Phalaenopsis Orchids in Round Black Planter

Phalaenopsis Orchids in Round Black Planter

Orchids look amazing, and there is something that really makes them the queen of the flower world for many people.

Phalaenopsis Orchids in Round Black Planter

Artificial orchids in Pots make outstanding gifts that last a lifetime, and  artificial white orchids, when made with care using the best materials, look as equally amazing as the real thing. This stunning display of white artificial orchids, Phalaenopsis Orchids to be precise is perhaps the best you can find.

Many people tell me that they can tell a fake orchid from a mile away, and with cheap materials, this is very true.

However, when white artificial orchids are produced from hand chosen, high quality materials that include the petals, the stems and all the accompaniments that make the perfect arrangement of white artificial flowers there is no chance of a fake orchid looking anything close to fake.

Everything about a display of artificial orchids in pots has to match or go beyond the natural beauty of the most elegant of all flowers. Luxury artificial orchids made with passion that flows from creativity turns what are essentially fake white orchids into living, breathing works of art.

Once turned into a work of art, any white artificial flowers are no longer just a décor item or some pretty blooms that look amazing but become an investment.

High quality, white artificial orchids match the elegance of real orchids but have one distinct advantage. When regular simple maintenance is undertaken, artificial orchids in pots last a lifetime and this makes them special.

It is not unusual for white artificial orchids to be handed down through generations because they are ageless, classical pieces and the handing down is often part of their story.

Any white artificial flowers can look great but white artificial orchids are always special. When made to such a high a quality where they resemble nature beyond just looking real many people are fooled.

Placing imitation orchids in pots in public places or in places where you know they will be seen is part of fun in being given or owning these fake orchids.

No matter how well you know someone they will not believe you that your white artificial orchids are fake until you beg them get closer when you will have the last laugh.

With fake orchids looking so real who needs the real thing?

Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap

Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap

Tropical flowers bring life and happiness to any environment but because they are tropical they have a habit of not last long or requiring some fairly intensive maintenance. Artificial tropical flowers on the other hand last forever and need little maintenance.

Sadly, too many people have an image in their mind of indoor artificial plants looking plasticky and like something out of a cheap take-way food joint. Artificial flowers and plants are tarred with a pretty bad brush and many people take a lot of convincing to think otherwise. This Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap helps change the minds of many people.Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap

This amazing arrangement that contains a variety of flowers, foliage and plants with some totally tropical orange artificial flowers is, in my own opinion, mind blowing, taking artificial plants and flowers to a completely new level.  With perfectly green, almost real phalaenopsis orchids, exquisite pin cushion proteas and other flowers and of course a Venus flytrap just for good measure, this tropical display will stand out wherever it is placed.

Each lifelike specimen in this gorgeous arrangement is made from the highest quality materials and a passionate team of creative people produces petals and the stems, leaves, by hand. This Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap stands in an ornate, gloss black pot, again carefully selected from the best manufacturers to cast away any preconceived ideas about artificial tropical flowers looking plastic and lifeless.

This arrangement will last a lifetime with some simple and regular maintenance.  This masterpiece of flower arrangement becomes an investment and the initial joy felt when first received will remain forever and be repeated in others throughout the long life of this exquisite display.

One can almost hear the sound of the waves lapping on the shoreline that seem to accompany this arrangement, the warm tropical sun shines through with the orange artificial flowers and happiness seems to have been captured and then slowly released with every glance of this work of art. This flower arrangement goes so far beyond just a bunch of flowers and knowing that the joy of this display will last more than a lifetime is all part of the package. Investments often take time to release their returns and the returns soon reach a plateau, with a Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap the returns on investment begin when it is purchased and no plateau is ever reached this truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Purple Vanda Orchid in a Gold Flame Vase

Purple Vanda orchid in gold flame vase

When it comes to luxury, I am a sucker for anything Gold and for class my colour has to be purple. This perhaps explains why the purple artificial orchids in this stunning gold flame vase stand out for me. When it comes to purple artificial flowers, orchids always stand out when arranged in something as elegant as this display.

I like to think that this luxurious display is no ordinary artificial flower arrangementPurple Vanda orchid in gold flame vase; it does have something almost mystical about it that only purple can do. I think it was the Egyptians that had a thing for purple and when only the highest quality artificial flowers are used in a display the emotions and desires that come from a touch of purple last forever.

Everything about this arrangement oozes beauty and purple adds a level of depth that no other colour seems to be able to produce. The purple artificial flowers in this display are used to good effect, keeping this simple yet somehow complex. The effort put into the entire arrangement is felt rather than just seen and one can soon tell that this investment piece is made from nothing but high quality artificial flowers and accessories.

