Artificial Flowers New York

Artificial White Orchids In Silver Jagged Edge Vase

New York, New York so good they named it twice. At Demmerys, we have recently taken our artificial flowers to New York and maybe it now needs to be named three times. When asked to add some colour and style to an upmarket New York apartment with our range of outstanding floral décor we pulled out all the stops.

Artificial Premium Orchids in Silver Vase

Adding a little charm and colour to any home is something that the handmade flower arrangements from Demmerys do with absolute ease and when asked to decorate a New York apartment it was a challenge too good to be true. New York is known as a city where style and functionality blend into one and our superb silk flowers are exactly that.  It could well be said that the floral décor solutions from Demmerys are made with New Yorkers in mind.

Being asked to provide the perfect floral décor for any home is always an honour and when asked to decorate a New York apartment Demmerys took it seriously. Liaising with the owner of the apartment we were first shown images of the rooms and given a virtual guided tour. Once we had an idea of the space we began to ask about flowers, colours and of course design. Providing the right flowers for any space is not just about supplying flowers, there is a lot more to it.

We needed to have an idea of what the owner of the New York apartment liked and wanted to understand what the objective of the flowers was. Floral décor solutions from Demmerys are so much more than just flowers and we can supply flowers that look entirely natural or something  a little  more extreme. In many ways, our flower arrangements are very much functional art.

Having discussed the requirements, the Demmerys team began putting some ideas together. We played with colours and took the function and form of each arrangement into careful consideration. If was very clear that some of the rooms needed flowers that made a statement and here our silk orchids hit the spot. Other rooms needed something a lot more subtle yet at the same time classy and some of our grasses and plants found a space. Smaller arrangements   such as our hydrangea flowers and some artificial lavender were proven to work wonders. All in all, Demmerys found a good balance to provide the ideal floral décor solution for this apartment.

Of course, one of the top reasons for choosing artificial flowers was to save on maintenance time and our flower arrangements do just that. However, another consideration was that the arrangements provided had to stand the test of time. Not only did the flowers have to remain fresh and lifelike, the design of the arrangement needed to remain stylish or at least contemporary.  The final solution delivered found the perfect balance and today this rather normal New York Apartment has a superb upmarket appeal and personality thanks to some amazing, very lifelike flowers.

Myth-busting Silk Flowers

flowers for licensed premises

Myth-busting Silk Flowers

Man-made floral decorations have had a lot of pretty negative things said about them over the years. People have many preconceived ideas about flowers that are not real and some of these can be exposed as totally false. Here are a handful of things that people say about silk flowers that we can now expose the truth about.
Silk Flowers are dust magnets.

This is an absolute myth. Floral décor needs to change from time to time; the old fashioned idea of a silk flower arrangement sitting on a shelf for years on end is no more. Today, the trend is to alternate floral decorations and have a choice of displays, not just to avoid dust but also to keep a space fresh and cheerful. Many people invest in a number of flower arrangements that are used at different times of the year.

Silk Flowers are a mission to clean ?

This again is total nonsense. Silk flower arrangements are not only easy to clean but in their own way are therapeutic to clean. The most basic cleaning merely requires the use of a damp cloth to wipe over the plants and it takes only a few minutes each week. Another trick, one that Sharon Demmery from Demmerys loves is to blow the flowers clean with a for licensed premises

Silk Flowers are expensive?

This is actually true, but you pay for what you get. High quality floral decorations such as the flowers produced by Demmerys vary in price and for the higher end, luxury displays one does pay a little bit more. Quality is something that is often forgotten about today and choosing high quality floral décor made from the best materials is actually an investment. Remember silk flowers will last much longer than fresh flowers and thus the price pay rewards you for much longer, many years longer in fact.

My gran had silk flowers, they are old fashioned?

This is something that is debatable. Everyone has their own taste in flowers and how they are arranged and displayed. Modern day floral designs are far from old fashioned and many of the arrangements are real works of art. Sure, some people want something a little more traditional or cottagey but silk flowers today can be amazing décor items for domestic or commercial use. The vase and the flowers used can make what seems like something that is old-fashioned come to life for the modern age.

But, they are not fresh!

Of course, silk flowers are not fresh but they are remarkably lifelike and realistic. Fresh flowers look good, there is no denying it but replacing them every 10 days or so becomes expensive. Fresh flowers are great for a special occasion, but they soon droop, wilt and die and the joy they bring is short-lived and that is sad. Silk flowers remain looking fresh and alive for years to come and bring long-term happiness and joy wherever they are used.
Silk flower arrangements make superb investment pieces and it is well worth having a closer look at them for when you next need to use flowers for something.

Flowers Flowers everywhere… which ones shall I choose?

510×600 – 1 (129)

Flowers Flowers everywhere… which ones shall I choose?

At Demmerys we have the widest selection of silk flowers and it is, unsurprisingly difficult to choose the right ones. Because our flowers are very permanent customers also need to choose carefully as what they are buying will last a long time.

To help our customers choose the best floral décor from the Demmerys collection here is a simple guide, five things to remember when buying floral decoration.

  1. Colour

The first thing and nearly always the most important question to ask is “what is your favourite colour?” The colour is the most visible part of the flower and it is what attracts you most. Choosing the right colour makes every other aspect of choosing the ideal floral display that much easier. Choose a colour you love or if purchased as a gift a colour the person loves and you will not go wrong

  1. What flowers are liked or disliked?

Once the colour choice is settled the next thing is the actual flower. At Demmerys, we produce everything from Lilies to Roses as well as grasses and plants. People all have differing opinions about flowers, finding knowing what silk flower are liked or not makes a massive difference in what floral arrangement you purchase. Sometimes one does not know what a person likes or dislikes and safer options need to be considered one of the best must surely be silk peonies.

  1. Style

Once you have an idea of flower colour and type you can begin to start thinking about the flower arrangement itself. There is a variety of styles of silk flower arrangements from modern chic to contemporary, from bold to subtle.  Must the style be exotic and tropical or must it be more English country garden?  Do you want the flower arrangement be creative and daring or do you want a more natural look? At Demmerys, the creative team can produce exactly what you want from a floral design.

  1. Planter

The next part to consider is what the flower arrangement will be arranged in. With silk flower arrangements from Demmerys, there is such a variety or pots, vases and planters that one is spoiled for choice. From simple glass vases to small china mugs all the way through to large, elegant vases or even silver shells the choice there. The planter or vase adds some of the real magic to the final floral design and choosing the right planter or vase can be the thing that makes or breaks everything.

  1. Where it will go

The final things to consider when purchasing your floral arrangement from Demmerys  is where you will display the flowers. Is the display going to be used in your home, an office or perhaps a car showroom or hotel? Where the display will end up is a priority question to ask. The place determines the size of the floral arrangement; it can even influence the colour, style and vase. Where the display will be used will certainly determine the size of the display, you do not want a floral arrangement that blocks the view of the TV when the big match is showing… the flowers will soon be moved by the man of the house.


If you consider these five points when purchasing any silk flower arrangement from Demmerys you will not go wrong and your purchase will soon become an investment you will never regret.


Sharon Demmery’s Tips for taking care of silk flowers

how to clean artificial flowers

Sharon Demmery’s Tips for taking care of silk flowers

The floral décor solutions from Demmerys are easily the most realist flowers available online in the UK. Produced from the highest quality materials and designed to last a long time they can look as fresh as daisies (excuse the pun) for many years to come if well looked after.

Keeping your floral décor looking fresh and alive is actually very easy and much of it common sense. Here are Sharon Demmery’s tips for taking care of your amazing flowers.

artificial flower care

Where you display the flowers

The first part about maintenance of your amazing floral décor is all about where you display your flowers. True, Demmerys do use the highest quality materials but like everything, they do not last forever, although they come close. Some materials have UV protection on them to slow down sun damage but the ideal way to take care of your silk flowers is not to place is direct sunlight all the time.  The sun can fade colours and it makes sense to make a prepare for a safe place to display your flowers.  You can always ask Demmerys about the best place to display your silk flowers because Demmerys are real people who make flowers that look real.

Give your silk flowers a break

Of course, at Demmerys, we want you to display our flowers all year round, however giving your floral display a break from making you happy helps maintain the flowers. Changing to another floral display in a different season or for an occasion makes a lot of sense and storing away your floral décor properly is essential. There is no rocket science to this and Sharon recommends a pillowcase as this is delicate, breathable and strong. Put the flowers away in a safe place in the pillow case and they will remain fresh for when it is there turn to shine again.

Cleaning the flowers

This is the most important part of taking care of your silk flower arrangement. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is often all that is needed to keep the arrangement looking fresh and alive. Try to steer clear of paper towels as they tend to not clean the plants well and can leave residue. Sharon’s top tip for cleaning her flower arrangements is to simply give a gentle blow from a hairdryer on cool to blow away the dust that settles. Making a weekly clean of the floral décor in your home or office is not only a wise idea but is remarkably therapeutic,  Sharon says that her Grandchildren actually enjoy it.

Silk flowers from Demmerys really are a great investment, they are extremely easy to look after and maintain. Provided you clean the plants regularly and take general good care you will have a lifetime of joy and happiness from any floral arrangement you invest in.

If you have any other tips for cleaning and looking after your silk flowers, why not let us know and leave a comment below.


Tropical Artificial Flowers in a Tall Black Vase

Tropical Artificial Flowers in Black Vase

My husband and kids know two things about me when it comes to my flowers. One I love luxury artificial flower arrangements, that is a no-brainer. Two I am a sucker for luxury artificial flowers.

When it comes to my two likes in life, about what I do and what Demmerys does best this is one of the best artificial flower arrangements of all. These tropical flowers to me are how I truly define artificial luxury flowers. I cannot lie because the bright cheerful colours and how they stand out in the amazing black planter just woo me. Everything looks so lifelike and even I want to give them water to keep them fresh.

At Demmerys, we make artificial flower arrangements that look more than lifelike. I have actually witnessed people watering my flowers because they are so real. I have people walk up to them, take a look over their shoulder and smell to see if they are real. All over the country, there must be CCTV footage of my luxury artificial flowers fooling innocent passers-by. I  love it and I suppose laughing at others is almost a perk of the job.

My luxury artificial flowers are made to perfection, just like all of the artificial flower arrangements Demmerys is well known for. We only produce the best and this almost one metre tall arrangement is one of the finer examples of what we do. My husband actually likes this one, he says it looks too beautiful and if he had an office he would buy this. That makes me feel good and at least I now know he is beginning to understand why I love artificial flower arrangements so much.

Everything about this arrangement s quality and as a display of luxury artificial flowers this has to have even more. High quality begins by sourcing the best materials. Over the years of producing the best artificial flower arrangements in the UK, Demmerys knows this well. Every petal and every stem, even the elegant black vase are top quality.

These materials are crafted by the best flower makers in the UK and these splendid tropical flowers take shape. The final result is a masterpiece and as someone who appreciates art it is no wonder why I love this arrangement. Above all, if I like this arrangement I know you will too… that is what Demmerys delivers!

Red Hydrangea Arrangements

Artificial Hydrangea

Hydrangeas bring back many happy memories for me and my silk hydrangea arrangements evoke many. Whether I see real or artificial hydrangea I cannot help think of my teenage years.

I recall heading out on summer’s evenings and walking down a lane. At the end of the lane was a house with a superb garden and n this garden were some red Hydrangea bushes. These flowers, to me were magical and in my mixed up teens managed to make me smile. Today my artificial hydrangea arrangements still make me smile. This impressive silk hydrangea with its red and black is very teenagey to me.

