Large Artificial Tropical Arrangement With Ashby Banksia

Artificial Tropical Flowers

Ashby Banksia?  Who is she?

Corny I know, but many people ask or joke when they see this large artificial flower display. It is stunning and like all large silk flower arrangements, it is quite spectacular.

Ashby Banksia is the bottlebrush-like flower that is useful in many artificial flower displays.  The plant provides colour and an unusual look and feel to the arrangement.  Of course like all my silk artificial flowers it is handmade to perfection.

Artificial Tropical Flowers

Every flower in this wonderful arrangement looks extremely lifelike. It is not unusual for anyone to have a sneaky sniff when no one is looking just to be sure of reality.  Made from high quality, hand chosen materials the flowers are intentionally luxurious from the outset. Each stem and petal of these silk artificial flowers is made to impress. Because of this, those who come and sniff are the sign of a job well done.

This large artificial flower display is one of my all-time favourites. It contains such a variety of flowers and as with all large silk flower arrangementsis very much an investment. True, this arrangement makes a great gift or welcome décor item but it is so much more than that. Made to the highest standard one of these artificial flower displays will last a lifetime. Years of pleasure will come from these flowers just by following some basic maintenance.  The long life of the product extends its value thus, the masterpiece pays a handsome reward.

The classic black planter that elevates the green and orange colours adds to the joy in this display. It can be so easy for any to put some silk artificial flowers together and be done. However, this display has been well thought out to maximise beauty and charm.  In a similar manner, large silk flower arrangements can soon go over the top. This stunning display just touches the edge of almost too large.

The entire arrangement makes an outstanding décor piece. It will work in large home or office space equally. The size of the arrangement speaks volumes and thus the investment value is given a boost.  The flowers and greenery look so lifelike that the arrangement simply breathes, and that is what people are looking for.  This large artificial flower display is winner for anyone who is looking for something to make a statement.  The question is… what statement does this display make?

Tropical Flowers in Black V Planter 75cm

Tropical Arrangement in V shape planter 75cm

Tropical Arrangement in V shape planter 75cm

This tropical display of luxury artificial flowers is bright, cheerful and above all an investment. Produced from the highest quality flowers the display is not the sort of arrangement you will find in your average supermarket, and is in some ways, quite hard to find.  It is no wonder that many people ask each other “where can I buy artificial flowers like this?”

This display of Tropical Flowers in Black “V” Planter sets the bar when it comes to outstanding products with the green artificial flowers looking natural not plastic. Quality is the watchword when it comes to flowers of any kind, high quality fresh flowers are always better than poor quality and the same is true for flowers such as this arrangement.  There is so much that goes into an arrangement like this and any other arrangement I produce; it is fair to say that every product produced by my team can be classed as luxury artificial flowers. My arrangements are also easy to find and purchase, just Google “Artificial Flowers UK” and we’ll come near the top.

However, back to the Tropical Flowers in a Black “V” Planter.  Birds of paradise are amazing flowers, their unique heads give them their name and the height always makes them stand out in any arrangement.  Accompanied by realist pin cushion proteas and some lifelike phalaenopsis orchids (One of my favourites) and then elegantly poised in a very regal “V” shaped planter this display is the epitome arrangements of the highest quality flowers surpassing any real flowers by far.

The combination of quality material and attention to detail make this display, like all our arrangements, an investment not just a bunch of flowers. By choosing the very best materials and using the most experienced people this amazing display will last a lifetime with the most basic of regular maintenance. As an investment, this will provide a lifetime of rewards through smiles and happiness and through laughter as people sneak up, hoping not to be noticed, to see if the plants are fake or real.

And just a reminder, next time someone asks you where you can buy artificial flowers don’t forget to send them our way.

Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap

Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap

Tropical flowers bring life and happiness to any environment but because they are tropical they have a habit of not last long or requiring some fairly intensive maintenance. Artificial tropical flowers on the other hand last forever and need little maintenance.

Sadly, too many people have an image in their mind of indoor artificial plants looking plasticky and like something out of a cheap take-way food joint. Artificial flowers and plants are tarred with a pretty bad brush and many people take a lot of convincing to think otherwise. This Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap helps change the minds of many people.Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap

This amazing arrangement that contains a variety of flowers, foliage and plants with some totally tropical orange artificial flowers is, in my own opinion, mind blowing, taking artificial plants and flowers to a completely new level.  With perfectly green, almost real phalaenopsis orchids, exquisite pin cushion proteas and other flowers and of course a Venus flytrap just for good measure, this tropical display will stand out wherever it is placed.