Each flower from the stem up to the petals looks remarkably real, the flowers are so real that one would think they need watering to keep them alive. But only on close inspection is the secret told, these are artificial flowers are not real and this means they need only limited maintenance for them to last more than a lifetime.

When people ask for something that looks beautiful but not in your face, something elegant but not quite romantic the Purple Vanda Orchid in a Flame Vase checks all the boxes. The whole display takes things to a point just on the edge of love, just over the edge of magical and spot on when it comes to creating an impression. The display fits in anywhere, it adds light and colour to places where they are needed and tones things down where things are a little too bright. Choosing quality artificial flowers makes a tremendous statement, one that for many people is a little unexpected. Above all, because these almost real flowers never fade, the memories they create never fade and new memories can be made from them each and every day.

White Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl

White Orchids in Copper Bowl

White artificial orchids are one of my favourite flowers because they are so versatile and so distinctive. There is no such thing as fake orchids as even artificial orchids have something almost mystical about them, they ooze quality and they flow with life, perhaps more than any other white artificial flowers.

White Orchids in Copper Bowl

The beauty about working with artificial flowers is that one can be so much more creative in how they are displayed there is nothing more spectacular than a display of artificial orchids in pots. Any artificial orchids in pots look fantastic but with some creative thinking, it is not difficult to create something that turns fake orchids into to something that breathes life into any space.

This White Artificial Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl arrangement combines orchids with lotus pods, dianthus, tea tree and moss and presents the beautiful white artificial flowers in a stunning copper bowl making a amazing luxury artificial orchid display.

At first glance, it is very easy to be fooled by this stunning arrangement and only once up very close can one tell that the flowers are not real. However, the fact that white artificial flowers are used does  not leave anyone disappointed if anything it is a pleasant surprise.  By personally selecting the perfect materials to make the most exquisite white artificial orchids and other components of the arrangement, the end result is a masterpiece in flower arrangement.

Naturally growing orchids have a certain quality about them and when planted and tended well they become an investment in any garden not so much adding value but quality.  A luxury artificial orchid display such as this, using artificial orchids in pots, becomes an equal investment, one that will last and one that will never fade requiring little maintenance.

The quality of materials used and the passion and patience that goes into making each petal, each leaf and each totally natural looking stem is where the value and subsequently the investment lies.  Even the pots used to display the artificial orchids and other flowers are carefully chosen from the best manufacturers as these are an important part of the end products.

Even when it comes to artificial flowers, it is easy to joke about faking it and producing something that confuses anyone who catches a glimpse of these fake orchids, but that would not be quite true. There is no faking it when it comes to producing first class, creative and truly spectacular artificial flower arrangements.

White artificial orchids, when made with the best materials in the right hands, will never look fake, and when given as a gift or purchased to brighten up your home or office fake is never a word you will use. In fact, and I will tell you a secret, many people will never actually believe you when you tell them these White Orchids in a Copper Footed Bowl are not real and they will automatically go and sniff and see only to blush when the truth is known.

Oriental Green Orchid with Red Hydrangea

Green Phalaenopsis & Hydrangea in Black Trough

When it comes to artificial flowers, there is nothing more special than silk orchids, and my Oriental Green Orchid with Red Hydrangea is one of the arrangements that is beyond special.  The combination of lime and dark greens finished off with a luxurious Red Hydrangea in a black container looks simply stunning, and this artificial orchid display doesn’t even need any special reason to be given to a loved one.oriental green orchid red hydrangea

Silk Orchids always look so real and yet they have a certain magic that makes them look more than real. It is hard to explain, but even when one touches the petals of the flowers it takes more than a moment to realise that the plant is not real but artificial. Being fooled into believing something is real when it is not is part of the enjoyment.

But what makes our artificial orchid display so special?

Red artificial flowers and silk orchids can look fake but when only the very best materials are selected for use in their manufacture the results show and something real is found.  Sourcing the components that make up an artificial orchid arrangement from not one but many suppliers is the key to making the very best finished products.  Because I select the very best materials one of our artificial orchid displays or even just a single silk orchid becomes an investment, artificial flowers always last but ours last and with regular maintenance and cleaning they never lose their luster.

The quality materials along with creative passion make for luxury yet affordable artificial flower displays and arrangements. It is not worth settling for second best when investing in something like artificial flowers, second best will look artificial and will age whereas paying just a little bit more gets you something that improves over years. Giving an artificial orchid arrangement to someone, especially a display with a luxurious touch from a red hydrangea becomes something precious that over time will become a talking point.