The blood red silk hydrangea in this arrangement is a deep and powerful flower that looks so lifelike. The pussy willow that complements the artificial hydrangea is something again from my teenage memories. Along the avenue to where the red hydrangea grew were a number of pussy willow trees that made the whole place feel peaceful. Just like the artificial hydrangea in this arrangement, the red flowers shone out amongst everything.

The silk hydrangea in this arrangement is strikingly realistic. The Colours are so vibrant and so dense the artificial hydrangea begs to be seen. The quality of this entire piece is strangely powerful and at almost a metre tall is deserves prominence wherever it is placed.

To produce a flower arrangement with silk hydrangea that look as real as these everything has to revolve around quality. Nothing but the best quality everything can make these silk hydrangea plants as lifelike as they are. This means no corners can be cut in the preparation of the materials to make the flowers.

At Demmerys, silk hydrangea look beyond lifelike because of the quality of the materials used.  The finest silk and the strongest wires make for formidable flowers. The give an added touch of realism to the artificial hydrangea the pussy willow branches are of equal quality.  The materials are the best of the best and this shows in the finished product.

To make this arrangement what it is the entire piece is hand crafted by the best flower makers in the UK. Placed in carefully selected vases and arranged artistically these silk hydrangea but a prized work of art that will grace any home or office. Because of the quality, this prized possession will deliver years of happiness and many smiles, and it all started with a teenage memory.

Floor Standing Orchid Display

Floor standing orchid display

I remember walking into a factory where my uncle once worked and noted that the place was brightened up by many artificial flowers and plants.  Now as one of the leading suppliers of artificial flowers in the UK, I use that memory to help me provide artificial flowers and plants to places such as factories.

As a supplier of Artificial Flowers in the UK I almost feel duty bound to cheer up some of the dreariest work places in the country. Some factories and many basement offices can become almost like prisons with their lack of colour and these artificial flowers and plants are a must. This Floor Standing Orchid Display is just one example.

Places of work, especially more industrial places need artificial flowers and plants that are easy to manage and maintain. However, unlike the flowers I recall from my uncle’s factory that this need not mean poor quality flowers. Demmerys has become known for superior quality artificial flowers in the UK. Our range of commercial artificial flowers and plants all match the same standards of quality as our luxury collections.

When it comes to artificial flowers and plants for the workplace, Demmerys insists on quality. The flowers we provide must be robust but they must still retain their elegance. This particular arrangement is one of the best examples of commercial artificial flowers in the UK that we provide. My Uncle’s factory would have loved something like this floor standing orchid display.

Only the very best materials are used in the production of all the artificial flowers and plants from Demmerys. Our commercial plants get the same treatment as any other. We choose the best silks and the strongest, most flexible wires from the best suppliers to make our plants.  We also consider the use of our artificial flowers across the UK and our commercial plants need added thought. In this case the plant needs to be tall, strong and noticeable.

The tall white planter selected for this stunning example has been chosen specifically for commercial use. It seems pointless to not make extra effort for commercial artificial flowers and plants and thus Demmerys make more effort.  If I was to walk into an office or even a factory reception I would sense the quality of this amazing display. I would know it is far better than the plastic flowers I saw years ago and would know instantly that it had been made by one of the best producers of artificial flowers in the UK.

Artificial White Orchids

Artificial Pink & White Orchids in Silver Shell

I remember the day my husband and I visited some country house owned by some lord and lady something or other. It was a typical British summer’s day, raining, cold and wet.  The house was pretty cold too but one thing caught my eye and that was the faux flowers they used to try and add some colour. The flowers used were not even luxury fake flowers they were just dusty plastic things.

In all the grandeur of the palatial home, among gold and silver and portraits of people who I never knew the flowers look dreadful. Some luxury fake flowers such as these orchids in their silver shell would have made the world of difference. Even decent faux flowers, well looked after that looked real would have helped. The fake-ness of the flowers is the lasting memory of the grand country home of the lord and lady I cannot remember. It is a pretty poor memory I know as the lord and lady probably tried really hard to make things look nice.

The memory of that day taught me a lot about my faux flowers, it also taught me the difference between fake flowers and luxury fake flowers. The truth is there should be no difference, if one aims for top quality as we do at Demmerys, perfection should always be the result. The luxury comes not from the perfect of the flowers but how they are arranged.

At Demmerys, we use the very best materials to manufacture the very best faux flowers by hand. Luxury fake flowers start out the same as any other flower. At Demmerys we set our quality standards higher than most, the best is where we start and it is not a destination but the place the starting pistol fires. It is at this point where faux flowers become luxury fake flowers.

Crafting each petal and stem by hand to make orchids that look so lifelike is part of the challenge but something we have perfected at Demmerys. However, no matter how lifelike the flowers are they are not quite luxury fake flowers yet. To add the touch of luxury one needs to elevate the faux flowers and this is done with this masterpiece through the use of an elegant silver planter.

I really think if that country home I visited years ago had had flowers like these from Demmerys I would remember whose home it was!

Veronica in Cream Tin Jug

Veronica in Cream Tin Jug

Veronica is one of favorite simple flowers and this very ordinary arrangement of purple silk flowers is one of my all-time favorites.  From the outset, when someone mentions silk flowers with an arrangement like this, people think of fake purple flowers.  There is very little fake in this arrangement at all and that is what makes it so appealing.

I love the unusual planter, in the case a cream tin jug, as this creates character from the artificial lavender flowersVeronica in Cream Tin Jug. The beauty of this arrangement, I believe, lays in the absolute simplicity of it. The arrangement of the fake purple flowers is so real that it looks as if the flowers were picked only a few moments ago. Placing them in the jug adds something to the charm as it could easily be that some child has picked the flowers for her mother.  Somewhere in this wonderful display of artificial lavender flowers, there is a story for everyone.

For everyone there is a story in every flower or every flower arrangement. The story that is behind it almost hides the story, in this case, of how the plum silk flowers were made.  Yes, there is a story about how these flowers were made and the story is what gives this and every Demmerys arrangement its realism.

Having spent many years manufacturing silk and artificial flowers for individuals and companies, I like to think we know flowers. It has taken time to learn the art and get things perfect every time to produce lifelike flowers such as artificial lavender.

Every flower starts off in the same way, no matter if it is a Rose or a Protea. From the beginning only the very best materials are selected, second best or anything close to mediocre will not do.  Once the very best materials have been selected, stems, leave, petals, foliage and even planters, work begins. With countless hours of experience that improves with practice the flowers that you see are handmade to mimic nature. It takes time to weave, bend and stick all the components together to create a flower that fools almost everyone.  Time, patience, creativity and the very best materials are what make my flowers stand out.

Because the very best materials are used, even in this simple display the lifespan of the flowers increases. For day after day, year after year the flowers look and feel fresh. In achieving this any display becomes an investment piece.

Tropical Flowers in Square planter 75cm

Tropical Flowers in square planter 75cm

I love this display of exotic artificial flowers.  It is one of my most impressive yet simple arrangements that while using tropical silk flowers are so very lifelike. To me this has one of the most comprehensive varieties of artificial tropical plants and it really works.

Any exotic artificial flowers send me into a dream world and there is a certain elegance about that quite tall display. The bright greens and the exotic and cheerful orange with just a hint of red make this display something special.   With an imaginative combination of Parrot’s Plantain, Anthurium, pin cushion protea and, my favourite, Birds of Paradise the arrangement is already impressive. Then placing these tropical silk flowers in among some palm foliage and moss with a cheeky inclusion of some real touch phalaenopsis orchids just lifts it.  Finally placing the entire arrangement of artificial tropical plants in an Tropical Flowers in square planter 75cmimpressive black gloss planter elevates everything majestically.

Every stem, leaf and petal within this display is painstakingly crafted from the highest quality materials. The materials are hand chosen to ensure the entire display becomes as lifelike as possible. Every flower and every plant follows the blueprint nature provided.  With a display of tropical silk flowers such as this elegant piece, nothing is left to chance.

The real beauty of this arrangement of artificial tropical plants is in the eye of the beholder. The perfection of each flower and the imagination that has gone into the design make this an investment piece. The flowers are near lifelike and the entire arrangement captivates those who even just glance at it. And then, just because these fake tropical flowers can they fool admirers into believing they are real. The last laugh is always with the flowers.

Because this arrangement of beautiful flowers and plants is artificial, it has an advantage over real flowers. Real flowers may hold their colour for a week or two but soon begin to wilt and fade away. These amazing flowers that look so real will last forever and maybe longer. A routine of basic maintenance and management will ensure these flowers bloom perfectly bright for a lifetime.

It is the fact that these flowers last forever that makes them more than just a display of flowers. This tropical masterpiece becomes and investment delivers a return in smiles and enjoyment every day it is on display.

Tropical Flowers in Moscow Ball Planter

Tropical Flowers in Moscow Ball Planter

For tropical silk flower arrangements, one needs to be more than a little creative. This imaginative arrangement of tropical flowersTropical Flowers in Moscow Ball Planter is one that is very creative indeed.  I adore this fun arrangement because it is clean, tidy and has just enough tropical colours to make me feel good.

The use of a large Moscow ball as the planter resonates with me; it is not your normal vase or planter at all. From the planter to the mix of tropical flowers contained in it has something about it that I cannot quite put my finger on. The high quality tropical flowers that include Guz mania, Anthurium, parrots plantain and pincushion proteas among others just make it so appealing.

The arrangement oozes charm and quality and breathes a gentle tropic breeze towards anyone who comes close. Like every Demmerys creation the end effect of this arrangement is sheer enjoyment.  Every petal looks so real and the whole display looks freshly watered.  It comes as no surprise that when anyone places this arrangement anywhere many people come and test it if is real or not.

The arrangement is so lifelike and it is no accident that this is so. Each element of this arrangement of tropical flowers is intentional. It has been handmade to look real and even, dare I say, fool people. Trust me, this arrangement will fool you, it is so lifelike.

The absolute real as life look comes from the very fact that every part of this arrangement is quality. From the outset, this arrangement had quality ingrained. The materials used in its production are of the very highest quality, second best or good enough won’t do. The materials chosen reflect the end result and to produce lifelike flowers like these cheap materials would end up looking cheap.

Using the finest flower making materials each flower, each plant and each tiny bit of detail is handcrafted to perfection. Once made, the flowers and plants are arranged and the finished product becomes a work of art. At Demmerys we don’t make flowers we make masterpieces.

This wonderful display of Tropical Flowers in Moscow Ball Planter is just one of the masterpieces produced. Made with love, this piece will last for a lifetime and with careful maintenance wll barely fade at all. Because of this, this arrangement becomes an investment that pays off with years and years of happiness.

Tall Black Planter with Yellow Bromeliad

Tall Artificial Flower Arrangement

Yellow and black have always gone well together and this tall flower arrangement proves the point.   Yellow BromeliadTall Black Planter with Bromeliad are among the brightest yellow flowers on earth and these yellow artificial flowers are very bright. It is the brightness of the yellow and the high gloss of the square black planter than really makes me go wild for this arrangement.

The arrangement is not one that perhaps takes pride of place on a dining or boardroom table because it is tall. (well, I suppose everyone has their taste so maybe you want to) However, because this is a tall flower arrangement that has some wonderful sharp lines it has its uses. As a corner plant or as something that acts almost like a signpost in a passage makes this a handy plant to own.

The first thing that anyone will notice is that this amazing arrangement is very lifelike.  You will also notice the absolute quality and attention to detail contained in the entire piece. At Demmerys we like to think of the flower arrangements we produce as investments not just flowers and we don’t cut quality anywhere.

This impressive arrangement starts out very much like every other Demmerys product, with high quality materials. Every element of this display is hand chosen for its quality and of course the right colours. Yes, we do from time to time experiment with new materials or improved materials but from experience we know what works. Having selected the very best materials that can turn man made materials into lifelike flowers the real work begins.