Each lifelike specimen in this gorgeous arrangement is made from the highest quality materials and a passionate team of creative people produces petals and the stems, leaves, by hand. This Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap stands in an ornate, gloss black pot, again carefully selected from the best manufacturers to cast away any preconceived ideas about artificial tropical flowers looking plastic and lifeless.

This arrangement will last a lifetime with some simple and regular maintenance.  This masterpiece of flower arrangement becomes an investment and the initial joy felt when first received will remain forever and be repeated in others throughout the long life of this exquisite display.

One can almost hear the sound of the waves lapping on the shoreline that seem to accompany this arrangement, the warm tropical sun shines through with the orange artificial flowers and happiness seems to have been captured and then slowly released with every glance of this work of art. This flower arrangement goes so far beyond just a bunch of flowers and knowing that the joy of this display will last more than a lifetime is all part of the package. Investments often take time to release their returns and the returns soon reach a plateau, with a Tropical Flower Display with Venus Fly Trap the returns on investment begin when it is purchased and no plateau is ever reached this truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

A Very Modern Flower

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For centuries flowers have been given as gifts or just plucked and placed in a vase to give a room or space some colour. Over the decades hybrids of flowers have become ever more amazing producing flowers in colours that would once never be seen. Not just colours but varieties that are taller, shorter, bigger or small bloomed or even without thorns, all have been produced.

But what is the next step in gifting flowers? We are all looking for something different, something 21st century but with that retro Victorian or other look and feel. There has to be a modernTropical Flowers in Black Vase version of flowers that suits a virtual generation but is not digital but actually tangible. What does the modern man buy for his modern girl that still captures the essence of romance and joy of life?

The answer is easy, the answer has been around for many years and over the years, just like real flowers that have been bred and nurtured, the answer has also improved and improved dramatically. The solution for the modern man giving to the modern girl must be silk or artificial flowers. All the charm of real flowers with just a hint of modern and new make artificial or silk flowers the perfect gift to give.

Ageless and timeless silk flowers have a charm all of their own, something special something that real flowers want to say but can’t. Silk flowers last and last, they say the message that needs to be said and the message stays forever. Silk and artificial flowers come with a smile and the attention to detail shows thought and caring has gone into the production and selection, this is all part of the modern message.

For the modern man looking to please his modern girl the choice of artificial or silk flowers Is tremendous. Unlike fresh flowers where the arrangements can be a little restricted because real flowers need water to retain their colour, artificial flowers have no limits. The silk petals and wire stems mean the flowers can be as tall or as short as you like, can be any variety you want that look so real you will have to pinch yourself they are not and the flowers can be arranged in any container you desire.

Silk flowers look amazing; a single silk orchid is the perfection of modern giving. A solitary flower that has so much beauty that a glimpse becomes a double take and the double take becomes a lucid, dreamy stare. The single flower alone says “I love you” or “I care about you” or “thank you” like nothing else. It is the true modern and easily the most meaningful modern gift for the modern girl a man can give.

Don’t be fooled into believing artificial flowers look fake, they look real, so real that only on smelling them do you realise you have been fooled. So, if you are a modern man looking for a modern gift consider artificial or silk flowers and you will be amazed at what an excellent gift it will be.




4 Best Artificial Tropical Flowers

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Artificial Tropical FlowersArtificial tropical flowers are some of the best alternatives if you are thinking to make your home decor more vibrant and lively. Not only are these artificial flowers available in different colours but they also fall under the category of full bloom flowers which makes them ideal for different types of decoration needs.


If you are also looking for the best artificial tropical flowers, then here they are:


Proteas fall under the category of tropical flowers and are known for their long stems. These artificial flowers are the perfect choice when it comes to outdoor planters. Since these artificial tropical flowers are easy to maintain they are mostly placed in open areas like decks or balconies.

Hibiscus centrepiece

Hibiscus is also amongst one of the most popular artificial tropical flowers. They are known for their wide petals and beautiful bright colours. If you are looking to create a centrepiece for your dining or coffee table, then using these artificial flowers in the UK can be an ideal choice to make the place look beautiful.


For those of you who are looking for artificial tropical flowers to create an amazing bouquet Agapanthus can be the perfect choice. These flowers are known for their pastel colours and delicate petals which make for a perfect bunch of flowers.


If you are looking for a versatile set of artificial tropical flowers, then Frangipani might be the perfect choice for you. These are medium sized flowers which are usually available in white and cream colour. The best way to create an artificial flower arrangement using Frangipani is by placing them in a long glass vase.

Looking for tropical flower arrangements?

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