Tall Black Planter with Yellow Bromeliad

Tall Artificial Flower Arrangement

Yellow and black have always gone well together and this tall flower arrangement proves the point.   Yellow BromeliadTall Black Planter with Bromeliad are among the brightest yellow flowers on earth and these yellow artificial flowers are very bright. It is the brightness of the yellow and the high gloss of the square black planter than really makes me go wild for this arrangement.

The arrangement is not one that perhaps takes pride of place on a dining or boardroom table because it is tall. (well, I suppose everyone has their taste so maybe you want to) However, because this is a tall flower arrangement that has some wonderful sharp lines it has its uses. As a corner plant or as something that acts almost like a signpost in a passage makes this a handy plant to own.

The first thing that anyone will notice is that this amazing arrangement is very lifelike.  You will also notice the absolute quality and attention to detail contained in the entire piece. At Demmerys we like to think of the flower arrangements we produce as investments not just flowers and we don’t cut quality anywhere.

This impressive arrangement starts out very much like every other Demmerys product, with high quality materials. Every element of this display is hand chosen for its quality and of course the right colours. Yes, we do from time to time experiment with new materials or improved materials but from experience we know what works. Having selected the very best materials that can turn man made materials into lifelike flowers the real work begins.

Our talented flower makers get to work. They have an idea in mind, sometimes what comes out is not always what the first idea was, and begin to weave their craft. Taking the time to craft every flower, every petal and every tiny feature each yellow artificial flower takes shape. Following a blueprint from nature only when the flower looks perfect does it become part of the arrangmement.

The great thing about using the highest quality materials is that the life of each arrangement is extended further. In this case, the materials are UV protected to ensure they do not fade. It is this long life, increased further still through simple maintenance, that creates the investment value in the piece.  From experience, I know this amazing arrangement will bring many years of happiness and smiles are what I always call the reward.

Artificial Flowers For Your Wedding

Artificial Wedding Flowers

Artificial Wedding FlowersFlowers are very much what adds a great deal of colour to a wedding.  Roses,  sunflowers, lilacs today pretty much anything goes when it comes to flowers and weddings.  But have you considered silk flowers for your wedding?

Silk flowers have come on a long way since the 1970s when silk flowers looked cheap and tacky.  Today synthetic  silk flowers look just like the real thing and some would even say they look better than the real thing.

When it comes to the throwing of the bouquet perhaps real flowers should be used but for everything else silk is perfect.

Silk flowers can be the button holes for the men and are the most splendid of displays for decorating the venue, even the church.  When quality silk flowers are used any arrangement requires a second glance for people to realise the flowers are artificial. But there is nothing artificial in quality about the flowers, far from it the flowers have a special magnetism all of their own.

The flowers look so real that perhaps the only thing that gives the game away is the lack of fragrance.

Silk flowers will be a cost saver for a wedding, real flowers have become very expensive and alternatives for weddings are always being sought.

Silk flowers are the perfect alternative to real flowers at a wedding and in no way do they cheapen the occasion as many may well think they could so easily do. The flowers are extremely well made and the attention to detail down to the veins of colour in the petals has been considered, silk flowers can bring a real sense of elegance to a wedding.

Unlike real flowers silk flowers will not wilt.  As a wedding day progresses real flowers can lose their sparkle, especially on a hot summer’s day in a venue with limited ventilation or air conditioning. Silk flowers do not wilt and do not need their water topped up to maintain their freshness. Silk flowers look bright and fresh from the moment the wedding day begins to the moment the last tipsy guest staggers of the dance floor and four in the morning.

The everlasting nature of silk flowers is what makes them truly special for a wedding. Photographs capture the memories of the day and as a couple look back on their wedding day and then begin to share their day with children and even grandchildren the flowers in photos are something that was and have now gone. With silk flowers the arrangements from the day can be kept and will remain as fresh as the day they were made creating a very real and very special memory that will live for ever.

The flowers will be something you can  look at every day to remind yourself of the special day and how lucky you are to have the person you have in your life.

Consider silk flowers for your wedding, create an everlasting memory and make the day special.



How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements For Weddings

Artificial wedding flowers

Artificial Wedding Flowers



Any wedding is incomplete without flower arrangements. But the biggest struggle has to be deciding which flowers to choose and how to create an arrangement with them. The easiest way to get around with this time-consuming process is by opting for artificial wedding flowers that don’t just look realistic but are also long lasting.

Here is how you can make an artificial flower arrangement for a wedding which will look just like a professionally designed artificial flower arrangement:

1. Layout location

The first step is to select the location that the flowers will be placed that can be anything from tables to walls, ceiling, and ground. If you are looking for table settings, then short stem flowers like roses are the best option whereas long stem flowers like tulips would be better for ceilings and wall decor.

2. Arrangement type

Once the location is finalised narrowing down the type of artificial flower design is next. For example, if you are searching for a design that can be placed in multiple locations then we recommend small bunches of flowers. This design can be incorporated into numerous settings like tables, counters, walkways and even the ceiling.

3. Collecting flowers and other materials

The important thing to remember while buying artificial flowers in the UK is the colour scheme of your wedding. Selections like artificial orchid arrangements are perfect for a princess wedding theme. On the other hand, rustic themes call for bright silk flowers like roses.

4. Final touches

Once you have created the desired artificial flower arrangement, finish it with different elements like holders, ribbons, and pearl strings. If you are using artificial flowers for centrepieces then placing them in a wide mouthed crystal vase is ideal.

Also, ribbons and pearl strings work great for wall flower arrangements as well.


Looking for artificial wedding flower arrangements?


If you have an upcoming wedding and are looking for high-quality flower arrangements professionally made then contact us at demmerys.com on 0121 270 6597 or email admin@demmerys.com and allow us to make all your wedding dreams come true.


How to Make a Bridal Bouquet with Artificial Flowers.

Kate And Pete’s Wedding Flowers

Artificial Wedding Flowers

Bridal bouquets are the centre of attention for any wedding, but the biggest challenge is to create a unique bouquet which goes perfectly with the wedding theme and the bride’s dress.

One of the best ways to create an amazing bridal bouquet is by opting for artificial flowers that are currently trending.


To create a bridal bouquet that looks just like a professionally designed flower arrangement, here is what you need to do:

1. Colour palette

Choosing the colour scheme of your artificial flower wedding bouquet which compliments the bridal gown is a crucial first step. If the bridal gown is traditionally white, then the bouquet could be made of pastel flowers to make an artificial orchid arrangement. Whereas silk flower arrangements are apt for bright coloured gowns.

2. Bouquet size and material

The other thing to remember while creating your artificial flower bouquet is the size. Once you have a size estimate, start picking out flowers along with natural looking fillers that will help your artificial flower wedding arrangement look more beautiful.

3. Holder

The holder for your artificial wedding flowers bouquet should be shaped like a hollow torch, and it can be made using empty tissue rolls. The size of the holder depends on the number of flowers you want in your bouquet.

4. Placing flowers

To create the bouquet, place the biggest flower in the middle of the holder. You can then place the remaining flowers in circular layout to fill the remaining space. To hold the flowers in their place, add a piece of Styrofoam at the base of the holder before beginning.


5. Accessorising

Once you are happy with the way your artificial flowers wedding bouquet looks, accessorising is the next part. You can wrap the holder either with ribbons or lace to give it a regal look. You can also use strings of crystals or pearls around the flowers.

If you require a professional bespoke artificial wedding bouquet then please contact us at Artificial Flowers on 0121 270 6597 or email admin@demmerys.com and let us make all your wedding dreams come true.