Our talented flower makers get to work. They have an idea in mind, sometimes what comes out is not always what the first idea was, and begin to weave their craft. Taking the time to craft every flower, every petal and every tiny feature each yellow artificial flower takes shape. Following a blueprint from nature only when the flower looks perfect does it become part of the arrangmement.

The great thing about using the highest quality materials is that the life of each arrangement is extended further. In this case, the materials are UV protected to ensure they do not fade. It is this long life, increased further still through simple maintenance, that creates the investment value in the piece.  From experience, I know this amazing arrangement will bring many years of happiness and smiles are what I always call the reward.

Pink Rose Mix Metal Jug

Pink Rose Mix Metal Jug

Roses will always be one of my favourite flowers, even fake roses. I don’t mind what colour my roses are they could be fake white roses, fake red roses I just love them.  I think there is something quintessentially romantic about roses. The artificial pink rosesPink Rose Mix Metal Jug that form part of the this simple display sum it up.

One could be forgiven for believing these fake roses are real. I admit that have to get up close and find out the truth. I can sense the smell of roses but cannot smell it, these flowers trigger my senses. However, when up close I get to feel the story of these really beautiful artificial pink roses.  I know how they have been carefully made by highly experienced flower makers. I appreciate the time taken to choose only the highest quality materials. This is something that, to me, fills my heart with joy.

But it is more than that. I know there are fake white roses in the setting, and I do not care. The mix flowers sat in the ornate metal  jug is truly wonderful. The entire arrangement is a masterpiece that feels as if it is so real. I cannot describe how much I love this piece.

It goes beyond that. Because this display contains fake roses, I know that unlike real roses it will survive. I know that this display can be placed anywhere and it will bring a hint of the garden into wherever it is placed. Such is the adorable beauty in this piece. Whoever ends up owning it will find so much love and joy in it. That is the whole thing, this display, like all my arrangements is designed to make people happy.

Happiness is the reward from any flower or flower arrangement given with love. Because the happiness flows, this display becomes something to cherish, an investment.  Through simple, basic and regular maintenance, little more than a wipe, this investment will last a lifetime.  The bunch of flowers becomes more than just a bunch of flowers stuffed into a jug. Over time, this wonderful work of art will provide more memories than anything else you own … trust me I know.

Pink Hydrangeas in Black Glass Fishbowl Vase

Pink Hydrangeas in Black Glass Fishbowl Vase

I have always loved Hydrangeas, ever since my childhood when my neighbor grew them in his garden. I was fascinated by the bushes and the wonderful flowers, was it a shrub of was it a flower I never really knew. In my mind, it was a flower, and this explains why this display of artificial pink hydrangea is special.

Arranged in a black fishbowl vase, this bubble of artificial hydrangeasPink Hydrangeas in Black Glass Fishbowl Vase is set as my old neighbour used to arrange his flowers for his wife. The memory of how these simple flowers made a loved one smile has never left me and thanks to this arrangement, the memory never will.

I have to be honest, artificial pink hydrangeas are an unusual flower to have in any arrangement. There is a fine line between enjoying hydrangeas on the bush than in a vase. However it makes no difference to me and I simply love the look of my artificial hydrangeas, it makes me happy.  Happiness is the main objective with everything I make at Demmerys and my team know it.

To me it doesn’t matter that these are artificial hydrangeas either. The flowers are so lifelike and soft they might as well be real flowers. It is not uncommon for many to have a closer look at these artificial pink hydrangeas just to see if they are real or not. The fact they are not real though, it seems does not make the slightest bit of difference. It does seem that my old neighbor was right and hydrangeas are simply very pretty and look great on display.

These artificial hydrangeas look so realistic and many ask how Demmerys manages this with every arrangement.  The secret is our attention to detail and the fact we only accept the vest.  These artificial pink hydrangea flowers start the same way as any other Demmerys flower. They start by using the very best flower making materials. Everything from the wire to the silk has to be the best, but that is only half the secret.

The second part to the Demmerys secret of perfect  lifelike flowers such as these artificial hydrangeas is how they are made. My expert flower makers have years of experience and hand make each flower before arranging them perfectly. This is the reason why so many people see a Demmerys flower arrangement as an investment.

Pink Dog-tail Grass in Metal Tin

Pink Dogtail Grass in Metal Tin

There is always something fascinating about grass as an indoor plant. This Pink Dogtail GrassPink Dogtail Grass in Metal Tin is part of my collection of silk indoor plants and is even more fascinating for me. In its aged metal tin, it reminds me of something from my childhood that has been captured for eternity.

I suppose that is what it is with artificial indoor plants, they capture something from a dream or real life and preserve it forever.  This arrangement does have some memory for me but for the life of me I don’t where from. All I do know is what the memory it triggers is happy and I suppose if silk indoor plants can make people then it’s a good thing.

I know that this plant holds memories for me, it also holds something special as I know how it was made. Like all my artificial indoor plants, my grasses all start out the same, the same as my roses and orchids and that is my secret.  This Pink Dogtail Grass started out by choosing the very best materials to make it from.

You may well say that it is just grass so what does the quality of the material mean?  The truth is that is makes a huge difference. There is a subtle but very noticeable difference between my silk indoor plants and those made by others. My plants look extremely lifelike, so lifelike even I have to pinch myself. That lifelike look comes from only using the very best materials.

It is not just the best materials that sets these artificial indoor plants apart. The time, effort and expertise that has gone into physically making them also plays a part. Many years experience have taught my team how to make the most lifelike silk indoor plants. Every single arrangement is made with the same passion.

Because of this, because these flowers are so well made they reward those who purchase them with years of happiness. This reward makes the plants, even this humble grass, an amazing investment that is difficult to describe.  Because these silk indoor plants are timeless and ageless you will never regret buying them and of course they will make you smile.  You will smile for some deep and sometimes unknown reason, just like me

Orange Daisy Mix In Black Jar

Orange Daisy Mix in Black Vase

I love fresh, bright and colourful flowers. I don’t think there are many brighter, more cheerful displays in my collection than the artificial daisies. These fake daisies look so real but it is the mix of colours I love so much.

But, what lies underneath these amazing fake daisy flower? I like to believe that every arrangement of flowers has a story or a purpose and these silk daisiesOrange Daisy Mix in Black Vase are no different. Like every arrangement I put my heart into, happiness is the overall goal. This display achieves that in so many ways and everyone who has purchased one of these has told me so. Just the images of this arrangement on the web page alone make many happy, but the real thing is better.

Every one of the countless number of orange and cream artificial daisies and beautiful larkspur starts out the same.  They all begin with the absolute best quality materials. The artificial flower industry has grown in the last few years and the quality of materials has improved.  Today my team and I have a wider choice of materials than ever before. We also have a choice of better and better quality materials. We only choose the best and our added manufacturing costs always pay off.

Once we have chosen the best materials, our silk daisies come to life. Thanks to many years of experience and a dedicated team of flower makers, we know how to make fake daises look real. It is not just in the making of the flowers but also in the arranging.  Piecing fake daisy flowers together and arranging them in the perfect planter takes a special eye of detail. In this case we have chosen a round delta black glass vase that sets of the orange and cream bouquet.

The outcome is a work of art, a masterpiece that becomes as investment item. A hint of lavender in the display keeps the illusion of reality alive. A simple touch that pays off with smile upon smile every time someone sees these flowers.   It is the smiles that make this arrangement what it is and this will last a lifetime.

The flowers in this and all my arrangements will last a lifetime. Limited maintenance not only makes them a pleasure to own but also ensures an extended life.  With an extended life the flowers continue to look fresh each and every day and the happiness continues to flow.

Mint Plants in Copper Pots

Mint Plants in Copper Pots

No matter where you choose to display this very creative display of artificial greenery the net effect will always be the same.  These mint plants are the ideal artificial garden plants to create focus or distract the eye. Superbly designed these Mint plants in copper pots have an elegance all of their own that can hide a hideous corner or fill a space with a spot of nature.Mint Plants in Copper Pots

Like all the artificial plants online in my collections these simple, yet strangely distinctive artificial garden plants have an appeal all of their own. It really is hard to describe these attractive mint plants because there is nothing really to describe other than the fact they look so real.

These mint plants that form part of the distinctive interiors collection may not have the beauty of a silk rose or the magnificence of an orchid but they share one thing in common. Each of these artificial garden plants is handmade by expert flower makers from only the highest quality materials. Each stem and leaf is hand selected before being given pride of place in the splendid copper pots. Even the pots have been carefully chosen from a variety of superb quality containers.

I believe the glistening copper of the pots contrasts perfectly with the artificial greenery of the plants. Nothing seems false in these simple, yet somehow elegant plants. The mint leaves are so real that I am always amazed at how many people approach them to double check. Glancing over their shoulder to see if they are not being watched the performance begins. They grab a leaf and then rub it between their finger and thumb. They repeat this motion if no scent has emerged and do so  again. Only then, after a few attempts, do they realise they have been fooled.

The enjoyment of these plants is one thing and for those who use them with a purpose it is another. No matter why they are purchased along with similar artificial plants online one thing remains. Due to the high quality materials used and the expert craftsmanship deployed they last a lifetime.  This lifespan strangely turns these fairly plain artificial garden plants into an investment that pays remarkable dividends. Simple maintenance guarantees a lifetime of enjoyment or service .The relatively price to pay for the artificial plants online makes it all worthwhile.

Lavender Plants in Aged Pots

Lavender Plants in Aged Pots


I adore this wonderfully rustic set of artificial lavender in pots.  There is something about lavender, even artificial lavender flowers, that puts a smile on my face.  I suppose it is the dreamer in me, and that old rhyme that sticks with me.

Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, lavender’s green,

When I am king, dilly dilly, you shall be queen:

Who told you so, dilly dilly, who told you so?

‘Twas mine own heart, dilly dilly, that told me so.

Lavender Plants in Aged PotsThese words ring true and I even hear my team singing them as they make these amazing creations. Every artificial lavender plant they make is made with love. This love begins in selecting the materials required to make each lifelike stem and all that makes the rustic arrangement. Only the very best materials are used, second best is not a phrase we understand.

Once the pieces of each display have been selected the careful work of matching the perfect designs from  nature begins. It is here that creativity, imagination and enjoyment overflow, and the very best artificial lavender flowers begin to grow. Every stem soon becomes a work of art and then crazily placed in these rustic pots a masterpiece emerges.

The quality and realism of this display of artificial lavender in pots is such that it still fools me.  It really is amazing how many people will sneak up close and get a good look at these plants. Everyone who sees them needs that reassurance of touch and smell. And, every time someone is fooled they blush and feel a little foolish.

There is a cheeky charm about every lifelike artificial lavender plant we make, and in that lays the hidden value. These simple plants in old rustic, moss covered pots release a smile with every glance on every passer-by.  This effect is magical and because each simple arrangement is so well made it will last forever.

To keep these artificial lavender flowers looking radiant only minimal maintenance is required. A simple wipe and dust will keep them looking fresh for many years to come. For those people who understand appreciate these almost real flowers it the long term joy that makes the return as customers. The love the joy the flowers bring and laugh aloud and to themselves when their friends, colleagues or loved ones are fooled by the enigma of looking real but not.

Part 2

If there is a song in your head when you see this amazing display of artificial lavender in pots then I can relate. These are one of my favourite arrangements of artificial lavender flowers in my collection. I cannot help but smile and imagine the smell of lavender and the comfort it brings.

I am often fooled into what I am looking at is not an artificial lavender plant. The entire, highly creative yet gently simple design captivates me. I make the plants and I admit my own handiwork quite often fools me and there is a reason for this. Every set of artificial lavender in pots is made with quality and perfection in mind from the moment the design is conceived. Inspired by nature the purple and green floral display starts off  by selecting the very best materials. If the material does not meet our higher than average standards it will not be used.  Even the rustic pots are carefully chosen to become part of an illusion of reality.

