Who can avail of our artificial flowers for hire service?

Demmerys provides silk flower hire to all kinds of corporate clients. So whether you run a busy newsroom, a chilled out spa, a restaurant or a bustling office space we can help you transform your space with our designs.


What kinds of corporate clients have you already worked with?

We’re pleased to be working with corporate clients like BMW, Audi and Mercedes. We’ve also provided designs for lawyers’ office spaces, show homes, casinos, furniture stores and we’ve collaborated with restaurants and wine bars to give their interiors a little floral beauty, one being the very chic Cielos restaurant in Birmingham.


What are the benefits of corporate flower display?


  • Your flowers will need no maintenance.
  • They aren’t going to wilt in any interior climate i.e. central heating or air conditioning.
  • Our arrangements can be tailor made and matched with your interior’s design and colour scheme.
  • There will be none of those annoying fallen petals scattered on the ground around the arrangement.
  • They will always look great, in fact, they will be precisely as they were on the day of delivery.
  • We’ll regularly exchange arrangements so your space maintains a fresh aesthetic. An appealing and ever-changing environment when it comes to flowers will do wonders for your business.


What kind of arrangements do we hire out?

 Your wish is our command! At Demmerys we absolutely love crafting bespoke silk flower arrangements for our loyal corporate clients.

We can provide matching sets, or keep everything as individual and unique as you need your arrangements to be.

For a closer look at some of our top sellers, check out our online gallery.


Do you organise the delivery and returns for your flowers?

We organise it all. All you need to do is answer the door! We’ll deliver your respective designs in mint condition and then, after two weeks, we’ll come back and replace them with a fresh arrangement. Simple!


What areas around the UK do you serve?

We have an extensive network of clients across the UK that rent our arrangements in return for a fortnightly changeover so their premises always appears fresh and vibrant.


Do your faux flowers wilt at all? Surely they must age a little over time!

 During winter, it’s difficult to keep fresh flowers alive and well in warm environments, right? All that indoor heating plays havoc with indoor plants and fresh flowers. Places like gyms, leisure centres, hairdressers and beauticians are usually quite warm; equally, doctor’s surgeries, dentist waiting areas, hotel foyers and reception areas do not make the best homes for fresh flowers.

With our corporate designs, your company’s first port-of-call for clients and patrons will be decked out in fabulous faux florals. Our products do not wilt, so they will never fail to create the right ambience when someone walks through your door.


We are organising a rather large event in Wolverhampton and need table centre pieces. Do you hire flowers to large events?

 Absolutely, we are always delighted to work with large scale clients. Contact us and we can discuss numbers and what kind of design would best suit the events theme, look, and feel.

I’m interested in hiring an artificial floral arrangement, long term, for my small restaurant in Birmingham; how can I contact you and the Demmerys team?

Please fill in the contact form or call us on 0161 507 2699 in order to find out more. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the best options for you and your business.


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