Just like Mother Nature casts her spell on real flowers, that sadly always fade away, so my silk flowers are made using the same blueprint to bring a smile to the face of anyone for many years to come. Who knows in time to come your artificial orchid arrangement may be passed down from generation to generation.

Flowers In Your Workplace

artificial flowers corporate to hire Orchids

Does your office need some colour? Are you spending a fortune on real flowers? Do you want to save money without sacrificing the beauty of real flowers?
Every office needs a little colour, from an open plan office where each desk becomes a home from home to the executive boardroom and of course the reception area.

Many companies spend a fortune on fresh flowers that over the course of the week drop their leaves, begin to wilt and lose their brilliance making Friday a little less cheerful than it ought to be.

Artificial flowers partificial flowers corporate to hire Orchidsrovide the solution to adding that spot of colour in the work place. Whether it is just to brighten up your own desk and workspace or to cheer up reception or add some class to the boardroom for that all important deal clenching meeting, flowers do the trick and silk flowers do it better.

Silk flowers have come on in leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, no longer do the flowers look nothing like any flower that has ever grown or ever will grow but instead they look real or even better than real. The flowers look so real in fact that people will often sniff them and then blush when they realise they are fake, that is a sign that people will like them. From small and ornamental arrangements to arrangements that make a statement and add to the décor of the office, silk flowers of all sizes, shapes and colours really bring some magic to the workplace.

Silk flowers, although it sounds strange, are more environmentally friendly than many fresh cut flowers and for a company the carbon footprint is something that is take seriously. Growing flowers all year round to give you roses in December and January requires either growing the flowers in energy consuming greenhouses that drink water and eat electricity or gas to heat the area or require freighting from the other side of the world on a cargo jet that burns fuel to get the flowers to you fresh whilst the flowers travel through climate controlled storage. Real flowers may seem to be green but in fact they are not as green as you might imagine.

Silk flowers on the other had are made from materials that are often produced in green factories using renewable materials and require no massive power plants to heat or cool to get a small amount produced. Silk flowers can play a part in lowering the carbon footprint of a company.

As well as the environmental impact of the flowers silk flowers require little, if any maintenance. Topping the vases up with fresh water, picking of the dead leaves

pink orchids
Restaurant Displays

and separating the living flowers for the dead takes time each and every day. With silk flowers there is none of this, you can even place silk flowers wherever you desire as there is no need for them to be placed in sunshine or in shade.

With real flowers the cost of the flowers varies by season and heaven forbid if you want roses in the first two weeks of January, you either can’t have or you just pay top dollar and more to get the flowers you want. Silk flowers have no season, no matter what flower you want at any time of year you can have it in abundance. You can have varying sizes of bloom, if you need something delicate with small blooms you can have, if need something larger than average to make a statement in a forgotten corner you can have it. You can, although you probably wouldn’t want it, have almost any colour you want if you want yellow lavender by all means ask.

Silk flowers offer flexibility but their low cost of maintenance also makes them an attractive proposition for a business where time is money. Professionally made silk flower arrangements will add class to an office or work space. The flowers can be made to order to work with a room or even for an occasion and with silk flowers you can have some fun and use unusual items as containers.

The real benefit of silk flowers is that they last, with real flowers they need to be replaced each week with silk they don’t. The cost saving is tremendous and instead of having new flowers each week it may well be that a company chooses to have new flowers once a month or just for the change of season.

Artificial flowers in the work place have another, almost forgotten benefit. Allergy sufferers, it is amazing how many people are allergic to flower pollen and as much as they love flowers they cannot go near them. Silk flowers do not have this problem and they look just as real, some say even better than real.

As a new year approaches and budgets have to be set has your company looked at its use of flowers? In the more challenging economic times budgets have become tight and of course one now needs to consider the environmental impact of each business decision. So is it now not time to consider replacing your weekly arrangements of fresh flowers with an equally stunning and cheerful arrangement of silk and artificial blooms. You will be amazed at the quality of the flowers and the cost saving will be considerable. Your offices and work spaces will still look bright and cheerful and of course you will be able to have a secret snigger anyone tries to sniff to see if the flowers are real.


Why Artificial Orchids Are Better Than the Real Ones

Artificial Purple Orchids in a Silver Champagne Cooler
Pink Orchids
Restaurant Displays

One of the biggest questions of all times is why artificial orchids are better than real ones. The simplest answer to this question is that if both types of orchids are kept in front of you, you will never be able to make out which one is fake. And yet, artificial orchids require no maintenance and they look fresh for as long as you want.