Once the materials and have been selected the real work begins. Every stem and leaf is moulded and shaped by hand and many years of experience ensures each flower is made perfectly. We like to tell our customers that our quality control manager is Mother Nature. This is partly true, if our artificial lavender flowers do not look lifelike they go no further. We are fussy in our manufacturing process because we care about our customers.

Our entire process from start to finish is aimed at delivering artificial lavender in pots that surpasses nature.  It is easy for us go better than nature, it is easy because our flowers have something nature struggles to attain. Unlike real flowers our flowers last a lifetime, never fading and never wilting. And then we go one better, our amazing artificial lavender flowers need only basic maintenance to keep them fresh and looking alive. There is no need to water them for the elegant purple and green to fill any space with life.

All this combined, high quality materials and master craftsmanship turns a humble purple flower into something more than just a flower. The long life that delivers smile after smile makes this sweet and very pretty arrangement an investment. And the return on this investment? Happiness of course, many years of happiness.

Hellebore in Glass Vase

Hellebores in glass vase

My aunt had a thing for dark red hellebore, it is a less common flower and this arrangement of artificial hellebore looks amazing.  The arrangement is not cluttered, just like my aunt always liked things. This display of silk hellebore really has no clutter at all and the greens of leaves just work so well with the reds of the petals.

Adding a few twigs really Hellebores in glass vasedoes something, the twigs just add to the lifelike appearance of the entire arrangement. However, the entire arrangement of silk hellebore is uplifted further in the rectangular glass planter filled with pebbles. Then, just because, and to keep things even more real than real these artificial hellebore are set in artificial water. The water is a clear resin and it truly tops of this arrangement that I know my aunt would love.

People often tell me that this unusual arrangement is one of my best. I think, because of the link to my aunt that it is one of the best in the Demmerys collection. However, I like to think that every arrangement my team and I produce is the best. It doesn’t really matter if there is a family connection or not each flower I make, including these silk hellebore, is made the same way.

These artificial hellebore, like all Demmerys flowers begin by selecting the very best materials to construct the piece. In this case, I wanted to keep things clutter free so the perfect materials for twigs as well as flowers had to be chosen. Even the pebbles were not just random stones nor the elegant planter.

Once all the right materials have been selected, the piece has to be assembled. With this arrangement, my aunt was part of the inspiration and placing the elements together had to be just perfect. Every flower, every petal and every leaf had to be handmade to work together. Bringing the piece to life and ensuring it looked lifelike was all part of the process.

With many years experience  the flower makers as Demmerys turn these artificial hellebore into a living, breathing work of art. Because the arrangement becomes this amazing work of art it becomes and investment piece for any buyer. The investment is also a long-term investment that yields also instant dividends of smiles and happiness.

With simple maintenance and some gentle kindness this arrangement of silk hellebore will deliver many years of enjoyment. Like the memory of my aunt, the colours will not fade and this the enjoyment lasts a lifetime.

Grass in Moscow Black Ball Planter

Grass in Moscow Black Ball Planter

This rather simple yet almost sophisticated of all silk plants is something I like. It is not like the stereotypical artificial plants that look like plastic plants. This Moscow Ball full of grass is so real you feel as if you need to water it and trim it.

Grass to me, even grass as silk plants, evokes a certain peace and calm. The natural, fresh green colouring is gentle and wafting. Grass to me is about spring and summer with the smells of blossom and somehow even with my plastic plantsGrass in Moscow Black Ball Planter and some wish call them, all this flows.

It is perhaps the most simple of all silk plants, but grass in its own way is complex. This amazing arrangement is more than just grass in a pot. It is in its own wonderful way a work of art. Yes, I know many people will use the Grass as something just to fill a space. The arrangement could so easily become arbitrary and yet it demands so much more because it is so much more.

Alone this plant speaks volumes, it cries out for attention because of its charm. However, put some more than one of these silk plants in a home or office and they strike up their own conversations. Yes these amazing plastic plants breathe life into wherever they may be used.

You may wonder how the life these plants breathe is achieved. The answer is simple. This humble turf of grass is treated with the same amount of love, care and pride as Demmerys would a rose or an orchid. This is no ordinary plastic plant; this is a work of art and an object of pleasure.  Even this grass in a Moscow Black Ball Planter is an investment piece, not just an indoor plant.

This simply adorable, some would say boring, plant is made from the highest quality materials. Because of this it has life and this, like all Demmerys silk plants is far from boring. It’s freshness and soothing green blades will never fade and it will last more than a lifetime.  This is may be one of the most simple products in my range but it is so much more than just a bowl of plastic plants.

Fuchsia Orchid Pedestal & Vase Display

Corporate Hire

This is what I like to call one of my Grand masterpieces. Flowers on their own command respect and when one places flowers on a Pedestal magic that respect is elevated. At Demmerys, we make the finest silk and artificial flowers and this arrangement is something special

These stunning artificial fuchsia pink orchids are the epitome of a floral pedestal displayCorporate Hire. Everything about it is quality and class, it really does have something regal about it. A lot of time effort and thought has gone into designing and making this piece and it shows. Something like this is an investment having purchased a labour of love. It is a masterpiece in floral arrangement that deserves to hold pride of place in a home or office.

It is really hard to believe that this display is not real and I know how many people have been convinced that it is. But it is not and that is testament to the quality craftsmanship that has gone into making this piece.  Every element from the impressive pedestal to the copper coloured urn up to the amazingly lifelike pink flowers and green leaves is quality.

It starts from the materials chosen. Nothing is left to chance and only the best materials are selected to make each leaf, petal and stem. Even the planter and display pedestal are selected from only the best suppliers. Once the best materials have been chosen the real passion begins to flow. Each flower, in this case pink orchids, is slowly and deliberately made by hand. Each vein, each tiny imperfection in a leaf or petal is handcrafted to mimic nature.

Only once each component of this very regal flower arrangement has passed quality control will it be allowed to be purchased.  At Demmerys there is no such thing as second best, it is not our style. We want every arrangement we make to be perfect. We know that by being perfect and using the best materials the joy you receive from it will be eternal.

Long life is the guarantee these flowers on a pedestal offer and with simple maintenance they will look  bright and fresh every day. As I repeat, this display, like every product I produce is more than just some flowers, it is an investment and one that pays in happiness and joy.

White Orchids in Black Round Planter

White Orchids in Black Round planter

I am a sucker for beautiful things and this arrangement of silk orchids is right up there on my list of these things.  The crazy thing is that I know these are plastic orchids but it still does not stop me loving them less.

This is it with a Demmerys production such as this display of white silk orchids. They look so lifelike, so real and I cannot get enough of it. So what if I know they are plastic orchidsWhite Orchids in Black Round planter, this display is still stunning and beautiful. If I walked into your home or office and saw this, I would fall in love with it all over again.

Orchids, even plastic orchids are way up there on my like list, if this was on Facebook not even the “love” icon would say how much I adore orchids.  This arrangement is one of those I cannot define and if I feel this way so will you.

This entire arrangement of silk orchids starts out like any other Demmerys arrangement and it is because of this that I love it so much. Every soft white petal, every fresh green stem and every deep green leaf is made from the best flower making materials.  Only the very best will do to ensure this orchid does not look like a display of plastic orchids and that is the Demmerys promise.

Some of the best flower makers I know craft these top quality materials into lifelike flowers. These geniuses know how to make plastic orchids look like the real thing. With many years’ experience in working with artificial flowers every member of the team finds something g very special in silk orchids. Every part of the flower arrangement is carefully produced to look not just good but beautiful.

Once crafted this stunning display of silk flowers will retain its fresh and bright looks for years to come. This is the beauty of these really being nothing more than plastic orchids. The fact that this plant is not real guarantees it a long and joyful life. Throughout its life it will become an investment and over the days, months and years its beauty will make many people very happy. I for one will always think it is beautiful and if I do, I know you will too.

Buttercups in a Vintage Glass Milk Bottle

Buttercups in a Vintage Glass Milk Bottle


As a little girl I loved Buttercups and these artificial buttercups bring back so many happy memories.  Arranged in a vintage milk bottle these yellow artificial flowers somehow transport me back to a time gone by.Buttercups in a Vintage Glass Milk Bottle

Surely all flowers, artificial or real should evoke a memory or trigger something that makes us smile. These artificial buttercups, so lifelike and so real fill my mind with happy thoughts. They tell a story to me, from and remind me of how I used to pick the flowers and give them to my mother.  Just like these yellow artificial flowers the flowers then were clean, simple and so perfect. The feelings that well up inside are also so real, as if things happened only yesterday.

Every ounce of detail has been included with these artificial buttercups,  even the bottle looks like it has water in it. It is this detail that separates Demmerys from other flower makers and is part of our promise.  It really doesn’t take a lot to make something that is perfect each and every time but not to is easier for so many.

This arrangement of pretty yellow artificial flowers started out like any other, however the Demmerys promise kicked in. At Demmerys we only use the very, very best materials to make our flowers from. These artificial buttercups would look worse than fake if we did not follow this strict policy. Our customers demand quality, it is what I have become known for and that quality must remain at all times. This means we do not cut costs by using inferior materials, in fact we increase costs and use superior materials.

It is very hard to believe that these flowers are not real and that is testament to the manufacturing process.  From the very best materials these yellow artificial flowers are made by highly experienced flower makers.  The team at Demmerys know who to make artificial buttercups look real through experience.  Each stem, each petal and every part of this arrangement is made to perfection, if it is not perfect it will not leave the workshop. With passion, care and eye for detail the lifelike looks fill this and every arrangement I make.

This quality leads to every arrangement made by Demmerys becoming an investment piece. The high quality materials ensure the colours never fade. This means the joy of this these artificial buttercups lasts a lifetime.

White Lilies in Tall Glass Vase

White Lilies in Tall Glass Vase


At my best friend’s wedding, she insisted she have lilies. I was a little shocked as lilies I always associated with funerals. When I saw the simple displays, I soon saw why she wanted lilies and I saw the real beauty. This is very much the inspiration behind this display of faux lilies.

These artificial white lilies in a simple glass vase resemble the handful of displays at the wedding some years back. They epitomise love and symbolise everything about life itself.  In their own way, these stunning faux lilies are alive and I suppose it is this that makes me see them do differently.White Lilies in Tall Glass Vase

These flowers, just like any of the arrangements in the Demmerys collection would be perfect for a wedding. With the inspiration behind these being a wedding, I fully believe that artificial white lilies like these really could look amazing at a wedding. Their class and elegance is just spectacular.

Placed in what looks like a vase containing water, the realism in these faux lilies fools many people. This lifelike look and feel is what Demmerys strives for and there is no secret to how it is achieved. Each component of any arrangement my team and I make is made from only best materials. Even the vase has been carefully selected for quality. Each petal, each leaf and each stem are made from the finest silk to produce artificial lilies that look more lifelike than the real thing.

It is also how the faux lilies are made that makes these so special. Something like this cannot be made in a hurry and thus my team of flower makers take time to create an arrangement like this. Making sure every flower looks more lifelike than the real thing and then arranging them perfectly. Nothing is overlooked, as even artificial white lilies have to look more than perfect as they do in real life.

It is the elegance, grace and the knowing how much time and effort that has gone into these faux lilies that makes them special. The sheer quality of the artificial lilies makes them an investment piece that oozes delight. And this delight they give has the added value of lasting forever.

With simple maintenance these flowers can and will last a lifetime. Because of this I often wonder if my friend ever considered faux lilies for her wedding to keep the memory alive for longer.

