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Tall Black Planter with Yellow Bromeliad

Tall Artificial Flower Arrangement

Yellow and black have always gone well together and this tall flower arrangement proves the point.   Yellow Bromeliad are among the brightest yellow flowers on earth and these yellow artificial flowers are very bright. It is the brightness of the yellow and the high gloss of the square black planter than really makes me go […]

Artificial Flowers For Your Wedding

Artificial Wedding Flowers

Flowers are very much what adds a great deal of colour to a wedding.  Roses,  sunflowers, lilacs today pretty much anything goes when it comes to flowers and weddings.  But have you considered silk flowers for your wedding? Silk flowers have come on a long way since the 1970s when silk flowers looked cheap and […]

How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements For Weddings

Artificial wedding flowers

Artificial Wedding Flowers     Any wedding is incomplete without flower arrangements. But the biggest struggle has to be deciding which flowers to choose and how to create an arrangement with them. The easiest way to get around with this time-consuming process is by opting for artificial wedding flowers that don’t just look realistic but […]

How to Make a Bridal Bouquet with Artificial Flowers.

Kate And Pete’s Wedding Flowers

Artificial Wedding Flowers Bridal bouquets are the centre of attention for any wedding, but the biggest challenge is to create a unique bouquet which goes perfectly with the wedding theme and the bride’s dress. One of the best ways to create an amazing bridal bouquet is by opting for artificial flowers that are currently trending. […]

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