If you are still not convinced, then here are four reasons that will prove that fake orchids are better.

Not dependent on seasons

Most of you who love orchids will understand the disappointment you have to go through when these flowers are out of season. But by opting for fake orchids you will never have to worry about the seasonal factor again as artificial orchid arrangements are available all year around.

No damage

Adding real orchid planters to your decor can prove to be very detramental for your furniture. With all the water seepage and stains, these potted plants create, opting for fake orchids is a more practical choice.


Fresh orchids need regular fertilising and maintenance which can be an added problem. On the other hand, using artificial orchids is a better option as they always look beautiful without any extra care.


Artificial orchids, unlike the real ones, do not need sunlight, which means they will always remain in excellent condition no matter what. On the contrary, fresh orchids require regular sunlight otherwise they wilt quickly.


Although real orchids are available in various colours, all of them might not be within your reach because of your location. But if you select artificial orchids, you can choose from an elaborate range  without worrying about budget.

Looking for artificial orchids?

The easiest way to find the best quality fake orchids online is by visiting our website on Artificial Flowers UK.


Artificial orchids, a fresh alternative

Artificial Orchids

Artificial Pink Phalaenopsis OrchidsOrchids have long been associated as a symbol of both love and beauty. They’re oh so elegant, delicately colourful and make for a truly beautiful addition to any home. They’re the perfect way to show someone your love and appreciation and will take pride of place in the recipient’s home.

The downside to fresh orchids is the maintenance involved in ensuring their longevity – watering and feeding, potting and re-potting, pruning and care as well as ensuring proper ventilation.

Luckily there’s a virtually maintenance free alternative – artificial orchids!

Enjoy beautifully blossoming orchids all year round

Artificial silk orchids from Artificial Flowers look incredibly like their fresh alternative – in fact, to look at, you would find it hard to tell them apart.

However the silk version requires little maintenance and enables you to enjoy a stunning blossoming orchid all year round. Made from high quality materials, featuring an intricate level of detail and with high-quality trunks, foliage, and crystal-clear acrylic water, ensures that our orchid plants are incredibly lifelike.

Decorating the home with artificial orchid arrangements

There are ever so many ways that artificial orchids can add a touch of beauty and elegance to any space in your home:

Table centrepieces

Perhaps the most popular application of artificial orchids is to make them the focal centrepiece of a dining or living room table.

Arrangements like the Large Display Artificial Orange Phalaenopsis and the Artificial Real Touch Green Cymbidium Orchid Arrangement offer the perfect blend of colour and class as a dining table centrepiece.

Arrangements like the Artificial Pink Orchids with Plum Calla Lilies Arrangement are the perfect living room table centrepiece, helping to set the tone and mood of the room.

Window display

Show off an artificial orchid arrangement with pride of place in your front of house window sills. For contemporary homes and offices, an Artificial Hot Pink Orchid Arrangement in a Silver Geo Vase is the perfect window display for complementing the design theme of the property.

For more traditional builds, an arrangement like the classic Artificial White Phalaenopsis, potted in an Ivory Planter, makes for an exquisite display.

Standing focal pieces

Such is their beauty that orchids simply demand attention, especially in a standing vase. Standing artificial orchid arrangements can serve as the focal point of any room.

They are extraordinarily popular as wedding and new home gifts too as they are stunning decorative pieces that will last for many years.

Bedroom blossoms

If you’re keen to add some decorative floral arrangements to a bedroom, an artificial orchid arrangement really is the only way to go.

Orchids offer a soft, subtle, beautiful touch to a bedroom or guest room and as the artificial silk flowers require such little maintenance, they will provide a decorative touch for many years.Artificial Pink White Orchids in Silver Jagged Edge vase

Make an entry

You’ll frequently see artificial orchid arrangements taking pride of place in entrance hallways.

Immediately impress visiting guests and family by placing eye-catching artificial orchids just like the Artificial Floor Standing Orchid Arrangement from Artificial Flowers in your foyer or entrance hallway.

Create a bespoke orchid arrangement

Brighten up your home with an artificial arrangement of your favourite orchids – Phalaenopsis orchids, Vanda orchids, Oncidium orchids – the choice is yours.

Artificial Flowers can bespoke design and create artificial orchid arrangements to suit your specific preferences.

If you’re considering someone a beautiful arrangement of orchids or would like to add a stunning orchid arrangement to your home, it’s certainly worth considering the silk alternative.

Less maintenance, long-lasting, amazingly lifelike and just as beautiful as the fresh alternative, it’s no wonder that artificial orchids are so incredibly popular.

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