Terracotta Jug with Lavender

Terracotta jug with lavender

On my travels, I have often seen terracotta pots used with real flowers. There is something very Mediterranean about them and this pot with its silk lavender arrangement brings back memories.

This pot may hold artificial lavender but it all looks so real.  The pot looks amazing on its own and the silk lavender just looks natural. This display makes me think of sunshine, walks through south European countryside, and makes me happy.  The arrangement is rustic and very charming, simple yet striking. It is something I know would look perfect in my home.

Terracotta jug with lavenderI have to admit this is display of artificial lavender looks so real that I would try to pick some lavender from it. The authenticity of the terracotta pot adds to the realism of if the flowers making it seem so lifelike.  Everything about this arrangement plays with the senses and one feels almost certain they can smell lavender. I sometimes fool people and drip the tiniest bit of lavender oil on the pot to tease people with the fragrance. In fact it has confused my husband many times.

Like all the silk lavender arrangements in the Demmerys collection, this is no ordinary artificial lavender plant. The finished product is made from the very best materials as nothing less than perfect will be accepted. Every stem and leaf has to be top quality, it is the materials used that create the lifelike looks of this and every arrangement I make.

Once the best materials have been laid out and the most suitable planter found the work to produce perfection begins. At Demmerys the flower making team aims to produce nature identical plants and flowers and whether it is a rose or silk lavender that is being made it does not matter.

Once the artificial lavender plants are made they are then arranged appropriately to look natural. Choosing the terracotta pot just makes this  a little easier. With a little time and effort along with some trial and errors the end product eventually takes shape. One has to agree that this is a truly superior silk lavender arrangement and the final product is a masterpiece.

Silver Bamburgh Shell Vase with Grass

Silver Bamburgh Shell Vase with Grass


I have a classy side to my life, I love glitzy stuff, shiny stuff and I love the smell of my lawns being mowed.  I don’t live in a palace, I may be married to my prince charming but we don’t live in a palace. However this amazing artificial grass plant in its silver Bamburgh shell vase does make me dream of my palace.

It is funny how fake grass in pots can either work or not. This particular piece took all my creativity to get just right. I experimented with various types of artificial grass plants and eventually settled on vanilla grass.Silver Bamburgh Shell Vase with Grass

However, vanilla grass would only really work with a certain type of vase. You see, fake grass is pots is a perhaps the most challenging thing possible to make. There needs to be an element of class and sophistication in both the artificial grass plant and the choice of planter. This very elegant combination works and turns something that could be boring into something that has real charm.

The green of the artificial grass plant, the deep green of the vanilla grass looks so regal with silver aluminium vase.  Even the vase had to be something amazing, it was a tough choice between a few but this one stuck. To be honest,  it was not the easiest decision to make and I think this really works. As far as artificial grass in pots goes this is a winner.

The one thing with this arrangement is that it is classy, it could equally be at home in a semi-detached house, an office boardroom or even in Buckingham Palace. Like everything we produce at Demmerys, including fake grass in pots, this arrangement looks real and is of the highest quality.

To produce the perfect artificial grass plant Demmerys have mastered the process.   It starts by using only the best materials supplied by top-notch manufacturers.  These materials include all the products for the grass as well as the pots. From here, each blade of grass is handmade and with plenty of patience the entire arrangement takes shape.

The end result is something quite unbelievable and not anything like what you would associate with fake grass in pots. This arrangement is a high quality product and something you will cherish for years to come. This simple artificial grass plant will become an investment and one that will make you happy.

Artificial White Casablanca Lily Arrangement

Artificial White Lily arrangement Black Fishbowl

Of any flower arrangements, this display of luxury artificial flowers is perhaps the most luxurious.  The faux flowers and artificial lilies make this one of the finest acquisitions anyone could make. This is not your ordinary artificial flower arrangement… this is something remarkable.

I love the fishbowl vase that creates the perfect setting for this impressive display. The black bowl is in total contrast to the artificial flower arrangement that sits above. Faux flowers and lifelike artificial lilies with hydrangeas and Monstera leaves look stunning. The whole arrangement looks lush and remarkably lifelike.

This Artificial White Casablanca Lily Arrangement in a black fishbowl vase started out with quality in mind at the outset.  Carefully chosen, high quality materials were laid out and imagination was let loose.  Keeping close to the blueprint nature herself provided, each plant and leaf was handcrafted. The artificial lilies and faux flowers came to life in the hands of master flower makers. Is it any wonder that this masterpiece is what it is?

It takes years of practice to produce an artificial flower arrangement like this. Hours of practice, working and reworking each piece to ensure it matches the real thing. The artificial lilies in this piece are far from fake; they fool everyone and do so so well. The flow of this outstanding arrangement turns these luxury artificial flowers into an investment piece.

One cannot not fall in love with this absolute gem of a flower arrangement. That is where things change. This is not just an artificial flower arrangement; it is a work of art, an investment piece. Hours of time have gone into making it. Imagination flowed like blood to create the powerful display of lilies so real they blow your mind.

Yes, this comes close to the top of my list of favourite displays. This Artificial White Casablanca Lily Arrangement fits in anywhere. The arrangement is a timeless classic, much like Bogart movie itself. As a display piece in an entrance hall or taking pride of place on a dining or boardroom table it works. It doesn’t just work, the faux flowers are vibrant and alive, designed to generate smiles.

The truth is that this display is not real, but who is to know?  Because artificial lilies and other plants are used, this arrangement will last a lifetime. Loving care and attention, with simple maintenance, will guarantee countless days of smiles and happiness are delivered.  This arrangement is a winner on many levels.


Large Artificial Tropical Arrangement With Ashby Banksia

Artificial Tropical Flowers

Ashby Banksia?  Who is she?

Corny I know, but many people ask or joke when they see this large artificial flower display. It is stunning and like all large silk flower arrangements, it is quite spectacular.

Ashby Banksia is the bottlebrush-like flower that is useful in many artificial flower displays.  The plant provides colour and an unusual look and feel to the arrangement.  Of course like all my silk artificial flowers it is handmade to perfection.

Artificial Tropical Flowers

Every flower in this wonderful arrangement looks extremely lifelike. It is not unusual for anyone to have a sneaky sniff when no one is looking just to be sure of reality.  Made from high quality, hand chosen materials the flowers are intentionally luxurious from the outset. Each stem and petal of these silk artificial flowers is made to impress. Because of this, those who come and sniff are the sign of a job well done.

This large artificial flower display is one of my all-time favourites. It contains such a variety of flowers and as with all large silk flower arrangementsis very much an investment. True, this arrangement makes a great gift or welcome décor item but it is so much more than that. Made to the highest standard one of these artificial flower displays will last a lifetime. Years of pleasure will come from these flowers just by following some basic maintenance.  The long life of the product extends its value thus, the masterpiece pays a handsome reward.

The classic black planter that elevates the green and orange colours adds to the joy in this display. It can be so easy for any to put some silk artificial flowers together and be done. However, this display has been well thought out to maximise beauty and charm.  In a similar manner, large silk flower arrangements can soon go over the top. This stunning display just touches the edge of almost too large.

The entire arrangement makes an outstanding décor piece. It will work in large home or office space equally. The size of the arrangement speaks volumes and thus the investment value is given a boost.  The flowers and greenery look so lifelike that the arrangement simply breathes, and that is what people are looking for.  This large artificial flower display is winner for anyone who is looking for something to make a statement.  The question is… what statement does this display make?

White Calla Lilies in Glass Vase

White Calla Lilies in Vase

Lilies are full of splendour and grace and when I make my artificial lilies, I slow down and treat them with respect.  An artificial calla Lily, made from high quality materials takes on a life of its own. When made, one almost feels the life flow from the stem as it takes shape.

One Lilly alone is sufficient for most people, but a handful of lilies in a glass vase look so magnificent. So magnificent that tears form when smiles beam. There is always a feeling of absolute joy and contentment in making artificial lilies surpassing simple yet elegant display of perfect White Calla Lilly flowers in a glass jar.

This gorgeous display of lilies in a glass vaseWhite Calla Lilies in Vase makes a very welcome gift, one cherished as an investment unlike any other. So perfectly made, one can be easily forgiven for holding them close hoping for even the faintest glimmer of fragrance. However, the beauty of these artificial lilies soon wins over the holder.  Eventually, the mystery of something that looks so real but is not overpowers all emotions.

These delicate and peaceful flowers look so lifelike that one would assume they would wilt and die because they are real. However, these are artificial lillies, something even I struggle to accept, and with careful, basic maintenance, they will retain their glory for more than just one lifetime.  It seems impossible that even in a years’ time these flowers will look as fresh and live lilies plucked only yesterday.

With artificial flowers, it is about creating the illusion of reality and just having an artificial calla lily that looks real is not quite enough. To add to the illusion, making people want to smell the flowers, one needs to add a touch of creative magic. With these lilies, this has been done to perfection. Look carefully, you will see the vase holding the lilies has water in it. Look again, this time move closer. You will see this amazing display has fooled you once again. The flowers are not in cool, refreshing water but set in realistic resin. If you love lilies then this is the arrangement for you and it will be an investment you enjoy for many years to come.

Tropical Flowers in Black V Planter 75cm

Tropical Arrangement in V shape planter 75cm

Tropical Arrangement in V shape planter 75cm

This tropical display of luxury artificial flowers is bright, cheerful and above all an investment. Produced from the highest quality flowers the display is not the sort of arrangement you will find in your average supermarket, and is in some ways, quite hard to find.  It is no wonder that many people ask each other “where can I buy artificial flowers like this?”

This display of Tropical Flowers in Black “V” Planter sets the bar when it comes to outstanding products with the green artificial flowers looking natural not plastic. Quality is the watchword when it comes to flowers of any kind, high quality fresh flowers are always better than poor quality and the same is true for flowers such as this arrangement.  There is so much that goes into an arrangement like this and any other arrangement I produce; it is fair to say that every product produced by my team can be classed as luxury artificial flowers. My arrangements are also easy to find and purchase, just Google “Artificial Flowers UK” and we’ll come near the top.

However, back to the Tropical Flowers in a Black “V” Planter.  Birds of paradise are amazing flowers, their unique heads give them their name and the height always makes them stand out in any arrangement.  Accompanied by realist pin cushion proteas and some lifelike phalaenopsis orchids (One of my favourites) and then elegantly poised in a very regal “V” shaped planter this display is the epitome arrangements of the highest quality flowers surpassing any real flowers by far.

The combination of quality material and attention to detail make this display, like all our arrangements, an investment not just a bunch of flowers. By choosing the very best materials and using the most experienced people this amazing display will last a lifetime with the most basic of regular maintenance. As an investment, this will provide a lifetime of rewards through smiles and happiness and through laughter as people sneak up, hoping not to be noticed, to see if the plants are fake or real.

And just a reminder, next time someone asks you where you can buy artificial flowers don’t forget to send them our way.

White Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl

White Orchids in Copper Bowl

White artificial orchids are one of my favourite flowers because they are so versatile and so distinctive. There is no such thing as fake orchids as even artificial orchids have something almost mystical about them, they ooze quality and they flow with life, perhaps more than any other white artificial flowers.

White Orchids in Copper Bowl

The beauty about working with artificial flowers is that one can be so much more creative in how they are displayed there is nothing more spectacular than a display of artificial orchids in pots. Any artificial orchids in pots look fantastic but with some creative thinking, it is not difficult to create something that turns fake orchids into to something that breathes life into any space.

This White Artificial Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl arrangement combines orchids with lotus pods, dianthus, tea tree and moss and presents the beautiful white artificial flowers in a stunning copper bowl making a amazing luxury artificial orchid display.

