as lilies I always associated with funerals. When I saw the simple displays, I soon saw why she wanted lilies and I saw the real beauty. This is very much the inspiration behind this display of faux lilies. These […]

Terracotta Jug with Lavender

Terracotta jug with lavender

On my travels, I have often seen terracotta pots used with real flowers. There is something very Mediterranean about them and this pot with its silk lavender arrangement brings back memories. This pot may hold artificial lavender but it all looks so real.  The pot looks amazing on its own and the silk lavender just […]

Silver Bamburgh Shell Vase with Grass

Silver Bamburgh Shell Vase with Grass

  I have a classy side to my life, I love glitzy stuff, shiny stuff and I love the smell of my lawns being mowed.  I don’t live in a palace, I may be married to my prince charming but we don’t live in a palace. However this amazing artificial grass plant in its silver […]

Artificial White Casablanca Lily Arrangement

Artificial White Lily arrangement Black Fishbowl

Of any flower arrangements, this display of luxury artificial flowers is perhaps the most luxurious.  The faux flowers and artificial lilies make this one of the finest acquisitions anyone could make. This is not your ordinary artificial flower arrangement… this is something remarkable. I love the fishbowl vase that creates the perfect setting for this […]

Large Artificial Tropical Arrangement With Ashby Banksia

Artificial Tropical Flowers

Ashby Banksia?  Who is she? Corny I know, but many people ask or joke when they see this large artificial flower display. It is stunning and like all large silk flower arrangements, it is quite spectacular. Ashby Banksia is the bottlebrush-like flower that is useful in many artificial flower displays.  The plant provides colour and […]

White Calla Lilies in Glass Vase

White Calla Lilies in Vase

Lilies are full of splendour and grace and when I make my artificial lilies, I slow down and treat them with respect.  An artificial calla Lily, made from high quality materials takes on a life of its own. When made, one almost feels the life flow from the stem as it takes shape. One Lilly […]

Tropical Flowers in Black V Planter 75cm

Tropical Arrangement in V shape planter 75cm

This tropical display of luxury artificial flowers is bright, cheerful and above all an investment. Produced from the highest quality flowers the display is not the sort of arrangement you will find in your average supermarket, and is in some ways, quite hard to find.  It is no wonder that many people ask each other […]

White Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl

White Orchids in Copper Bowl

White artificial orchids are one of my favourite flowers because they are so versatile and so distinctive. There is no such thing as fake orchids as even artificial orchids have something almost mystical about them, they ooze quality and they flow with life, perhaps more than any other white artificial flowers. The beauty about working […]

Not Just Silk Flowers

Sweetpeas in Ceramic Jug

Ferns are among the oldest living plants on earth. Fossils show them dating back millions of years and they have changed very little, if at all over time. There is something very earthy, very natural and very unique about ferns and they make the most amazing of artificial flower arrangements. Silk ferns may not seem […]

Real men buy fake!

Orange Daisy Mix in Black Vase

Are you a real man? Yes, then when you buy something for the one you love you really must buy fake. No, don’t look at me with that puzzled look. I am not talking Rolex or Cartier watches and certainly not talking about Louis Vuitton handbags, no your better half or one you love will […]

Flowers In Your Workplace

artificial flowers corporate to hire Orchids

Does your office need some colour? Are you spending a fortune on real flowers? Do you want to save money without sacrificing the beauty of real flowers? Every office needs a little colour, from an open plan office where each desk becomes a home from home to the executive boardroom and of course the reception […]

Flowers in the Rain

Artificial White Orchids in rose gold champagne cooler

Have you ever looked out of the window on a grey and gloomy rainy day and just felt a little miserable? We all love sunshine but we know we need the rain, but rain is often just that bit more gloomy than sunshine and we don’t all like it as much. But what can you […]

4 Best Artificial Tropical Flowers

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Artificial tropical flowers are some of the best alternatives if you are thinking to make your home decor more vibrant and lively. Not only are these artificial flowers available in different colours but they also fall under the category of full bloom flowers which makes them ideal for different types of decoration needs.   If […]

4 Tips for Decorating Your Office With Artificial Flowers

artificial flower arrangements

Artificial Flower Arrangements Your office doesn’t need to look boring and lifeless just because you want it to look professional. The best way to bring in some positive vibe in your office is by adding professionally designed artificial flower arrangements. To give you an idea of where all you can incorporate these artificial flowers in […]

4 Reasons Why Your House Needs Artificial Allium Flowers

Artificial Allium

Artificial Allium Flowers Most of us have to worry about different flower seasons to keep track of what needs to be planted next. But the easiest way to deal with this is by considering artificial allium flowers for your house. Here are some of the many reasons why you should opt for artificial allium flowers: […]

Four Artificial Flower Arrangements For Your Home

Artificial Orchids in Vase

Classic Artificial Flowers   Decorating our homes with beautiful flowers is something that all of us want. But most of us struggle with maintaining fresh flowers. After all, replacing real flowers every week can prove to be really expensive in the long run. That is why using artificial flower arrangements for your home is the […]

How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements For Weddings

Artificial wedding flowers

Artificial Wedding Flowers     Any wedding is incomplete without flower arrangements. But the biggest struggle has to be deciding which flowers to choose and how to create an arrangement with them. The easiest way to get around with this time-consuming process is by opting for artificial wedding flowers that don’t just look realistic but […]

How to Make Silk Flower Arrangements in a Vase


Artificial silk flower arrangements   Stunning and easy to maintain, silk flower arrangements are quite popular all around the world. In case you are new to the concept, silk flowers are technically artificial flowers which you can use instead of the real ones to make your flower arrangements look fresher and brighter for a long […]

  Luxury Artificial Flowers for Interior Design Projects


Choosing artificial flowers for interior design projects has become massively popular in the last number of years. Interior designers and decorators have long used flowers to add the perfect finishing touch to a design project before the big unveil but that initial impact can lose its appeal once fresh flowers begin to wilt. This is why fresh […]

Make your Mum Happy this Mother’s Day with Flowers that Last Forever


Mother’s Day will be soon upon us and there isn’t a more perfect opportunity to say a very special thank you to the person who has given you so much throughout your life. And, when it comes to showing your appreciation and love for your mum, nothing says it better than flowers. That said; while a beautiful fresh […]

How to Clean Artificial Flowers


One of the main advantages that artificial flowers have over fresh flowers is their longevity, but one must know how to clean artificial flowers to extend the life of their arrangements. To ensure that your artificial flower arrangement lasts for many years, you’ll need to dedicate a small amount of time to some cleaning and maintenance every so often. […]

Professionally Designed Artificial Flower Arrangements


Artificial Flower Arrangements Are you looking for a way to instantly brighten up a space in your home? If so, your beautiful vases no longer have to serve as a standalone ornament as they’re going to help enhance the space that’s looking bland and boring. And because fresh flowers never last and constantly need to […]

Welcome to

At Work

Say “goodbye” to wilted wisterias and drooping daffodils and say “hello” to our new silk flowers, as well as our brand new website Things have been happening over here at Artificial Flowers. Good things. Excellent things in fact. Over the last couple of years we have expanded and new faces have joined – adding […]

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