At first glance, it is very easy to be fooled by this stunning arrangement and only once up very close can one tell that the flowers are not real. However, the fact that white artificial flowers are used does  not leave anyone disappointed if anything it is a pleasant surprise.  By personally selecting the perfect materials to make the most exquisite white artificial orchids and other components of the arrangement, the end result is a masterpiece in flower arrangement.

Naturally growing orchids have a certain quality about them and when planted and tended well they become an investment in any garden not so much adding value but quality.  A luxury artificial orchid display such as this, using artificial orchids in pots, becomes an equal investment, one that will last and one that will never fade requiring little maintenance.

The quality of materials used and the passion and patience that goes into making each petal, each leaf and each totally natural looking stem is where the value and subsequently the investment lies.  Even the pots used to display the artificial orchids and other flowers are carefully chosen from the best manufacturers as these are an important part of the end products.

Even when it comes to artificial flowers, it is easy to joke about faking it and producing something that confuses anyone who catches a glimpse of these fake orchids, but that would not be quite true. There is no faking it when it comes to producing first class, creative and truly spectacular artificial flower arrangements.

White artificial orchids, when made with the best materials in the right hands, will never look fake, and when given as a gift or purchased to brighten up your home or office fake is never a word you will use. In fact, and I will tell you a secret, many people will never actually believe you when you tell them these White Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl are not real and they will automatically go and sniff and see only to blush when the truth is known.

Not Just Silk Flowers

Sweetpeas in Ceramic Jug

Sweetpeas in Ceramic Jug

Ferns are among the oldest living plants on earth. Fossils show them dating back millions of years and they have changed very little, if at all over time. There is something very earthy, very natural and very unique about ferns and they make the most amazing of artificial flower arrangements.

Silk ferns may not seem very exciting. Available in a choice of colours, green and, err… Green, one would imaging they are not particularly great plants, not even flowers, to use for décor or display. But the simple truth is that they are amazing. You see, with ferns it is not just their olive green leaves with just a hint of yellow that makes them suitable for a silk flower arrangement but the pattern, style and nature’s own design that makes them what they are.

In nature ferns grow in many parts of the world, there are deadly poisonous ferns, ferns that can survive extreme heat or drought and even floods and there are even ferns that glow in the dark. A truly amazing species of plant, and when you have a silk flower arrangement of ferns you can certainly make believe that the ferns you have are any one of these.

Artificial ferns can either be used with other flowers to create some added greenery or more commonly used with twigs and moss to create a very earthy arrangement. Without bright colours ferns, one would assume look pretty drab but in fact they do not. The very natural feeling green colour gives them a life all of their own.

Ferns are not big attention grabbers and this is perhaps why artificial arrangements are often created and positioned to hide things that are not wanted to be seen. Especially in public buildings, artificial ferns have a variety of camouflage uses to hide unsightly mess, hidden storage cupboards and even just make a reception desk in a communal office look less branded than it would be through the use of a coloured flower. Silk ferns can be made into arrangements of many sizes from small to large to fit any area, to attract attention or divert.

In their own, Jurassic kind of way Silk ferns add their own touch of beauty to any space, they bring a touch of simple nature to a place where otherwise things may look a little to industrial or even unfriendly. The arrangements serve a purpose and yet for some they find an inherent beauty that cannot be found in other plants.
Silk ferns last lifetime, they require minimal maintenance and drop no leaves and leave no mess. The make a perfect plant for many uses, a plant that has been around for millions of years and one that may well outlast mankind in the end.

If you have space that needs some life but needs to be extremely subtle, a silk fern arrangement may be your answer. Consider this option and you will be happy.

Real men buy fake!

Orange Daisy Mix in Black Vase

Are you a real man?

Yes, then when you buy something for the one you love you really must buy fake.

No, don’t look at me with that puzzled look. I am not talking Rolex or Cartier watches and certainly not talking about Louis Vuitton handbags, no your better half or one you love will see right through that. Some things just can’t be bought fake but others can.

Ok, fake is a harsh word to use but at least I have your attention now. What I am talking about is flowers. Yes, flowers. Artificial flowers to be precise.

Artificial flowers are pOrange Daisy Mix in Black Vaseerhaps the only fake thing you can buy that is real. Artificial silk flowers are something any girl or loved one will adore. Silk flowers look so real and in an arrangement so pretty and unique that when you give this fake gift you will be loved.

Silk flowers today are a superb gift, not only do they look great but they also last forever. On top of this did you know that artificial flowers are often a great deal more environmentally friendly than real flowers? In the modern market where real flowers of all varieties are made available every single day of the year, farming, production and shipping take their toll on the environment. Flowers grown in heated glasshouses and watered intensely with some extras in the water are energy munching flowers. Once grown they need to remain fresh to be delivered and so they go through an entire cold chain that again grows the carbon footprint. Then the flowers are shipped, often by air and then by trucks to be delivered by another truck and that stretches the carbon footprint even further..

Real flowers are not that green really. Silk flowers have a far smaller carbon footprint, by explaining this to your loved one your softer side will show. Suddenly the masculine, butch man is green and environmentally aware, for the modern woman this is very sexy. By buying and giving artificial flowers you show your caring side and at the same time give flowers.

With artificial flowers the choice of arrangement is vast. You can choose from a simple silk orchid in a pot to a simple bunch of flowers or even get creative and give an arrangement of beautiful flowers in a basket that looks better than real.

Artificial flowers send a lasting and special message because the flowers last so long. Unlike real flowers that eventually lose their leaves and petals turn brown, artificial flowers remain vibrant for years and each time your loved one looks at them she will think of you.

So for once in your life give the one you love something fake, Artificial Flowers make a superb and unique Christmas present and will put a smile on the face of your loved one when you give them. Tell them how special the flowers are and that meaning will translate into her heart this Christmas.
Artificial flowers are the only fake thing you can ever give that is truly and honestly real.


Flowers In Your Workplace

artificial flowers corporate to hire Orchids

Does your office need some colour? Are you spending a fortune on real flowers? Do you want to save money without sacrificing the beauty of real flowers?
Every office needs a little colour, from an open plan office where each desk becomes a home from home to the executive boardroom and of course the reception area.

Many companies spend a fortune on fresh flowers that over the course of the week drop their leaves, begin to wilt and lose their brilliance making Friday a little less cheerful than it ought to be.

Artificial flowers partificial flowers corporate to hire Orchidsrovide the solution to adding that spot of colour in the work place. Whether it is just to brighten up your own desk and workspace or to cheer up reception or add some class to the boardroom for that all important deal clenching meeting, flowers do the trick and silk flowers do it better.

Silk flowers have come on in leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, no longer do the flowers look nothing like any flower that has ever grown or ever will grow but instead they look real or even better than real. The flowers look so real in fact that people will often sniff them and then blush when they realise they are fake, that is a sign that people will like them. From small and ornamental arrangements to arrangements that make a statement and add to the décor of the office, silk flowers of all sizes, shapes and colours really bring some magic to the workplace.

Silk flowers, although it sounds strange, are more environmentally friendly than many fresh cut flowers and for a company the carbon footprint is something that is take seriously. Growing flowers all year round to give you roses in December and January requires either growing the flowers in energy consuming greenhouses that drink water and eat electricity or gas to heat the area or require freighting from the other side of the world on a cargo jet that burns fuel to get the flowers to you fresh whilst the flowers travel through climate controlled storage. Real flowers may seem to be green but in fact they are not as green as you might imagine.

Silk flowers on the other had are made from materials that are often produced in green factories using renewable materials and require no massive power plants to heat or cool to get a small amount produced. Silk flowers can play a part in lowering the carbon footprint of a company.

As well as the environmental impact of the flowers silk flowers require little, if any maintenance. Topping the vases up with fresh water, picking of the dead leaves

pink orchids
Restaurant Displays

and separating the living flowers for the dead takes time each and every day. With silk flowers there is none of this, you can even place silk flowers wherever you desire as there is no need for them to be placed in sunshine or in shade.

With real flowers the cost of the flowers varies by season and heaven forbid if you want roses in the first two weeks of January, you either can’t have or you just pay top dollar and more to get the flowers you want. Silk flowers have no season, no matter what flower you want at any time of year you can have it in abundance. You can have varying sizes of bloom, if you need something delicate with small blooms you can have, if need something larger than average to make a statement in a forgotten corner you can have it. You can, although you probably wouldn’t want it, have almost any colour you want if you want yellow lavender by all means ask.

Silk flowers offer flexibility but their low cost of maintenance also makes them an attractive proposition for a business where time is money. Professionally made silk flower arrangements will add class to an office or work space. The flowers can be made to order to work with a room or even for an occasion and with silk flowers you can have some fun and use unusual items as containers.

The real benefit of silk flowers is that they last, with real flowers they need to be replaced each week with silk they don’t. The cost saving is tremendous and instead of having new flowers each week it may well be that a company chooses to have new flowers once a month or just for the change of season.

Artificial flowers in the work place have another, almost forgotten benefit. Allergy sufferers, it is amazing how many people are allergic to flower pollen and as much as they love flowers they cannot go near them. Silk flowers do not have this problem and they look just as real, some say even better than real.

As a new year approaches and budgets have to be set has your company looked at its use of flowers? In the more challenging economic times budgets have become tight and of course one now needs to consider the environmental impact of each business decision. So is it now not time to consider replacing your weekly arrangements of fresh flowers with an equally stunning and cheerful arrangement of silk and artificial blooms. You will be amazed at the quality of the flowers and the cost saving will be considerable. Your offices and work spaces will still look bright and cheerful and of course you will be able to have a secret snigger anyone tries to sniff to see if the flowers are real.


Flowers in the Rain

Artificial White Orchids in rose gold champagne cooler

Have you ever looked out of the window on a grey and gloomy rainy day and just felt a little miserable? We all love sunshine but we know we need the rain, but rain is often just that bit more gloomy than sunshine and we don’t all like it as much.

But what can you do about it? The puddles form, people feel a little sadder inside for some reason and people even get a little more hot tempered. Rainy days, we need them but we don’t like them. On a rainy day all the colour and happiness from the word seems to be switched off, it’s wet outside and we do our best to avoid it and we merely wish and pray for the rain to go and the sunshine to return.

There is a little something though that cawhite phalaenopsis orchids in rose gold champagne coolern bring back some colour to the day, something small, something simple and something anyone can have and many do have. There is a something that has a permanent sense and feeling of summer about it, full of colour and always happy. That little something may evoke a special memory or may just be the patch of colour you need of a gloomy, wet and even chilly rainy day.

What is that something? That something may well be sat right in front of you, sat on your desk, on your windowsill or on your kitchen counter. As you watch and count the raindrops trickle down the window and as you draw a smiley face in the condensation just to bring a smile to your face you look down and see a patch of sunshine, never ending sunshine full of colour and your face lights up.

Again I ask “what it that something?”

It is the arrangement of artificial or silk flowers, or that silk orchid that you were given or you bought. Silk and artificial flowers only ever know happiness and sunshine, in a simple arrangement the silk roses, geraniums, lilacs, daisies or daffodils capture and retain that moment when Spring and Summer collide. Even the smallest of arrangements, strategically placed bring a small smile to your face as the rain tap, tap, taps on the roof outside. Trapped in your room, your space, while the world is grey and sad you have a little piece of sunshine.

Artificial flowers are the all year round provider of sunshine and smiles. They never fade and they will always remind you of happy and fun things. Single silk flowers, pretending to grow in a pot remind you that you are alive and despite the rain you know how to smile and can smile. The artificial flowers in a basket bring a smile to your face “Mummy, look what I go you” you hear your child say and your face and your whole world now feels a happier, warmer and not so gloomy place.


4 Best Artificial Tropical Flowers

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Artificial Tropical FlowersArtificial tropical flowers are some of the best alternatives if you are thinking to make your home decor more vibrant and lively. Not only are these artificial flowers available in different colours but they also fall under the category of full bloom flowers which makes them ideal for different types of decoration needs.


If you are also looking for the best artificial tropical flowers, then here they are:


Proteas fall under the category of tropical flowers and are known for their long stems. These artificial flowers are the perfect choice when it comes to outdoor planters. Since these artificial tropical flowers are easy to maintain they are mostly placed in open areas like decks or balconies.

Hibiscus centrepiece

Hibiscus is also amongst one of the most popular artificial tropical flowers. They are known for their wide petals and beautiful bright colours. If you are looking to create a centrepiece for your dining or coffee table, then using these artificial flowers in the UK can be an ideal choice to make the place look beautiful.


For those of you who are looking for artificial tropical flowers to create an amazing bouquet Agapanthus can be the perfect choice. These flowers are known for their pastel colours and delicate petals which make for a perfect bunch of flowers.


If you are looking for a versatile set of artificial tropical flowers, then Frangipani might be the perfect choice for you. These are medium sized flowers which are usually available in white and cream colour. The best way to create an artificial flower arrangement using Frangipani is by placing them in a long glass vase.

Looking for tropical flower arrangements?

If you are searching for professionally designed artificial tropical flower arrangements, then contact us through our website Artificial Flowers UK for more details or call 0121 270 6597.

4 Tips for Decorating Your Office With Artificial Flowers

artificial flower arrangements

Artificial Flower Arrangements

Sweet Peas in Ridged Glass VaseYour office doesn’t need to look boring and lifeless just because you want it to look professional. The best way to bring in some positive vibe in your office is by adding professionally designed artificial flower arrangements. To give you an idea of where all you can incorporate these artificial flowers in your office here are some examples that you might want to consider.


Out of all the office areas that you can decorate with artificial flowers, lobbies are the most important. The most suited arrangements that you can use in your lobby are tall artificial trees like Bamboo or Yucca. This will help you make the place look fuller and will also give it a natural touch. These trees are easy to clean as they only require a wet cloth to remove the dust.

Common areas

Another place that you can decorate with artificial flowers is the common area of your office. Small shrubs or artificial trees like Ficus and Lemon are perfect for similar enclosed rooms. Their light colours can provide a relaxing ambience in the common areas making them just the right option.


You can also add artificial arrangements to your staff desks to make them look more beautiful. Some of the most apt silk flowers these desks are bonsai ones like Maple or Cherry Blossom. These plants are known for their bright colour artificial flowers and the liveliness they add to the place.

Executive cabin

One of the best types of artificial flower in the UK that you can find for executive cabins is silk flower bouquets. These bouquets can be made using different flowers like artificial orchids or roses. You can also use glass vases or artificial hanging baskets to display these arrangements.


Looking for artificial flowers for your office?

If you have been searching for the best quality artificial flower arrangements online, then contact us on Artificial Flowers UK website for more details on 0121 270 6597 or email

4 Reasons Why Your House Needs Artificial Allium Flowers

Artificial Allium

Artificial Allium

Artificial Allium Flowers

Most of us have to worry about different flower seasons to keep track of what needs to be planted next. But the easiest way to deal with this is by considering artificial allium flowers for your house.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should opt for artificial allium flowers:

1. Easy to maintain

Artificial allium flowers are one of the easiest to maintain. These flowers are bigger than most other artificial flowers in the UK which makes it very simple for you to clean them. By just washing them in soap and water solution you will be able to remove all the dust from these flowers.


2. Full bloom

The other reason as to why artificial allium flowers can be a good choice for your home is due to the liveliness they showcase. Allium being a full bloom flower is the best way to uplift the vibe of your house.


3. Multiple usage

Artificial allium flowers can be used for various types of arrangements. You can either plant them in ceramic pots and decorate them on your deck, or you can use them for bouquets. These artificial flowers in the UK can also be used for indoor gardens as they look just like their natural counterparts.


4. Variety

We all have different colour preferences when it comes to flowers, and by opting for artificial allium flowers, you can choose whatever colour you like the most. These artificial flowers come in different shades of pink and purple which makes them a great choice.

Looking for allium flower arrangements?

To get more details about where you can buy artificial flowers online, contact us at Artificial Flowers UK on 0121 270 6597 or email

Four Artificial Flower Arrangements For Your Home

Artificial Orchids in Vase

Classic Artificial Flowers


Decorating our homes with beautiful flowers is something that all of us want. But most of us struggle with maintaining fresh flowers.

After all, replacing real flowers every week can prove to be really expensive in the long run. That is why using artificial flower arrangements for your home is the perfect alternative.

Here are some artificial flower arrangement ideas that will enhance the beauty of your home:

1. Artificial orchids

If you are looking to incorporate artificial flowers in your home, then these orchid arrangements can be the perfect option. The best part about  artificial orchids is that they do not make your space look overcrowded. You can simply put the flowers in a vase and place them on either side of your TV or entertainment unit.

2. Artificial roses

Roses are the perfect option when you want to create centrepieces. If you are looking to place something beautiful on your coffee table, then these flowers can be the most fitting solution. You can add an artificial rose centrepiece by placing them in a round glass bowl along with some green fillers.


3. Artificial lilies

Lilies being a delicate flower can be placed directly on the wall without having to adjust their size. You can create a flower spray using artificial lilies that can be hung anywhere you want.


4. Artificial peonies

To create an amazing looking bouquet using artificial peonies is highly recommended. Peonies being full bloom flowers make for a really good choice when it comes to creating flower bunches. These are also perfect for dining table layouts.


Looking for artificial flower arrangements for your home?

If you want to buy artificial flower arrangements for your home then you can buy them directly through Artificial Flowers UK. We can also make bespoke orders for our customers so please contact us on 0121 270 6597 or email for a truly unique service.

How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements For Weddings

Artificial wedding flowers

Artificial Wedding Flowers



Any wedding is incomplete without flower arrangements. But the biggest struggle has to be deciding which flowers to choose and how to create an arrangement with them. The easiest way to get around with this time-consuming process is by opting for artificial wedding flowers that don’t just look realistic but are also long lasting.

Here is how you can make an artificial flower arrangement for a wedding which will look just like a professionally designed artificial flower arrangement:

1. Layout location

The first step is to select the location that the flowers will be placed that can be anything from tables to walls, ceiling, and ground. If you are looking for table settings, then short stem flowers like roses are the best option whereas long stem flowers like tulips would be better for ceilings and wall decor.

2. Arrangement type

Once the location is finalised narrowing down the type of artificial flower design is next. For example, if you are searching for a design that can be placed in multiple locations then we recommend small bunches of flowers. This design can be incorporated into numerous settings like tables, counters, walkways and even the ceiling.

3. Collecting flowers and other materials

The important thing to remember while buying artificial flowers in the UK is the colour scheme of your wedding. Selections like artificial orchid arrangements are perfect for a princess wedding theme. On the other hand, rustic themes call for bright silk flowers like roses.

4. Final touches

Once you have created the desired artificial flower arrangement, finish it with different elements like holders, ribbons, and pearl strings. If you are using artificial flowers for centrepieces then placing them in a wide mouthed crystal vase is ideal.

Also, ribbons and pearl strings work great for wall flower arrangements as well.


Looking for artificial wedding flower arrangements?


If you have an upcoming wedding and are looking for high-quality flower arrangements professionally made then contact us at on 0121 270 6597 or email and allow us to make all your wedding dreams come true.


How to Make Silk Flower Arrangements in a Vase


Artificial silk flower arrangements


Artificial White Phalaenopsis in Geo Cut Aluminium VaseStunning and easy to maintain, silk flower arrangements are quite popular all around the world. In case you are new to the concept, silk flowers are technically artificial flowers which you can use instead of the real ones to make your flower arrangements look fresher and brighter for a long time.

Buying a professionally designed artificial flower arrangement might be the easy way out, but if you are looking for some DIY activity, we definitely suggest arranging silk flowers in a vase yourself.

Whether you are accustomed to flower arrangements, or completely new to it, our step-by-step guide will help you create a breathtaking silk flower arrangement in a vase, all by yourself:

1. Choose the vase
With so many different types of vases available these days, it’s easy to get confused. Go for an opaque tall and lean vase instead of a wide-mouthed glass one. That is because the wide-mouthed vases look terrible when you have fewer flowers in them.

At the same time, pick a neutral colour which won’t clash with the colour of the flowers you choose like black, white, or jewel.

2. Silk flowers
Artificial Fresh Touch White Orchids in A Ripples VaseBefore choosing the artificial flowers, pick the colour scheme you want. You could go classic pink or yellow, or you could go the darker route by picking blue and violet. Start by putting together flowers of the same colour but different shades. We recommend making the silk flower arrangement first in your hands and then placing it in the vase.

3. Adjusting flower length
Once you have the artificial flowers ready in your hand, the next step is to adjust their stem length to fit the vase. Of course, it will completely depend on the height and depth of your vase.

4. Styrofoam base
By using a styrofoam base at the end of your vase, your artificial flowers will be placed securely, and won’t fidget.

Looking for silk flower arrangements?
If you are looking to get a luxury artificial flower arrangement delivered to your home for weddings, funerals, corporate occasions, or just to decorate your home, you can contact Artificial Flowers UK.

  Luxury Artificial Flowers for Interior Design Projects


Ripples collectionChoosing artificial flowers for interior design projects has become massively popular in the last number of years.

Interior designers and decorators have long used flowers to add the perfect finishing touch to a design project before the big unveil but that initial impact can lose its appeal once fresh flowers begin to wilt.

This is why fresh flowers are now being swapped out for silk floral arrangements.

Artificial flowers have such a realistic appearance, are easy to maintain and, most importantly, they can last for many years.

Clever interior designers are getting really creative with how they are incorporating silk flowers and plants into their projects to enhance the overall design and ensure lasting impact:

Faux Living Walls

Faux living walls are becoming incredibly popular and are set to be a key design trend of 2017.

Interior designers all over the world are creating stunning “green walls” using silk flowers and plants.

Faux living plant walls don’t need to be plugged into an irrigation system to be consistently watered; they just need to be admired!

A faux living wall creates a key talking point in any residential property.

Dining Room High Ceilings

Interior designers have been effectively using pendant lighting to occupy the space where a high ceiling sits above a dining table.

That said; hanging artificial flower arrangements and plants can work just as effectively to occupy this space.

Think artificial hanging vines, upside down potted artificial plants and artificial crawlers.

Entrance Hallways

In a bid to establish a grand entrance area, interior designers like to add a tall vase with a luxurious flower arrangement to an entrance hallway.

However, consistently replenishing more luxurious fresh flowers like lilies and roses can prove expensive to maintain.

Using luxury artificial flowers in place of fresh flowers ensures that an entrance hallway can still look impressive without a homeowner having to splash out every week on more flowers.

Living Areas

Orchids have proven the perfect complement to the minimalistic design of modern living and lounge areas.

Just like roses and lilies, fresh orchids involves a lot of maintenance and upkeep, not to mention the cost of regular replenishment.

Orchids deserve their place in modern living areas – designers just need to incorporate the silk alternative of these stunning floral arrangements instead.

Artificial orchids completely look the part, but require far less maintenance.

Bathrooms & Ensuites

Residential bathrooms and ensuites are undergoing significant luxurious upgrades to make them a place of true relaxation.Artificial Aloe Vera Houseplant

There is a prevalent demand among owners to be able to enjoy a spa like experience in their own home – heated bathroom floors, wet room showers, double vanity units and free-standing baths are all popular features.

And because fresh flowers cannot contend with the heat and steam of bathroom areas, artificial flowers are the only option when it comes to choosing a floral arrangement for bathrooms.

Plants and flowers will forever remain a key decorative element in every home and, as the demand for interior designers to create luxurious yet low maintenance environments continues to rise, you can expect to see a lot more silk flower arrangements in homes everywhere.

Looking for more info on the best artificial flowers for interior design projects?

If you’d like more info on what kinds of artificial flowers would suit the different rooms in your home, be sure to get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to help.

Just call us on 0121 270 6597 or drop us an email to

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Make your Mum Happy this Mother’s Day with Flowers that Last Forever


Mother’s Day will be soon upon us and there isn’t a more perfect opportunity to say a very special thank you to the person who has given you so much throughout your life.

And, when it comes to showing your appreciation and love for your mum, nothing says it better than flowers.

That said; while a beautiful fresh flower bouquet is always a lovely gift to receive, fresh flowers only have a limited life span before they start to wither and die.

So, if you’d like to give your mother a lasting reminder of your love for her this year, why not say it with artificial flowers this Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day flowers that will last!

By choosing to show your love for your mother with a beautiful artificial flower arrangement, you’ll be giving a gift that’s long-lasting and one that will put a smile on her face for many years to come.

Whether you present her with a display of silk flowers artistically arranged in clear water resin, or you’d rather give her a bouquet of top quality artificial flowers that she can arrange in her own vase, you can be sure that your gift won’t fade away.

Instead, it will be a constant reminder of your love and appreciation.

What’s more is they’re really easy to keep looking as fresh and bright as the day they were first delivered, so your mum can continue to enjoy her flowers year after year.

Choose the Perfect Mother’s Day Artificial Flowers for your Mum

Unlike fresh flowers, artificial flowers don’t have to abide by the seasons.

If your mum’s favourite flowers are out of season in March, it’s possible to create a beautiful arrangement in silk flowers that will look just like the real thing.

The possibilities for artificial flower arrangements are endless; you can combine all your mum’s favourite blooms into one display or create a bouquet from a single type of flower for added impact.

Whether your mum prefers classic flowers such as roses and lilies, or she’d like a touch of the exotic with tropical orchids and the stunning bird of paradise, you can create the perfect floral gift with our low-maintenance, high-quality ‘silk’ flowers.

Perhaps your mum loves nothing better than spring perennials, tulips, daffodils and hyacinth, or she really loves the natural look of classic English wild flowers? Or how about a more unusual display such as a rectangular planter filled with upstanding alliums or even an outdoor hanging basket overflowing with cyclamen, ivy and spring flowers?

The choice is entirely yours. You’re only restricted by your imagination but our skilled staff are always on hand to help.Artificial Sunflowers & Lavender Arrangement

Not sure which flowers to buy? We’re here to help!

It may be that you already have the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet in mind for your mum, however, if you do need any extra help in creating a gift that your mother will treasure forever, our staff are always on hand to give you the advice you need.

Perhaps you need some info on how to combine your mum’s favourite flower for the best effect, or maybe you’d like some suggestions for a floral arrangement to fill a particular space in your mother’s home?

Whatever your queries, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you create the perfect artificial flower arrangement for your mother on this coming Mother’s Day.

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How to Clean Artificial Flowers


Artificial Orchids in Gold VaseOne of the main advantages that artificial flowers have over fresh flowers is their longevity, but one must know how to clean artificial flowers to extend the life of their arrangements.

To ensure that your artificial flower arrangement lasts for many years, you’ll need to dedicate a small amount of time to some cleaning and maintenance every so often.

Over time, artificial flowers can gather dust, especially if they’re positioned near windows or outside. Cleaning your artificial flowers will ensure that they maintain their brilliant vibrant colour and remain just as lifelike as an arrangement of fresh flowers.

Don’t worry, artificial flowers don’t need anywhere near as much maintenance as fresh flowers require – there’s no need for any watering, pruning or fertilising.

Here’s what you need to know…

How to Remove Dust and Dirt from Artificial Flowers

  1. Dust off with a feather duster

Sometimes all it can take is a little touch from a feather duster to wipe away dust from your arrangement. If the build-up of dirt or dust isn’t too thick, a feather duster will quickly remove it and leave it looking great again.

  1. Spray with compressed air

If the build-up of dirt or dust on your silk flowers is a little more stubborn, you’ll need to use a can of compressed air to try and dislodge it.

You’ll find cans of compressed air at your nearest office supply store or computer store.

Be careful though – the powerful blasts of air may dislodge any delicate glued parts of your arrangement so this may not be the best option if your artificial flowers are especially fragile.

Free your Artificial Flowers of Dirt & Grime

  1. Shake in a bag of coarse salt

Where a heavy level of dirt and grime has built up on the petals or stems of your artificial flowers, coarse salt can help to aid effective removal.

Place your flowers into a plastic zip bag along with a couple of spoons of table salt. Shake the bag gently for one minute before removing your flowers and dusting off any remaining salt.

The grains of table salt work as mild abrasives, helping to quickly loosen any heavily embedded dirt and grime. It works like magic!

  1. Spray with a vinegar and water mixture

In the event that the table salt doesn’t do the trick, prepare a mixture of equal parts of distilled vinegar and water, shake vigorously and add to a spray bottle.

Spray the flowers very, very lightly with this mixture and leave to air dry. It should work to dissolve the build-up of dirt.

ALWAYS do a patch test first to ensure that the colours of your artificial flowers don’t run.

  1. Cleanse with soap and warm water

Cleansing with soap and water can also do the trick. However, check with your artificial flower supplier to see whether this method is suitable for your particular type of artificial flowers as it’s not Artificial Pink White Orchids in Silver Jagged Edge vaserecommended for all.

If you get the go-ahead from your supplier, fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a couple of drops of liquid dish soap.

Gently swish your flowers in the water and rub slightly to remove dirt and grime. Blot them dry with a towel – rubbing the flowers may loosen their parts so blotting is important.

Whether you’re looking to clean your artificial orchid flower arrangement or it’s your artificial wedding flowers that need attention, we hope that this guide helps you to restore your beautiful flowers to their former glory!

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Professionally Designed Artificial Flower Arrangements


Artificial Flower Arrangements

Are you looking for a way to instantly brighten up a space in your home? If so, your beautiful vases no longer have to serve as a standalone ornament as they’re going to help enhance the space that’s looking bland and boring.
And because fresh flowers never last and constantly need to be replaced, artificial flowers are always the best choice when it comes to bringing your empty vases to life.

Finding Natural, Lifelike Artificial Flower Arrangements

Many people assume that artificial flower arrangements will look fake and deter from a space rather than add to it.
And while cheap artificial flowers from a bad supplier can look fake, you’re sure to get an arrangement of flowers that’s totally lifelike when you choose a specialist provider that’s gifted when it comes to the design and manufacture of artificial flowers.

We’ve got our design and manufacture process perfected to ensure that we produce the most realistic and top quality artificial flower arrangements that’s available on the market. Using only the finest materials, our flowers are expertly crafted to ensure every single detail is as close to the real thing as possible.

Creating Artificial Flower Arrangements

• When we use a pot or anything other than glass, we use a foam substance that grips the stems as they dry.

• We then use artificial moss to cover the bottom of the stems in order to ensure that the foam substance cannot be seen, creating the perfect, realistic finishing touch.

• On clear gold fish type bowls, we use a resin that sets hard giving the impression that, from the outside, your flowers are nicely set in water.

Artificial Floral Arrangements: The Possibilities are Endless

An arrangement of artificial flowers is not limited to certain types of flowers. In fact, impressive artificial flower bouquets and arrangements can be created using low maintenance yet high quality “silk” versions of your favourite fresh flowers.

By browsing our online store, you will find beautiful arrangements of artificial orchids, lilies, hellebores, yellow and pink English roses, purple tulips, lavender, meadow flowers, and a wide range of tropical flowers and wild flowers.
So whether you’re looking for orchids for your bathroom, tulips for the hallway or red roses for your sitting room, the possibilities that artificial flowers allow for are endless.

Artificial Flowers Make the Perfect Table Centre Piece

Artificial flowers also make for an ideal table centrepiece so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance and cost-effective decorative talking point for your kitchen table or for your upcoming wedding or corporate function, we can create some really striking arrangements.

By adding some lavender, twigs, meadow flowers and/or potpourri, we can make the realistic features of a large artificial floral centrepiece really come to life.

Consider a brightly coloured arrangement of wild flowers, tulips, wisteria, eustoma, chins, stocks and leaves in a glass vase set in resin for a natural water effect. The end result will be a beautiful table centrepiece and a sure talking point in any dining room, living room, reception area or foyer.

Professionally Designed Artificial Flower Arrangements

Professionally designed artificial flowers are your long-lasting, low maintenance option for revitalising a dreary-looking space in your home. Browse our online store to explore just some of the possibilities of artificial flower arrangements or alternatively please contact us to create a bespoke arrangement for you.

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Welcome to

At Work

Artificial Flowers

Say “goodbye” to wilted wisterias and drooping daffodils and say “hello” to our new silk flowers, as well as our brand new website

Things have been happening over here at Artificial Flowers. Good things. Excellent things in fact. Over the last couple of years we have expanded and new faces have joined – adding a new range of diversity and skills to the company.

So we thought it was about time we had a revamp, an upgrade as we felt that our expanding team and most importantly, our clients and partners, deserved it.


So What’s New?

Well, apart from the very obvious fact that we have a completely new website, which is absolutely beautiful (if I do say so myself) there is also a whole set of new features that will make your experience with us that much better.

We have a range of exciting new options for our customers, from artificial flower arrangements, artificial orchids to trees, shrubs and pretty much everything in between. Our skilled silk artists truly love what they do, and you can certainly see this in the beautiful craftsmanship that flows from our flowers. Each one is unique and tailored to your needs.

Payment options have grown and we now accept PayPal along with MasterCard and VISA, Worldpay if you prefer and we deliver for absolutely free within the UK.

Deliveries can take between three and five working days on most orders, but we make a special effort when it comes to funeral arrangements. We know that clients going through a time like this are grieving and we try to ease the burden somewhat by ensuring next day dispatch, so that the flowers reach their destination well on time.

One of our newest features is the “view in a room” option. This handy addition allows you to upload a picture of your living room, kitchen, lounge, venue space or anywhere else that you intend on placing your artificial flowers.

You can then place your flowers wherever you want them and see exactly what they are going to look like. This allows you to find the best spot to show off your incredible silky flowers in your home or venue.

Once you use this feature, you will know exactly where they should go, without having to spend a penny.

Why artificial flowers?

Flowers play a huge role in our lives. Weddings, funerals and birthdays are all celebrated with beautiful floral decorations. We give our family, friends and partners flowers to make them feel loved, cheer them up when they are sick, to celebrate or simply to let them know that they are on our minds.

There’s no doubt that flowers are absolutely essential. However, when you choose fresh flowers, a few days will pass and they’ll start to wilt, die and more often than not, they’ll start to smell.

Our silk artificial flowers are not just incredibly beautiful, but they are entirely lifelike and they require almost no upkeep. They will keep your room bright and happy, and they will only require a slight dusting every now and then.

There is none of the challenging tasks involved that would come with trying to keep fresh flowers alive for as long as possible. And the best thing? You have something to keep forever to remind you of the loved one who thought you needed them. A great reminder of those that are nearest and dearest to you.

From artificial flower arrangements, artificial orchids, artificial hanging baskets, artificial wedding flowers or artificial funeral tributes – we have something for every occasion and we can 100% guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Feel free to browse our extensive online catalogue and call when you are ready. Our skilled and passionate artists are on hand and would absolutely love to give you advice and ideas to help you get the perfect arrangement.
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